Don’t Buy the Brutosaur

I hadn’t planned on it.
I don’t have any of the gold sink mounts.
I especially don’t like that huge dino Mount
I like small mounts
Ones that fit through doors
I don’t play the AH so it wouldn’t make much sense for me

Why care about if people use money to buy stuff? It may not be worth it to you, but if some rich person wants to, it puts some of that money back into the system instead of sitting in their billion dollar stock… right?

Although, to be honest, I was never interested in a 5 million gold cosmetic item since you can make an AH in your garrison for like 100k.

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Dang right, that’s like 800$. WoW is a good game and all, but it ain’t that dang good.

Yeah, lil robo dude is good enough for me.

This is honestly the best and most real answer here. I’ve noticed and often wondered why so many people get riled up and hot and bothered how others spend their OWN MONEY.

When shadowlands got announced, me being the sucker I am (and trust me, I know I’m a sucker) I ofc pre-ordered it. I wanted the mount but I am just a fan of pre-ordering games I’m looking forward to (The Last of Us 2, Cyberpunk 2077, AC Valhalla, etc). I’m single, got no dependents, own my own condo and have a great job with a relatively high level of disposable income and I love to just drop money on things I like.

So color me surprised (not) when I was idling in The Great Seal and I got not one or two, but a barrage of hate filled whispers from this very angry rogue about how I’m feeding the system and how I have no friends and I’m a shill for blizzard corruption for buying the mount. Frankly, I was baffled. I’ve never received such hate filled messages before and I was just laughing the entire time at the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

Some people just want to tear others down for no other reason than jealously or projection. I went to be very clear, I’m not claiming that is what OP is doing, moreso in reference to that rogue.

Are we absolutely sure it goes away with the pre-patch?? :speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

It goes away when the expansion itself launches. It will still be available in the pre-patch.

Store mounts and pets are…ok. But only when there’s a promotion/discount like when they give it to you free with the 6 month sub.


How much real money is it to buy the mount?

Around $900. Totally worth it, IMO.

That’s debatable, to some 5 million gold is nothing, to other 1,000$ is nothing. I say buy it if you can eat the cost and survive without it whether that’s in wow or irl. But if you struggled week to week and even more so with COVID then it’s probably not a wise decision.

Pulls sunglasses off

Dear lord

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What if I’ve played wow for 15+ years and barely spent any gold and accumulated enough that way? Can I buy it then?

Too late. That’s what I did. Plus buying tokens for free play as well.

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I had been a pretty frugal player even giving away a couple million to friends, but roughly had 3 mill going into wod, but from wod alone just from carries I made around 6+ mill in the last 4 weeks or so of the expansion from the fugly moose being removed.

Made over 30 at the start of bfa, gold will always be available, the mount won’t be but you don’t need it to play the game, so what if you miss out on it. It’s such a big mount it gets in the way most of the time, so the only real use for it is going to be on the ah.

Seems to be heading that way for me. I’ve saved up over a million gold twice and spent it twice. One time it was on Character Services and the other was on 3 mounts.

I’m going to try one more time then give up.

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You could still make it. I’m just grinding the crap out of raw gold right now. It’s boring as heck, but I’m in a pretty good groove with it now. If I keep above 200k per week I’m happy. The youtuber Kraken Latte has some really good videos about making raw gold.

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Removal of the brutosaur at a key point in the expansion was an automatic consequence of “supply and demand”? And the algorithm that controls token prices is strictly “supply and demand” with no other factors involved?

You must think we’re really stupid.

Oh, yeah, that’s right. You do.

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It’s rather clear that you have no idea what we were talking about. I never said anything even remotely hinting at some sort of nonsense like that.

I don’t even know who you are. lol

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If you do know what you’re talking about, you would have to be making up this little fantasy to deceive people into believing the game designed itself spontaneously, and devs played no role in any of it.

But it’s not clear you even have a clue how these things work. You just compulsively make up stuff because it sounds like it makes sense to you.

Everybody knows who you are and your blind loyalty posting pattern.

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ESO whales