How long will it take me to climb out of Bronze 5?

Ok. Before I give you these EMBARRASSING win/loss numbers for the season, I want it to be known that my CURRENT win percentage (AKA this past week essentially), is at 70%. I got some coaching, fixed the issues and I am now consistently playing MUCH better. I play support and in the majority of games (and all the wins) I am out healing, out damaging, getting more elims and assists, and dying less than the other three supports in the server on Moira and sometimes Bap.


I’ve played 164 and won 63. cringe

How long is it going to take me to climb out of the Bronze 5 cellar? Follow up question - does the interplay between win rate and rank reset each season?

congrats on your improvement keep it up!
pls refer to the linked thread for info abt climbing out of b5
glhf you got this!

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Idk, it put me in bronze after 7 wins, than another 7 wins and I was silver, than gold.