Quick Brutosaur question, Please

So the mount will be removed in 9.0 right? Or will it be 8.3? I see it mentioned in the 8.3 PTR posts, but i was guessing that’s just for the Achev, since the posts say you can’t get the mount anymore after 9.0 launched. And I just wanted to be sure where my deadline is!

Also, while I’m already asking. (Sorry guys!)

Would it be best to farm herbs, or ore in Nazjatar? And would it benefit me to do the old raids? Heard you can get 100k/toon/week from doing the 4 difficulty of the past 3 or so Xpacks(Not counting Legion, not sure we can farm those yet). Or would it be better gold/hr wise to just focus on the ore/herbs?

Thanks for any and all help!

If I needed to make gold for this and I had to choose between ore and herbs I would go for the ore myself. But really that is going to depend on your server and who is doing what on your server.

If you have 100 people out farming ore and only 10 people farming herbs, then herbs will be the way to go.

There is no one size fits all scenerio for that AH.

Also it isn’t going away until next expansion and even then just being removed from the vendor and will appear on the BMAH.

Alright, I’ll give both herbs and ore a chance and see which works best for my server, and for me personally, and thanks both of you for the info on the mount! :smiley:

But, then should I just focus on the ore/herbs, and ignore the old raids? Would I make more doing the ore/herbs then flying, and complete the old raids would bring?

You can only do the old raids once a week. I would tend to mix it up as well and do some of each.

If you just gather herbs or ore all the time you will just drive the price of that ore/herbs down on your auction house unless you have a huge demand for it.

This is a site that may be of value to you. Have a good look at all the information available on there.


The issue is I fully expect the price of most items of the AH across most servers to crash as everyone and his dog is gonna take a tilt at making enough gold before the Mount goes. Of course the majority will likely fail in the endeavor but their ruins will litter the AH in the form of rock bottom prices for potions, herbs, ore etc.

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I’ll give that a check, thanks again for the help! :smiley:

That may happen in the short term but really most people who don’t have the gold for this are lazy anyway, and if they have a hard time selling things they will quit that auction house and find easier ways.

Oh I agree. It’ll be a short term market drop but it’ll still be long enough to make getting the mount that much harder. However I don’t agree with this assessment of “laziness”. That’s a personal judgement that is biased and wrong. Some people simply have other tastes like raiding, pvp, rp, etc. For them gold farming is merely a means to an end. Not the end in and of itself. However ironically those in that position will likely feel the sting of its removal lessened because of just that.

All that being said, it’s still…perplexing why its being removed from the vendor in the first place. For if so many are convinced that its removal is of little consequence, than why care for its removal to begin with at all? The whole thing is a snake eating its own tail. As for me, I simply find the principle of the thing stupid. Why spend all those dev man hours (which we all paid for) on designing, programing and implementing the thing, only to yoink it arbitrarily? It boggles the mind.

All in all this whole fiasco reminds me of the bald ones one legitimate criticsim of blizzard and by extension, Ion: Lack of communication. Communicate why!

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The mount is not being removed. It’s being put into the BMAH (black market auction house.) Meaning it’s still obtainable, possibly for even cheaper than the price it’s at right now if you’re lucky.


Gold is something that is always useful to have and you can use it for every single part of the game. If someone totally ignores that content and just buys a token from blizzard every time they want gold then I think that definition fits pretty well. Making 200k a month takes almost no time. 200k x 24 months is almost 5 million and people will have had 3 years almost to get this mount since it was known about prior to BfA.

In any case, if someone doesn’t enjoy the part of the game that involves making gold then this was never meant for them anyway and they shouldn’t be complaining.

If they removed something from mythic raiding or made it time limited since I don’t participate in that content it actually would be silly for me to complain.

There is no lack of communication problem either. You agreed to a TOU that states they can change any part of the game any time they want. Why is there such a big expectation that they don’t ?

You’re missing the forest for the trees. There’s TOU and there’s common sense. No ones arguing they don’t have the right to do with their property whatever they wish. What we’re talking about rather is how that impacts us and how we therefore react to its consequences. It’s not that hard to fathom.

If I took your approach, I would say, hey Blizz, delete this guys equipment and reset his level to level 1. Now if you’ve got a problem with that, I’ll simply turn around to you and say “You agreed to a TOU that states they can change any part of the game any time they want”. But something tells me i’d see you raging on the forums if it happened though…


Though I don’t feel this mount should be removed like this I also don’t believe it’s worth five million gold. The very little convenience it brings isn’t worth it, I do just fine with an AH alt that’s parked in Org (and SW).

It is for me because I don’t understand how people who obviously aren’t the target audience for that mount anyway are making a fuss because blizzard decided a year before they removed it from the vendor to the BMAH to introduce a feat of strength and provide notice it was disappearing.

They really didn’t have to do that, they could have just given out the FoS come Shadowlands and moved it to the BMAH at the same time.

oh boy if you think that is the same type of thing.

How is it not? Everything in the game is owned by Blizzard. You don’t own any of it. Whether it be your gear or the Brutosaur. Its all Blizz’s assets. They can do whatever they wish. I’m simply using your own argument right back at you. Hence why you’re missing the point to begin with.

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If they removed the gear and reset the character they are taking away what someone has already earned. You haven’t earned this mount and they aren’t taking away the gold you have.

In any case, we will never agree.

I personally like OP’s attitude and if they need any help in making gold they can let me know on this forum and make a character on this server and I will discuss ways they can in more details in game.

How is your gear or level any different to someones time and effort and likely luck as well in getting 5mill gold? You think that gold just went “poof” into someones pocket? That takes effort. Perhaps not so much in WoD, but the same argument could be said for the welfare epics we get today.

You leveled your toon, did dungeons, raids etc and got it to the state its in now. In the process you earnt all the equipment your toon has on it. Blizz came along and removed it. Similarly, they put in a mount. People spent time and effort grinding gold. They then exchanged that/will exchange that for the mount. But now the mount is being removed thus robbing others of the same opportunity.

The only difference is that the mount is on a vendor and is not subject to rng whereas your gear was on bosses and was rng. But thats semantics and is irrelevant.

I don’t know why this decision would compel anyone to go after this mount if they weren’t already planning for it anyhow. I had no grasp on the impact of FOMO on this community, it has had an incredible effect if people are really going to buy tokens for this mount now, or even devote additional time to farming and playing the AH.

For a single mount to cause that kind of senseless spending of time/money/energy it is getting really easy for them to come up with ways to keep people busy.

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I guess what I am most interested in about it is understanding the motivations behind the response that people have had. The psychology behind the response that someone hates something, but is still going to engage in it and support it, because otherwise they perceive some kind of loss in not having this mount.

Except they didn’t earn the mount if they don’t already have it and nobody that has it is having it taken away. This is not an accurate comparison.

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They aren’t taking away your gold. They aren’t taking away ANYTHING you earned.

Why do you keep arguing with me I won’t agree with you because I literally think most of you have lost your minds about this issue.

I actually could buy every single person that I have seen take what I consider a sensible approach to this in these threads that mount - there is just so few of them.