Removal of Brutosaur mount

Don’t give up so easily. We have a year to go. Gather herbs and ore from Nazjatar. Wait for the new raid to open then sell it on auction house. I PvP a lot in 3s. So while I wait for queue or teammates I’m having my warrior gather herbs. I can make about 3 to 5k gold a day from occasional wqs, herbs made to pots sold on ah. You will be cutting it close to getting the mount if you try. What’s the worst that will happen? You are one million short and it’s gone but you now have 4 million ready for the next big mount. Think of it as a win win.

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Blizzard will probably not listen to us, and remove the vendor that sells this mount.
They will be breaking a lot of hearts.

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Yeah its for folks who can buy their subs and other goodies with gold Blizzard wants their money not there gold.

You are correct. This mount was aimed at people who work at making gold over the long term. Blizzard has actually stated that.

btw, there is nothing wrong with that.

There are mounts aimed at high end PvPers and mythic raiders so why not.


I agree with your argument, but it equally applies to the mage tower. MANY people gripe about the brutosaur Mount leaving but maintain the move of blizzard to remove the mage tower.

I’ve come to the conclusion that you’ve had 508 days to earn 5,000,000 gold if you actually wanted this mount, which is a little less than 10k needed earned per day as of today.
I’ve come to the conclusion that you are a procrastinator and therefore felt the need to come to the forums and complain about missing out on a nice mount that you’ve had plenty of time to earn the gold for to purchase.
If it crys like lazy, and walks like lazy, it probably is lazy.

Oh and it’s not being removed…it’s just becoming less accessible, just like mythic mount drops not being 100% after they are no longer current content.


Ion actually stated it wasn’t meant as a gold sink. Those mounts really are meant for the group who works at making gold over the long term.

When it comes to cosmetic items and convenience perks, they vary tremendously by source, both in terms of playstyle and degree of difficulty. Some are widely-earned rewards, some were simply a matter of being around at the right time (e.g. the Onyxian WhelplingOnyxian Whelpling), others require tremendous skill (Gladiator mounts, Mythic raid mounts from current content), while others require a combination of persistence and luck (Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-DrakeReins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake, Elegon’s mount, etc.). Some require you to engage in PvP, others require raiding, others require extensive outdoor gameplay, or profession use. And some require a sustained and concerted effort to accumulate a ton of gold.

Just to be clear, I agree that the Mad Merchant isn’t going to serve as a very effective gold sink. But that’s because he isn’t intended to be one in any meaningful sense. Gold sinks, in an MMO economic sense, are primarily things like repair costs, the Auction House tariff, and a range of useful expensive items that still fall within the price range of many guild banks and gold-rich players. In this case, a handful of very wealthy players may dump a large portion of their gold reserves into this one vendor, but that’s ultimately a blip in the grand scheme of the WoW economy.

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@ Arithawn making 10,000g per day for 500 days straight is not very feasible. sorry to burst your bubble. maybe some days, but not every day.
but you did make your point, albeit a vile and heartless point.
and trying to outbid others on a 5,000,000 mount on the black market: if i had that kind of cash i would already have the mount


Well if Shadowlands were to be released at or around August 14, 2020(2 years after BFA’s release date), you would of had 730 days…you would only need 6850 gold a day…and if you actually wanted that mount it would be perfectly feasible. You do not have to be some sort of elitist to earn that much gold a day you just have to put in a little effort, which you have been reluctant to do. Sorry to burst your bubble.


It’s plenty reasonable. Do your Mechagon dailies and you’ll get roughly 2 Spare Crates. While in Mechagon, talk to the fishing lady to get the Minnow Vacuum and spend 10 minutes to farm several hundred Minnows.

Spend 20 minutes fishing in Nazjatar, get your Viper Fish.

And you can buy the rest, to make 2 feasts a day, which is typically 2.5-3k each.

That gets you over halfway there. The only limiting factor is Spare Crates, so if you want to buy the rest of the mats it requires even less of a time investment (albeit at the cost of profit margin).

