Store transmog and why It's a problem

The BMAH vendor? It’s there sometimes to bid on. That’s probably why you’re confused, the BMAH doesn’t have the same items on it all the time. Sometimes it might be there, sometimes it might not be.

I know you’re probably new to the game and what not, there’s a lot of confusing stuff about the game.

Weird this is what you did when I made a fool of your opinions.


Yeah, selling us stuff that should be in-game content obtainable…

AGAIN! It IS obtainable in game, by the very means you yourself complain about in your next reply. Which is:

Imagine thinking that everyone should have to spend all their free time in WoW farming gold just so they can get basic armor sets that should be already in the game…YIKES.

YOU dont want to farm gold, that’s YOU not wanting to do whats required to earn it in game.
Ive chucked the fairy outfit on my orc, I cant wait for the crying whispers of triggered players.

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Let’s see:

  • Try to look cool by saying “Who cares”. Check
  • Then try to convert it into “But I care”. Check.

Yep. Clear signs of…what was it again you said?

“Make things up because you lost”.

Imagine thinking that ignoring you like an adult is throwing tantrums. :joy:

Here is some help for you:

Let me know once you agree it was removed from the vendor.

Ha, you’re actually pretty funny Champ. I’ll give you that.

You’re backed into a corner, desperately trying to cling to any anomaly you can perceive in order to try and smear my character because you can’t actually argue with me on the factual level.

I mean, keep going if you want to? I already proved the entire basis of your argument was false. Until you address that, you have nothing but character assassination to your credit.

Good luck, keep 'em coming.

If you’re curious to see and judge her character based off her merits, you can click back to the quoted texts and see exactly what she said, considering she doesn’t try and edit it.

Who is ignoring me? I can’t help it you have nothing to backup your opinions with.

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So you’re saying nobody spent $20 to buy the transmog outfit? Because there’s literally people who said they were find with spending $20 or that $20 was pocket change for having such a cool transmog…so you’re wrong.

I buy token so I can get gold. Not so I can get someone a fancy new mog.
Although I probably will now for some of my friends so we can all enjoy, well, these kinds of reactions.


You poor little soul. Back up your own words if you want to act strong and call others different names.

Learn to accept what you said and you will stand a chance.

Goodbye. And may the force…be with you.

Eh, alright Champ! I appreciate you admitting defeat.

May the Profit bless ya with enough in-game gold that you too can buy your own set of faery dragon wings.

You should probably stop calling people names, It’s against the forum rules.

If you are that deluded enough to think I admitted defeat in that post, I feel sorry for you.

Your levels of provocation don’t even have the ability to lick a proper troll’s boots.

Was there anything else your Highness?

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Except for the fact that you keep responding to me. Every. Single. Time.

It’s okay, I understand. Lots of folks are sore losers, I don’t hold it against you. If you’re really that strapped for gold, say so and I’ll buy you the bloody wings myself with the moolah I made in game.

Yes I do respond because I haven’t told you I’m not going to respond to you. it’s my choice to respond.

Problem officer?

I have never lied. You didn’t read and twisted things. That’s all that happened and always happens with you. Case in point: this entire thread.

… I have never once mass reported. LOL What? Where did you even get this from? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not lying. You have followed me to an entirely different thread and tried to bully me and slander me. :woman_shrugging:

And you can probably find other hot topic threads where I have the same amount. I enjoy having discussions with people. Shocking, I know. Your thread isn’t somehow a special case.

So? I’ve been the first one or first few to comment on many threads. Why does this matter? A thread is a thread.

I was. That’d be you. I don’t follow you around. I post lots of places. Right there in my post history. You, on the other hand, keep coming after me specifically in different threads that aren’t yours. Honestly I don’t even know why. I’m not even one of the people that has been here that long or argued with you the most. Why you chose to single me out is beyond me.

You decided to ignore what we were specifically talking about to twist it into something that wasn’t. I asked you about all of these transmog sets you can get from quests. Specifically talking about special full sets like the topic is discussing. You chose to twist that around into something else entirely. And then chose to stalk and harass me about it.

I never once told anyone to mass report you.

Imagine thinking a differing opinion and having a debate is harassment.

I was never upset. It’s a forum. I don’t get outraged over a forum conversation. You are once again twisting things. I feel sorry for anyone who disagrees with you in real life. Your friends must be miserable.

Yes, I don’t want to spend all my free time farming gold because Blizzard wants to charge real life money for items instead of implementing them in fun obtainable ways in-game.

I mean, at least he can comprehend he’s posting in a thread about not wanting items to be in the cash shop…

If you’d like I can waste my time going through finding all the times you quoted me and begged for my attention and I didn’t even acknowledge you. I’m sure you’d end up as bad as Rhielle though and claimed I’m harassing you or mass report the quotes and claim It’s harassment for proving you wrong.

Do you not even read what you post before you post it?

You literally said that I was being provocative, on purpose. Than you said that the level of provocation wasn’t worth anything. Than you kept responding to me.

Do you not understand that you not only fooled yourself, but did so entirely like your first argument? You keep making things up, supporting them with imagined falsehoods, and then try and gaslight the other posters.

It’s a weird flex, but you do you Champ.

Imagine engaging with someone in a discussion and then saying “YOU KEEP REPLYING TO ME!”

Uh, duh? It’s called a discussion for a reason.