Except the change is for 9.0

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8.3 to SL launch timeframe confirmed or speculation?


You have over a year you can still earn the mount

Did you even read the blue post?

Yes. About that …Like all dinosaurs, the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur’s days are numbered. I can confirm that when Shadowlands goes live, the shady vendors Talutu and Tricky Nick will cease selling it. Their other offerings – the Lost Platysaur pet and the Palehide Direhorn mount, will remain available for purchase.

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Wait ; horde do rp ? interesting.

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Rofl I was shocked too, I thought that only happened in Goldshire.

July to August for Prepatch at the earliest. They have stated repeatedly that six months for a content patch is a good time frame. I suspect it will be longer.

The date on the pre-order for release is on or before 12/31/2020. Expansions are usually released in Autumn. Sometimes later.

I was wrong & assumed. It could be possible with my play schedule still. Thanks!

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Best of luck!

It will be a lot easier if you do as I suggested and make a dh on a higher pop server as well and gather ore and maybe make crafted bs gear.

How many millions do you have, of the required five?

I ask, because I’m guessing the number is exactly zero.

You would have never had this mount anyway, nor would I. I made tons in Legion, buying the tons of mounts I did not have.

In BFA, I would have bought all the frog mounts( if I had gold.)

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Its just a mount dude. They will bring it back. This is just a stunt, people will buy tokens

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That’s strange. I thought most people got it through the secrets discord back when you could get it with several parties worth of people.

Heckscream, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make another mount similar to what the longboi can do.

It’ll probably be a somewhat smaller, more practical version and it’ll be limited time as well, most likely.

What you can do is just save your gold. If you’re happy with your server, then no problem. If you’d like a more lively server you can transfer.
Area 52 is a high pop server, horde heavy and fun. Kil’jaeden isn’t as high pop but it’s also fun. Neither are rp servers, I’ve never played on one of those but I hear Moonguard is good even though alliance heavy.

You can make more gold and faster if you transfer and the game will feel more lively, less lonely.

Just some ideas. GL.

That’s how it’s done, you didn’t know this?

I think they’re just going to move it or something like it to the cash shop, which is what they should’ve done in the first place.

This is a poor take. Many people have invested years of time into their characters while their server population and economy falls to shambles. It should not be the player’s onus to pay their way out of Blizzard’s shortsightedness.

Needless to say I hope they do more server merges.

It’s Blizzards fault that players move to higher population servers for various reasons?