Cranky Quarantine Thread

Actshually, that was just a Darkspear Troll who decided, for some bizarre reason, or maybe because Blizzard’s writing team at the time was held back by the Dungeon/Raid design team’s squirrel-grip and of course the monsters strike first for no reason in bad 80’s racist caricature style, that the Alliance who had spared his Horde were suddenly gonna pull a Scruffy-turned-Evil on them once they had a manabomb equivalent device on their hands.


I genuinely don’t know what 8.2’s lore is. I sped through it to get Pathfinder 2 and Mechagnomes. I’m also about 6k rep away from KTs. This game is just about tedious activities to get characters to level now.

But I have a plan. It will require help from literally everyone on the server, but if we pull it off, it will be grand.

Color me curious! What does this plan entail?

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Currently, it’s on hold. I need to see what the lore of Shadowlands is. If most of Azeroth‘s population/military is pulled into this alternate world, the idea won’t work. If it’s just “the hero”, then it’s fine.

Once we get confirmation, I can begin writing the proposals.

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That is mildly intimidating but also oddly intriguing.


So…uh…Brontosaur goldsink mount is being removed.


Some are stating that the AH vendor is also being removed via datamining, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Classic Blizzard “Remove content in some nonsensical backwards fashion to break accessibility because we don’t forward design our game” Entertainment.


It has to be for the panic token purchases, right? I can’t think of a reason they’d remove this other than greed.


This might just be my pessimism but I can’t imagine any other reason for them to do this other than pressuring people into buying wow tokens to convert to gold to get the mount before its gone.


Yeah. The intent is extremely questionable when they could have explained why it was being removed from the get go.


Oh, what was their official explanation for why they’re doing this?

One of the slightly less conspiratorial takes I’ve read is that the intent is to introduce a new AH mount in Shadowlands so they can basically control the price and continue to manipulate goldsinks. Let alone whatever they may or may not care about the AH vendor.

No explanation. They just stated that it was being removed and left it at that.

The most they said was, “Like other dinosaurs, AH Boi is going down.” Not exact wording.

Limited time content is almost inherently malicious, and this is no exception.


Oh Blizzard, you always know the right moments to try to crack jokes /s

I guess they know we have phones now so they think we can afford however many hundreds of dollars worth of tokens this would cost.

I just don’t… they’re not removing any of the other gold sink mounts, are they?

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Thus far, it’s just the AH Bronto.

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Thanks, so i guess maybe its just something to do with the AH aspect of it after all?

Maybe they should try introducing another mount with the same model but without the AH npc

It’s really lame that it’s the only brontosaur mount.

Well folks are claiming that the AH vendor is gone via datamining. So now people are speculating that they’re going to remove the vendor and paste it onto the next gold sink mount in Shadowlands.

Have a year or so to get it at least. Still a bit odd as the Yak xmog mount and Spider from legion are still in.

While I do see how it will drive some people to buy tokens, I have to wonder how many people who were going to buy it “later” will actually have or want to spend that RL money.

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I remember when Blizzard’s standards for quality were among the highest in the industry.