No change after 7 wins

Yeah, an appetite for the grind is just not something a lot of people have. I haven’t played OW2, but from what you’re saying here it seems like they’re trying to make it more skill/contribution based, which is good.

What ever is going on, the math speaks for itself

If winning 80% of the games puts u on the lowest rank in the world, who are losing?

Obviously if u are the worst of the worst while winning 80% of the games, some other players need to be losing 80% of their games…

which rank do those players get?

Also there is some systematic “keeping down the ranks of skilled players” going on

Last night I won 4 games and got 4 disconnects in the very second that the game would end as a win, just sending me back to the “queue for game” screen

Either it is coded (b.u.g or intended) or just some malicious activity by some1 going power crazed

It’s so aggravating. I played 12 games and lost 3. I can’t get out of bronze5 this is ridiculous. How are they doing server fixes and not addressing this major issue.

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Hey man, I am doing great! I have been channeling all of my Overwatch energy into getting physical and going to the gym again. How have you been?

I am still in the process of figuring out what the hell is going on with the matchmaker. But yeah, I think what you are saying is entirely possible and seems compatible with my theory IMO. The new incentive you mentioned contributes to redistributing players across the ladder, and I think this is done not only by looking at W/L primarily, but also performance, i.e., stats relative to the averages of your hero and role. These two assumptions together would explain why some people are stuck in Bronze despite a positive WR and why some people are able to climb despite a negative one.

I am still hoping that they will share some more details on the matchmaking changes in the near future.

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I think you’re right on it being a bug. I had 17 wins 9 losses last I checked playing support and I’m staying at bronze 5

This should give you some peace of mind.

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile: Been good, man, thanks. :slight_smile: At least as far as I’m concerned (I can’t speak for anyone else), here’s the trick I think video games play: they make the argument (by merely existing as they do) that you can pick between fun/engagement or meaning/benefit, but you can’t have both. But that’s of course – WRONG. The trick is to seek out something you’ll enjoy or find rewarding WHILE at the same time accruing REAL WORLD benefits. This beats the pants off something that is merely fun since A) life is short/time is limited/opportunity costs exist and B) one is not regularly training themselves to be a dopamine junkie.

I’m taking all that OW time and effort and putting it into programming, and I’m glad I did.

Leveling up your life >>>> leveling up your avatar

I agree with you. I think the two theories are compatible. Could certainly be both: lower ranks are harder (bronze/silver sure as hell isn’t what it was 6 years ago) and Blizzard is trying to make the game more skill-based in general. I don’t know that either of these things is going to make the game feel better though. A player may be working harder for less payoff. We’ll know a lot more in 3 months.

I wouldn’t bet on Blizzard being more transparent. They probably have two fears: 1) people will try to use any information they get to game the system and 2) the more they say the more insight it’ll provide into their matchmaking IP (industry secrets and all). Maybe third, they feel like transparency is irrelevant: “just focus on playing your best, the rest is a distraction.”

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I agree with you 100%. I definitely like to spend some time with friends playing games every now and then. It’s just that over COVID I have started playing too much games and neglected other hobbies that are, as you say, not only fun but also beneficial. The gyms closed down and I got sucked into chasing the dopamine kicks with the next rank in Overwatch.

That’s great to hear! I definitely wanna pick up some programming in the near future too.

I am not holding my breath either. Your two points with respect to the lack of transparency are actually what I discussed with SgtSlaughter on discord the other day, along with a third point where people will take small details of the matchmaker, look at it in isolation, and come up with a theory on how the whole system is malicious.

When people don’t have the expertise to properly contextualize the give information appropriately, less information can sometimes be more beneficial. This is already happening with the little information that’s already out there, and combined with 1.) and 2.) there really is no point in going into detail from their perspective.

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Hello everyone and I’m happy so many have decided to come to OW2!

I’d just like to chime in and ask how everyone’s ranks are now? Are you ranking up successfully?

I’ve heard of bugs in ranked but not sure if it’s just a high bar from MMR resets or anything.

If anyone has any insight please let me know as I would like to know before I start playing in competitive myself!

Have a nice day everyone

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Blizzard have confirmed that a lot of people were placed too low, should be fixed by new patch: Overwatch 2 - Patch Notes

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Pitty the patch hasn’t fixed the blank profile bug as well

We’ve all been there and done that. I mean, that’s one of the central features of modern living. “Here’s this shiny thing! And here’s that shiny thing! Wouldn’t it be greattttttt just to give in a little and try it?” And once you try a little, oh boy, what they’ve got in store for you! There’s an endless rabbit hole waiting right around the corner. It’s like the whole world has morphed into the Sirens of the Odyssey, and we’re all Odysseus trying to sail past without being corrupted and dashing ourselves on the rocks.

