Out Of Touch - Caravan Brutosaur

Not necessarily… Using the AH feature of the mount still requires you to be out in the world somewhere that you could run into other players.

Garrisons you are in a phased zone

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Out in the world isn’t the concern. Especially with CRZ+ phasing allowing them to perfectly put as many people as they want in the world for you to see at a time. Players get alot of their sense of the world from the populations in the city.

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The issue with garrisons wasn’t the perks, it was phasing everyone into their own city. The AH mount doesn’t phase you out of the world, it just keeps you from being tied to old-world capitals and allows you to remain in current content.

If they want the old cities to look populated, they need to keep them in the flow of the game rather than isolating the relevant content of each expansion to a handful of new zones. If they aren’t willing to do that, then they should make the new zones fully self-contained rather than trying to force players into the “dev approved” cities.

…Is it bad that I want to get a second WoW account to place a level 20 character on an AH Brutosaur in one of the new expansion cities just to spite this train of thought?

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That’s assuming they aren’t lying about removing the AH, which they might be.

No, I think that would be amazing if you did it. :smiley:

The “force 'em into SW/Org” mentality does nothing to benefit the game, it just makes those cities look better without them having to add actual content that would make the older cities relevant.

It was there was no perks from garrisons, them being in their own phase wouldn’t matter because they would constantly be leaving to interact with the world and in this case cities. All the other MMOs with instanced player housing (at least that ive played) confirm this.

Sure, if you took away the mine, the garden, the barn, and the mission table as well as the bank and AH. Oh, and gave players something to do in the world once they hit max level, besides raid.

The problems with WoD went far, far beyond “but players can have an AH in their garrison!”

this will keep the low level ah bank alts in town instead of doing it all at once on your char. Just pass by inn drop stuff in mail jump on alt deposit log jump back on main. Its so stupid there removing this mount but its not going to force more people to sit in towns.

That’s subjective, I spend way more time out in the world and other smaller towns etc so I get the opposite.

Plus I would argue that I see way more people in Mechagon, Nazjatar and WQ areas etc then I do in Dazar’Alor in a day.

Org is Org… there will always be people in Org

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Exactly what I meant when I said city perks. Thank you. ALL of them. Housing should have never been a mechanical device and was doomed as soon as it was designed as one. It’s a cosmetic piece.

Most of game development is subjective. The trick is you don’t let outliers distract you from the behavior of the masses.

Then it’s working. Great.

Except it was for some. Why would they address an issue they’ve already addressed? This is separate from that. They simply informed people that the rumors weren’t true.

Why do so many people feel the need for a response on issues that have already gotten responses?

“We want an answer, Blizz!”
Blizz answers
“Not that answer!”

You did get a reply and statement from them. It’s in the mega topic. The reply is that it will be moved to the BMAH. That is a reply. That is their statement.

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Threads like this make me feel for the futility of blizzard communications. They communicated in a single blue post today (a) we want the mount to be rare, (b) leaving it in game will make it I not rare, so © we are removing the ability to get the mount.

(A) is there intent. (B) is history. © is the most reasonable way of realizing A.

Can someone tell me what the actual facts are about that mount…

I am getting so much conflicted information.

Just look under blue tracker and read what they said - ignore everyone else on here because 90% of it is just crap.

Thanks for the clarification.

You can use the AH in instanced areas that allow mounting (certain raids, dungeons, etc.)

I’m glad they clarified so everyone can finally take their word for it. Speculation is fun with lore, its not fun with collections (see the artifact skin crybabies from the end of Legion).

I got my brutosaur about 2 months ago so I haven’t really made my money back yet. I will tho.

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