Is the Palehide Direhorn being Retired as well?

Not joking. I don’t know if Blizz will remove the vendor altogether or leave it in the game.

Just the brutosaur.

Why would they remove the vendor? he sells this mount, and a pet.

He also sells the brutosaur. I wasn’t sure if the one mount was being removed or the vendor it self.

Why would they remove one item and not the other?

Why would they remove either thing at all?

Everything about the situation is totally arbitrary. It makes sense to ask.

They already said the other items are staying.

From the sounds of things, just the brutosaur is being removed.

I should not think it would go to a different vendor.

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Because they only said the Brutosaur was being removed.

They already said that the other mounts would be staying, when they first clarified that the Brutosaur would go away.

It was the first thing they said.

Because it makes zero sense to remove the brutosaur, meaning all assumptions and common sense about the vendor itself are out the window.

We now are in the ridiculous situation where every patch and expansion we will be left wondering what random item the devs will remove.

It may be ridiculous they are removing the AH mount but that wasn’t the question the OP was talking about. They already knew they were and was just curious about the other mount.

TBH it is frustrating but whatever. I think I will live. No way was I going to make that much gold in a little time anyway.