Long boi why's it going away?

I don’t really care about a specific date, but stuff like mage tower was announced as time limited, and that it would be gone with bfa prepatch, before it was even on live servers. The brutosaur was confirmed as such as a reply to a single forum post over halfway into the expac.

Because Blizzard detected fun, and nerfed it. They seriously suck for this.

It was confirmed after someone datamined shadowlands after the blizzcon announcement. A blue came into that thread and confirmed that it would be removed.

That is quite different than blizzard stating themselves, “hey this is going away, so don’t be alarmed with what you may datamine”. No they try and hide information and then do their best to limit eyes on the discussion.

As I said. Lack of respect. Be frank of your intentions. I would be more willingly to understand blizzard (and especially after the current AH change they did), if they said they wanted to keep the mount percentage low for the next 5 years because they do not have anything currently in motion to help alleviate server issues. Boom, just tell the exact reason and treat everyone like adults.

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this. no seriously, I don’t care that it’s going away. I’m not crazy enough to farm 5 million gold.

To cash in on all the whales.

Because the BMAH is known for offering regular access to mounts and other things they removed - sorry, relocated.

It’s going away because the idea of simply removing the vendors from any long boi purchased after the prepatch was too Mensa IQ for them, since their gripe was specifically the AH being everywhere and not the mount itself.

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Dinosaurs can’t stick around forever bro lol

They lived longer than mammals so whats your point.

Well, #1 note the “lol” clearly a joke but let’s ignore that and instead be ignorant :slight_smile: Even if they did live longer than dinosaurs mammals are still around :crazy_face:

The other dinosaur mounts aren’t being removed. Do go on, though.


Note the “lol” clearly a joke but let’s ignore that and instead be ignorant. Brutosaurs are much longer, obviously they have heart troubles and can’t continue on :crazy_face:

Exactly, hence why his joke was not good.

They could have even offered a different colored Brutosaur mount. There are four other colors already in the game files so they wouldn’t step on the toes of the people who bought the Mighty Caravan version. I’m hoping to see at least one of those colors as one of the new collect 450/500 mount achievements.

They likely won’t put those in. The elites will whine, and Blizzard will want players to stay focused on chasing the mount for the hopes of it showing on the BMAH, via 2 forms of artificial scarcity.

Yes I am very pessimistic about this.

The Long Boi presents a lot of problems for them in terms of control.

  1. You can effectively make any city a main city. Not having AH previously in certain sanctuaries ensured that people continued to have a reason to flow back to Org/SW. Now you can’t control the illusion of full-empty cities.

  2. As someone mentioned, it reduces your time and need for traveling, hearthstoning, and basically provides a continuous play which can and will affect certain things like farming.
    The flow of people coming and going as they were full of stuff allowed somewhat to let spawns breathe. This potentially can change that for Launch.

  3. It made things worse. In the sense that it was directed as a major gold sink for AH tycoons. Instead, it’s now a major investment that quadruples those tycoons income.

  4. It is a unique model. They love to take unique models away from people. It feeds those that need to have better things than others.

Those are my theories. I don’t think they are good enough to warrant it going away. But that battle was lost almost a year ago.

Abuse of F.O.M.O. – “fear of missing out”.

Basically, ActiBlizz is STRONGLY encouraging you to either play a lot to make the gold, or heavily invest in WoW tokens to make it faster.

There’s a method to the madness… though cruel manipulation feels like a more apt description.


All of these theories are BULL****. They are removing it to incentivize people to buy wow tokens or play a long time farming the gold. It’s so sad because we all see it.


I agree. I made a garbage attempt to internalize it, but we all know FOMO is too good for business. :man_shrugging:t2:

To quickly comment, all of those (except the last one) can easily be rectified with one small change – remove the AH functionality. If it’s causing a problem, take it out and leave another vendor on there.

Pretty sure the Grand Expedition Yak would be a good precedent, the reforging NPC was replaced by a transmog one. Though it’s fair to say reforging was removed at the same time, so I guess something did have to go there.

Making the Brutosaur artificially scarce by removing it from vendors (but keeping AH access) will only exacerbate the issue further as those with access to the AH will keep their ability to abuse it while everyone else is forced to go back to the main cities. Heck, you could argue that removing it from vendors means they MUST remove AH access from the mount.

… but yeah, FOMO is the driving concept in the end. More often than not, that seems to be one of the leading design principles of the game these past few years. Less focus on making the game actually entertaining and more on finding ways to milk people more and more.


The reason why they have doubled down on milking players is because of initial pandering to extremes of the wow population throughout late TBC and most fully during wrath (highest sub count but flatline). During that time they tried to appease new people to come to the game while simultaneously tried to create systems to keep existing players hooked. Eventually over years this has led to a divide and eventual focus on keeping special interest groups in the game hooked. However as we have seen not all special activities have received equal/fair attention from Blizz (pvp being the biggest victim). Not to mention MMOs are obviously waning in popularity in comparison to mobile, FPS and BRs.

So now they are stuck with the self-imposed task at keeping people hooked on WoW, who’s lifestyle is drastically different from when they first started. All to keep that person’s income, because they couldn’t find a solid way of bringing in new people to replace customers that naturally would quit playing as the years go by.