The great thing about having control of your attention is you can get that same “high” from anything; this is what a lot of people are not getting. Be a “completionist” when it comes to your health, or some interesting subject area, or some seriously rewarding past time.

Everything in moderation and variety being the spice of life and all, but the offerings all around us are mostly created to make moderation as difficult as possible and the choices are endless.

Everyone should. EVERYONE. Not only is it like powerlifting for your brain and your attention span, you can build so many tools that supercharge your life. One of the things about 3rd party software is that you can never build the type of stuff YOU’D like to use. You’re left trying to find the thing you can best tolerate… Obviously not so if you learn to build it yourself. Pick it up man. It’s a game changer, and it’s fun and interesting too.

Great points, agree. Cuthbert makes it sound like gamers, each and all, are this wonderful group of people who must be coddled and protected, as though they are glowing unicorns. They are not. Big companies can be awful, but their consumer bases can be awful too: This awfulness comes in the form of endless expectations (reasonable or not), always wanting more no matter how much they’re given, always complaining, always seeing everything solely from their own perspective, being given an inch, taking a mile, etc. Granted, I’m speaking in generalities, and not all are like this, but there are enough of them that they form this huge, boisterous, ever-present and annoying mass of people who are a non-stop headache. I can’t in good faith blame them for formulating part of their strategy (re: a lack of transparency) around just getting people to shut the hell up sometimes.

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Yep it is possible to rank up but it takes a large amount of grinding
It took me 38 games with around a 70% win rate which is frankly a joke but it’s good to know it’s possible
This means that bronze 5 must be insanely deep considering I skipped straight to bronze 3
But just want to confirm that this isn’t a bug and it is possible for the people who are suffering

Just escaped Bronze 5, to Bronze 4. It took me 4 whole cycles of 7 wins, ponctuated by a some losses too. Went also up to Silver 5 as a support. It’s a slooooow process though.

I think I get what they mean by promoting achievements and a sense of evolution. With the old system, winning 7 games but losing 4 as a 1700 SR person would mean you would still be Silver, but with 1800 SR. Now, you “increase” your rank a bit. You go from S5 to S4. It feels better than being stuck around the same SR. System is still pretty annoying though.

Also, I wish they would put a countdown, or a way to see how many wins are required until the next calculation. I play as the three roles, interchangeably. I honestly don’t remember how far I am on the 7 wins thing with any of the roles.

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Well, it was a bug. An awful lot ot people were put at basically 0 SR in Bronze 5. That makes for some pretty unbalanced games. I honestly think I played against people whose real rank is like G5. The difference even 10% of aim accuracy makes in a game is insane.

Ive done roughly 3 cycles of 7 wins with my share of loses also. But still in bronze 5. It doesnt make you want to grind if theres no reward at the end. Im very new to the Overwatch scene, so im still trying to get the hang of everything right now also. It would be nice to see where i went wrong if i never leveled up. Hopefully something is fixed soon.

I had 4 cycles (include placement).
First cycle I was placed bronze 5 (I was low plat supp in OW1)
Second cycle (after the boost/fix update) I went 7-4 and ranked up to bronze 3
Third cycle I went 7-2 and ranked up to silver 4
Last cycle I went 7-5 and didn’t rank up at all.
Honsetly, It’s really annoying not being able to see your SR anymore and the fact you HAVE to play 7 games to view your rank in hope there is a change. The new rank system is just annoying.

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it’s not just annoying it’s rigged and it’s going to fail.

population will be dead soon enough.
same old whales who maybe spend $ to unlock and collect.
and a bunch of f2p burner accounts bloating the lower ranks and wasting everyone’s time.
it’s a turn off, which means the queues will go up and the servers will be turned off.

they had 6 years to hire someone decent to fix these in-game systems.
did they really think they could gaslight with “gitgud” for another 6 years?

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Well I know that I didn’t do anything wrong. I consistently outheal all the other healers in the match, stay alive, rez even when it doesn’t seem possible, damage boost 100% of the time I don’t need to be healing, blaster kill when possible. Yet I’m still bronze 5. Meanwhile there are crappy schmuck healers in gold dpsing when their team needs heals.

Idk I’m also bronze 5 on dps and I was top of the board every game. With 25+ kills so idk