Shadowlands 10m gold mount

The 10m mount should be a train mount. If you spawn it you’ll spawn on the engine, and other players (with the mount, no poors allowed) can click on the back of your train to spawn a connected traincar with multiple player seats that will follow behind. This will be the only function of the mount. There will be no other purpose than being able to ride around with a train and having your guild flex on everyone else by having longer and longer trains.

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Auction House + Bank mount.

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I think I’m barely over 1 million… I hope BfA hurt enough of the big money whale players that there aren’t too many gold sinks in SL. I went from 10+ mill at the start of this xpac to almost nothing thanks for longboi, multiple 500k mounts and the three Krag’wa frogs.

come 10.0, a new mount will release that has your faction’s main city stationed on it!


…and a tavern!

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The Blue post said it would be moved to the BMAH. Not removed.

Your wish is my command


It’ll be a carriage drawn by horses like the venthyr ones (with a barber ofc).


I honestly forgot the black market auction house existed for almost 3 years.

That thing better have a mailbox, transmog, bank, repair, and auction house on it.


I want the mount that the nobles in Suramar ride. The thing where they carry someone around like an emperor.

But… the people carrying me around have to be Gnomes so I can have a low-rider version of the mount.

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Lok’tar! I’d buy that!

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I doubt it. A gold cap mount isn’t an effective gold sink.

Imagine a mothership mount that beside an AH and a mail, it has all portals on it for 10M gold, sing me up blizzard and take my gold! Flying mount please and dont forget to put a summoning stone on it too.

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I feel like a barber on a gold sink mount is…a bad choice. I know people go there and change up the face or hair every so often, but would they change it more often if it was on a mount? A banker, another auctioneer, unique vanity sets, portals, etc would be better. A barber is wasteful.

then read Blizzards first announcement on it . It will be available on the BMAH

it will go for whatever the gold cap is , which is far more than 5 mil

could it be that ardenweald cradle mount which may be missing some mega multipassenger beast mount to add to it?

that sounds liek something that goes on in ardenweald lol or revendreth

I thought the gold cap was 999,999,999 though? :thinking:

What is the gold cap?