New AH Mount in SL?

In another thread (a while back), someone claimed that they know we’ll be getting another AH mount in Shadowlands. When I asked them for their source, they said it was “none of my business”. Rofl. :rofl: K.

But now I think about it a lot.

Blizzard seems pretty adamant on not wanting a lot of players to obtain an AH mount, so I’m extremely doubtful they’ll be adding a new one in Shadowlands.
Even though it would be appreciated if they did…

Do you think we’ll see another AH mount in SL?

It would completely undermine their stated reasoning for removing the longboi if they do.

So I give it about 50/50 odds.


Lol, exactly. I don’t feel Blizzard have a reputation of sticking to their word. So 50/50 sounds about right.

I don’t care if the Shadowlands “gold sink” mount has an AH, barber shop, profession trainer or is just cool AF like my Widow. I just want to know what it’s going to be so I can decide if I really want the Auctionosaur. I won’t have enough cash to get both, since Pathfinder will cut my available earning time by 40%. :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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I would pay the gold cap for a set of wings that I can use permanently. Vendors are overrated.


Do you happen to have a link to their statement? I never saw it would like to read it.

That is fair.


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I share this feeling as well. I wonder if we’ll get to know that during beta.

wait. they’re removing the brutosaur???

Pretty sure it’s one of the stickied posts in the general discussion.

Ah, it’s not stickied. But there you go. :slight_smile:

From the vendor, yes. See the post above mine for more details.

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Night Fae should get one of those moth-shaped castle-ships from D&D Spelljammer. AH, mailbox, all relevant npcs, and it flies like a mini-dalaran, boom. 100 millis. Must be acquired through tokens. Blots out the sun if you park it in town.

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Sadly Briselody stated they are removing it for “reasons” apparently given in a blue post. All the post says is they are removing it, they didn’t say because of this or that reason. So even if it is removed that does not disqualify them from adding a similar mount to the game, in game or cash shop.

I’m 99% certain I’ve read something from a Blizzard rep that they didn’t want AH mounts to be so plentiful. They don’t want the average player to have an AH mount. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to try to prove that or provide a source. I know the assumption Blizz feels this way is because it would cause cities to seem more dead.

Personally, I strongly hope for another AH mount to become available in SL.

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Hmm, that doesn’t preclude them adding another AH mount to the game for SL and making it pricey enough that it will be even rarer and harder to obtain than the brutosaur.

As long as they remove the old priced one each expansion it should always stay relatively rare, so I guess there is still a possibility of obtaining an AH mount from sources other than the BMAH in the future.

no i don’t

I mean… maybe in the cashshop?