Nightborne Customization Thread

The purpose of this thread is to discuss the customization and model changes you’d like to see for the Nightborne in the future.

Since the Nightborne’s release, players have been unanimous in requesting more youthful faces and hairstyles with fuller, appropriately youthful hairlines. The majority of the additions added in 9.1.5 are not aligned with that request. To compound the issue, many of the customization options they added in 9.1.5 feature poor quality texture work, lack a sense of refinement, and have barebones levels of details.

Below, I’ve included some of my critiques of the Nightborne’s customization options with image examples.

Face Options

The Nightborne have need of fully youthful, wrinkle-free face options. Even the two most youthful looking faces for the Nightborne female all still have varying amounts of wrinkles and a weathered appearance.

The players that want weathered, wrinkled, or mature face options SHOULD have them, but there should be just as many youthful options for those that don’t.

Face 1 - Under eye wrinkles and nasolabial folds (wrinkles that form on the portion of cheek nearest to the nostrils).


Face 7 - Intense under eye darkness with bags and wrinkles with deep nasolabial folds that extend down to the lips. Freckles or sun spots speckled through the face. Overall, the general look is very weathered.


The female Nightborne’s eyelashes are entirely outer corner heavy, without any added details to extend them closer to the inner eye for a natural look.

NPC Nightborne with eyelashes that extend to the inner corner of their eyes.


Many of the female Nightborne’s hairstyle options feature receded hairlines that are not appealing. Many of the designs are either not flattering, or are wholly devoid of the Nightborne’s personality.

Regal Bun - The sides of this hairstyle just behind the front bangs are incredibly sparse. This hairstyle would benefit greatly from having that space filled in, as well as the hairline lowered.

When viewed from the top, the bangs are appear to be paper thin.

High Bun - The base hairstyle for the “Regal Bun” hairstyle, but features a fuller hairline. Why go through the trouble of making the “Regal Bun” hairstyle look worse when this perfectly fine base exists?

This hairline needs to be lowered and filled in with hair on the side.

The geometry of this hairstyle is incredibly blocky and chunky, and does not frame the face flatteringly. Graphically, this hairstyle looks poorly.

Another hairstyle option with an extremely receded hairline that would benefit from being filled in.

The hairline for this hairstyle is incredibly patchy. The NPC version visually appears much better, with the option to cover up the sides. (See below.)

As you can see here, the NPC version has added bits of hair on the side to cover up the weirdly patchy sides.

The texture work in the back of this hairstyle is poor, and lacks any definition.

This hairstyle appears very out of place for the Nightborne, who are described as having a hyper focus on being elegant and refined. How does a barebones, undecorated, utilitarian hairstyle like this inform the identity of the Nightborne?

Legion Zone Overview: Suramar - With the Nightborne, there are no slums—there are just grades of “How elite are you?” They worked on becoming as elegant as they could, and now you’ve got this arrogant, super-refined culture…

Repurposed Headdress Options

The “Headdress” option they made available to female Nightborne was taken from the “Regal” hairstyle, where it was removed and then repurposed for every hairstyle. It’s hard to be excited about a recycled option.

Regal Hairstyle Prior to 9.1.5

9.1.5 Repurposed Headdress Option

Alternative Headdress Option

Repurposed Hair Decoration

The hair decoration implemented in 9.1.5 is just an asset from a hairstyle the Nightborne launched with that was removed for repurposing.

Launch version of the “Vim” hairstyle, featuring its unique hair decoration.

The repurposed hair decoration from the “Vim” hairstyle featured on the “Sideswept” hairstyle added in 9.1.5.

Incompatible Hair Decoration Positioning

Hairstyles that feature parted hair, particularly a side or off-center part, are incompatible with a hair decoration that is quite clearly meant to sit dead center of the head.

:no_entry_sign: Improper placement

:no_entry_sign: Improper placement

Here, the developers attempted to make sense of the hair decoration by purposely placing the hair decoration directly where the hair is parted, to little success. The hair decoration was not designed for the hairstyle it is being applied to, especially not in this configuration.

:no_entry_sign: Improper placement

Another off center hair part with a hair decoration placed smack dab in the center.

:white_check_mark: Proper Placement

Here is an example of a hairstyle that IS compatible with the hair decoration.


Two of the female Nightborne jewelry options are quite clearly derived or are heavily inspired by a female Night Elf jewelry option. The unique aesthetic of the Nightborne should carry through to their jewelry and not be copied from the Night Elves.

The “pendant” option is actually just an earring asset the Nightborne launched with that was again repurposed.

Additionally, and worst of all, the female Nightborne’s jewelry is incredibly low-resolution.

The “Pendant” necklace option which was added in 9.1.5 was made by repurposing an asset from an already existing earring option. Again, more repurposing to get around creating something unique and thoughtfully crafted for the Nightborne.

Male Nightborne

As with the female Nightborne, the male Nightborne is completely without a fully youthful, neutral expression face option. Even the most youthful-looking available options all have various wrinkles, scars, frown lines, and a generally angry appearance.

The players that want weathered, wrinkled, or mature face options SHOULD have them, but there should be just as many youthful options for those that don’t.

Face Options

Face 1 - Angry, wrinkled, pouting lips, gaunt face, frown lines, and forehead wrinkles.

Face 9 - Angry, wrinkled, pouting lips, gaunt face, frown lines. Intense under eye wrinkles and darkness


Face 10 - Angry, wrinkled, pouting lips, gaunt face, frown lines. On the positive side, this face has slightly smoothed out forehead wrinkles.


