What happened to the Brutosaur?

Someone just woke up :stuck_out_tongue:

Low effort bait mate.


Because they will just make a new one.

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Which is stupid anyway, not everyone can get such an amount of gold, 5 million is a massive amount

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Funny they think that. I literally see 3+ in org everyday on my main’s server.

It going away was discovered by players Nov. 21st(ish) 2019.

Was a lie.

If you want to see the entire 5800+ post thread:

Edit to add: They changed the garrison AH requirements to make it easier back in 8.0 :wink:

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Because of idiotic reasoning to make people buy tokens

It’s thinking ahead. In the long term future Blizz doesn’t want portable AH mounts becoming as common as repair mounts are today. Repairs and mogs are one thing with the yak, but the mobile AH more heavily disrupts the flow of the world. And as gold inflates over the expansions they’ll gradaully become more common and easier to get.

So Blizz is cutting it off early now before it becomes a problem.

Look near any mailbox in a major city.

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A smart developer would’ve realised this before implementing the mount with AH vendor…

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it dies in jurassic world.

Memes aside it’s absolutely shameful how Blizz handled the Brutosaur.


Almost as shameful as that necro


I give you a 3/10 just because of the name. If it was any other name, it’d be 1/10


Not mine I brought mine Day 1 of BfA…mine I worked for…

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Because evidently they dont comprehend how easy it is to just take Engineering and have AH’s in every corner of the game anyway, so a mount with the AH on it wasnt really keeping much traffic from the Capitols in the first place.

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maybe they will bring it back

What an absolutely monster necro

Is that even legal?

Rentfree: “I will make it legal.”


try to petition to bring it back

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This level of necro should be forbidden. Worse than a made for home video sequel of Pet Sematary.