Why did you have to ruin the anniversary

why would you buy 3 brutosaurs? once you have the mount its available on all toons

you just wasted like…10 million gold


Probably gifts or maybe he has more than 1 account


Can you buy me one friend :no_mouth:


I got 1 for me 1 for my wife and 1 for my 14 year wow friend so no, not wasted.


Did they “announce” it or did you see the other 3 threads with misinformation and no actual information to back them up?

A blue confirmed it.


Well this is awkward for you.


Not really. Bout time people started putting proof in their posts rather than just shouting “how dare you!”

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Yeah it’s real hard to find the thread with hundreds of replies and the blizzard badge.


Apparently so, guess this will be the new spam topic for the week.

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Sure if youve known me in game for 14 years!

I am left with saving myself on buying the WoW coin ticket from 30 days of subs with gold, because it was the best idea Blizzard gave to continue playing this great game, because buying me mount faces just for a horrible feast of Strength does not suit me at all Have it in my account.

That is Blizzard being a spoiler when we had fun celebrating 25 years in Azeroth.

Yet you could buy wod and mop challenge mode runs
Yet you could buy pvp carries to get pvp mogs
You could overgear mage tower
You can still buy mythic raid runs and pvp carries.

Sorry but you are deluding yourself into thinking getting X achievement or mog item makes you or people special, it doesnt, it has little value because it isnt a real achievement.

So you either allow blizzard to remove content so some people can feel special aka creating a delusional feeling by removing items or have them never remove everything and keep things obtainable.

You cant have both

I’m your toon’s long lost night elf cousin twice removed!:blush:


If your wow anniversary is ruined because they’re removing a mount you can’t afford and will never be able to, I don’t know what to tell you and the rest of the outrage mob.


A real shame :crying_cat_face:

Sad, but it is not like I ever stood a chance of having 5M gold ever.

I was super proud of myself for making a half-mil this expansion. Spent most of it on frogs.

Bro 3x longbois? You got a 4th tucked away somewhere to give away for charity?

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Most people i know that are upset are saving to afford it. But the best of them only made 2 million over the last year. So they’re going to come up short.

Pretty much - they just need more time. And now they worked for all that to have their goal removed out from under them.

I guess they have the gold… but they never wanted the gold. The wanted the mount and the convenience.

Now they’re forced into paying blizzard cash if they want to finish what they started.

Great business strategy on blizzard’s part. Most of these humans are too addicted to the game to ever quit. So why not keep milking them for all they can.


I feel like I must learn more about these frogs. Like battle pet frogs?