Or maybe you have a Tank character? Pick up Enchanting, and spam CTA whenever it’s up. Disenchant anything you don’t need and sell it on the AH.

Or an alchemist? If you can make a stack of pots for 3k worth of mats, often you can sell that for 4k, not even counting any extra procs. Sell 10 stacks of pots like that and you’ve made your daily 10k.

If you can’t make 10k a day on average (you don’t need to make 10k EVERY day, most of my gold income comes from Wednesday, Thursdays and Sundays, the most common raid nights on my realm), you’re not trying hard enough.

And that’s ignoring practically “free” gold, like the 2k emissaries, mission tables, island expeditions, and so on.


Especially if you don’t even try or are unsubbed for most of the expansion.

You have a year, take your time.

Unless your farming gold in level 1-5 starting zones, you will be fine.

That really isnt that much. I just made 40k in like 45 mins selling a couple of +10 keys. Thats half a weeks requirements. Also I just mined a couple of stacks of osmenite ore which come patch release will be worth a fair bit. That would probably be enough for my week of gold making if I was aiming for the mount.

Plenty of good ways to make gold without playing the AH available for people who want them.

No it doesn’t. This should be OBVIOUS, but I’ll say it again for the record.

The Mage Tower was put in the game SPECIFICALLY as a limited time thing. EVERYONE KNEW going in to it that the Mage Tower was going away.

That is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of the Brutosaur.

Even more to that point, Blizzard made weirdo, rather unnecessary exceptions towards the end of the Mage Tower to allow people to get it done before it was gone. But even without those, there was PLENTY of time to get it done.

That simply is not true for the Bruto. It is an utterly ridiculous assumption to think anything but 1% of players are going to earn $4-5M in just a year’s time-- IF THAT MANY!

The only way to say “yes-- you can 100% do this in the time allotted” is to buy Tokens. And that’s a brown stain on this game that will never go away. It is utterly contemptible.


You know, I’m against the removal of this mount from the vendors, but your argument is is just plain stupid. Most of the MCB owners are neither Guild “owners” nor multiboxers. They’re just players who either amassed vast sums of gold in WoD or Legion (when it was raining off the mission tables faster than many could pick it up) or who are good at playing the AH. Others managed to raise the funds by other means (such as repeatedly grinding rep on multiple characters for the paragon caches), but those means weren’t limited to multiboxers or GM’s.

^And this part just sounds childish.

I’m not going to be able to acquire the necessary gold (though I’m still trying). I’m still happy for those who are able to get the mount–even if they used cash and tokens to do it.


Ok…that was a little intense, but I left in Cata and only returned at the end of legion. So I’ll concede whatever you say about the mage tower

Backs away slowly

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Why just them?

Why not anyone willing to pay cash for enough wow tokens to convert to the gold required?

It’s an easy way to generate additional income through the token sales.

This isn’t true. The expansion will likely launch no later than October, probably sooner. If we generously estimate 300 days until the MCB goes to the BMAH, that requires earning nearly 17k gold per day, every day.

Chances are, the expansion will launch in the summer. Let’s say August. Again, we’ll estimate a nice round number of 210 days. That raises the requirement to almost 24k gold per day. Every day. If you miss one day, you need to get 48k the next.

I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m just saying it can’t be done by most players with the skills they bring to the game and the time they have to play.

Still, the OP’s argument is garbage. Blizzard said their reason for removing the MCB from the vendors is because they don’t want to see AH mounts as common in the future as repair mounts are today.

Why though? Are repair or transmog mounts bad?

It’s so easy to have a bank/AH alt where all you need is a mailbox or just port to your capital city with the many many ways to do that.

I understand that my argument also makes the removal of the mount a non-big deal as well. It’s super easy to access the AH


i wouldnt be as annoyed if they made another brutosaur mount. like a 3 seater or something? :woman_shrugging: