Looks Like the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur might Be Unobtainable In 9.0.1

There’s a Feat of Strength that was datamined from the PTR for players who purchase the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur sold during Battle for Azeroth. The mount will no longer be sold by the current vendors and will be moved to the Black Market Auction House according to official word.


FoS does not always mean it’s being removed. Shouldn’t spread this rumor based on your assumptions.

Edit: try reading your own link.
“so you will likely not be able to obtain this achievement in Shadowlands. There’s currently nothing to suggest that the mount is going away, but the achievement is only available during Battle for Azeroth.”

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I thought there were several Feats that were mounts, of which are still fully obtainable? Like Kharazan…

Edit: Nope, Blue says that the Brutosaur is limited edition(SUDDENLY, NOT EVEN FROM THE START) in an underhanded greedy tactic to get people to buy more tokens. Even though they didn’t say it was limited edition from the beginning.

Nonsense decision, I’m hoping it will be reversed but highly doubt it with how they plug their ears and go ‘LALALALALA’ to stuff like this.


I got a feat of strength for obtaining the red beatle in temple, so feats don’t mean removal.


I’m hoping it just means the Feat is going away, and not the mount itself. I would very much like to purchase it at some point in the future once I have the gold but I don’t see why I should have to rush in doing so.


I said that it looks like it will become unobtainable, not that it will actually become unobtainable. The wording of the FoS implies that the mount could be going away.

Conspicuous Consumption: Owner of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur mount, sold in Tiragarde Sound and Zuldazar during Battle for Azeroth

It could be just an achievement for getting the mount while it’s current. There’s also chance that the mount could be time-limited as well. Just a fair bit of warning until we get an official comment confirming whether or not the Brutosaur is going to become unobtainable or not.


Welp, guess you’re right. Time to start playing the AH, boys and girls, or buying those tokens :roll_eyes:

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Hello! Yes. About that …

Like all dinosaurs, the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur’s days are numbered. I can confirm that when Shadowlands goes live, the shady vendors Talutu and Tricky Nick will cease selling it. Their other offerings – the Lost Platysaur pet and the Palehide Direhorn mount, will remain available for purchase.

We will make sure that the unforgettable Brutosaur mount is added to the lists of possible items that are sold in the Black Market Auction Houses. And of course, this new Achievement “Conspicuous Consumption” is a Feat of Strength, so as such things go, it’s not actually very conspicuous.


So we’re creating artificial scarcity on a five million gold mount for…token sales?

No other gold sink mount is discontinued. Not even the two mill spider.


That probably will help bring those tokens down a bit since classic has been pushing those prices up too high.


No other expansion had classic making it hard for retail players to play though either.


I’d imagine they’re already hard at work designing a new 5 million AH goldsink mount in Shadowlands.


Why would you discontinue the mount though? That doesn’t make sense. It’s the 5 million gold mount, it’s the biggest money sink in the game!

Isn’t our gold still having inflation problems? Why would removing a massive gold sink be a good idea? :thinking:

Also, no other Gold Sink mounts were removed? The Mammoth and Yak are both still around. The 2 million gold spiders not being removed.

Are the other Dinosaur mounts going away? is there going to be a mass extinction of all zandalari dinosaurs?

Why just Long Boi?


Well, that came out of nowhere. Better start panicking about gold now.


Imagine thinking it’ll only be 5m this time given the price of all the Kul Tiras/Zandalar rep mounts they added after 8.0.


Nah. The next big goldsink mount includes a flight trainer that can only be spoken to once the next pathfinder is achieved.


Is this an out of season April Fools joke?




Don’t give them ideas to remove stuff.


I am so glad I never wanted this mount… but really, puling it out just seems kind of mean.