Face 11 - Angry, wrinkled, pouting lips, gaunt face, frown lines.


Face Expression

The male Nightborne could do with a set of faces with a “neutral” expression, without frown lines, wrinkles, and downturned, pouting lips.

Hairstyles and Headdress

This hairstyle has the barest level of hair physics, and doesn’t even rest naturally in the back where the hair is longest.

Flat, and without texture in the back.

Frontal view of Vigor hairstyle, where the scalp is visible.

Flat in the back, seemingly without texture. Appears identical to the back of the hair in the “Short” hairstyle. Two hairstyles unfortunately featuring the same low quality texture work in the back.

The back of this hairstyle looks unfinished, and possible copied over from the “Sidepart” hairstyle.

Short Tail
Exposed scalp underneath the front of the hairstyle.

The hair decoration featured on the Short Tail hairstyle is incredibly low resolution.

Headdress Options

A decent start for the male Nightborne, but look no further than the male Nightborne NPCs to see styles and details that are far and away better than what is available to the players.

Alternative Headdress Option

Model Issues for Both Male and Female Nightborne

Eyebrows Disappear With Certain Headgear Equipped
An unfortunate vestige from the Night Elf base model. Blood Elf eyebrows will clip directly through headgear, but Nightborne and Night Elf eyebrows just completely disappear.

:diamonds: Heritage Armor Chest Piece Conflicts with New Chin Decorations
The Shal’dorei Finery chestpiece comes with a chin adornment that is tied to the armor and cannot be removed. This conflicts with the new chin decorations they’ve added for both male and female Nightborne.

:diamonds: Luminous Hands
This feature, added toward the end of the 9.1.5 customization additions, is incredibly underwhelming.

NPC Version of Luminous Hands


The visibility of tattoos varies greatly, and would be improved by either changing the behavior of the tattoos to be more visible, or allowing for a slider to increase/decrease luminance of the tattoos.

Additionally, some of the newer tattoos for male Nightborne have jagged edges and look poorly, even when fully zoomed out.

Male Suramar Tattoo - Hand with Jagged Edges

Female Suramar Tattoo - Hand

Male Suramar Tattoo - Lower Leg with Jagged Edges

Male Eternity Tattoo - Lower Leg with Jagged Edges


Below, I’ve included links to past discussions regarding various aspects of the Nightborne.

Nightborne: The Fixes We Need
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Good thread.

I support this.


The fact they couldn’t even do all the ARs in this patch they’ve had forever for I would have at least expected better for Nightborne as one of the ones they did take time for and one with originally so many complaints on how they launched.

They deserve better


I don’t get it. They created a whole new race of elves in Legion, and, when they became an allied race, Blizzard didn’t base their models off of the NPC’s they created?


Anyone else find it odd that the player model looks like it is leaning backwards slightly?

Also, great post!


I’m just as confused as you are. I understand that the NPCs couldn’t be converted completely to the playable model, but the launch Nightborne looked like the developers didn’t even try.

Thankfully, the allied races released after the first batch appear much better.

That is how the female Nightborne NPC stands. Shoulders back, head up slightly.


I’ve always pictured the Nightborne as people on their 40s living their teenage lives.

I want nose options. I want a yuge nose. Biggest they’ve got. Pointy and all!

It’s not pointy, but they did add a new face with a big nose in 9.1.5. It’s the one with the scar.

Insert “LET ME INNNN” meme for 9.1.5


I support you continuing this fight, but I think I am satisfied for a while. Thank you for all your work on getting the Nightborne improved!

It does feel like screaming into the void, but someone has to care. It remains to be seen if any of this feedback even makes a difference, but I have to try.

If the developers implemented these changes, I’d be done forever suggesting Nightborne changes:

  1. Fully youthful faces for male and female Nightborne
  2. Update and improve all hairstyles with improved textures and lowered hairlines
  3. Eye color options
  4. Arcane hair effects
  5. Improved luminous hands with outline

All the current updates were only done for the head

I’d like to have those glorious NPC armor sets, even my heritage armor couldn’t compare

If we can’t have them as transmogs, they then should be given as customization options

Also, I came back to Suramar recently and found out the NPCs are taller than playable Nightborne, why?


honestly my biggest gripe right now with nightborne and by extension night elves, is that every new patch seems to bring some sort of new bug with the model that persists. BFA brought the bug where weapons become absurdly large when unsheathed. Shadowlands broke the left shoulder armor for males so shoulders dont even match how they sit. now 9.1.5 brings the eyebrow bug.


Other than Beard Options and Hairstyles that’s pretty much it for the Nightborne atleast until something happens.

I was thinking that the eyebrow bug might be the developers intentionally toggling off the Night Elves/Nightborne eyebrows for certain headgear that caused major issues with clipping, but Blood Elf eyebrows clip through every piece of headgear and don’t disappear, so…what’s the deal?

Until something happens, like…? That sounds ominous.

That’s just NPC scaling. The Nightborne are as tall as the Night Elves, which is still taller than a few other races.

I’d like to see some more skin tone variations: purples, neutral blues, pinks. The majority of the current skin tones have green and gray undertones. It makes them look a bit washed out with some of the current hair colors.


Would love that, as well. The green skin they added in 9.1.5 seriously had me scratching my head.

An option to have pale skin like the Felborne would be cool, too.


A lot of fantastic things brought up here, thanks for highlighting things to improve! The hand glow outline I definitely still want and the particles floating over the hair would be incredible too! I wish I could see the texture file for the male model because the hands must be very tiny on the UV since the artifacts on the tattoos are so visible.

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