Confirmed: Brutosaur Mount is now a Feat of Strength

  1. The people who care vary could we stop trying to shove all of the players who disagree with this decision into a single category with an implied negative connotation. If you’re okay with this decision that’s fine, i don’t think you’re kissing blizz’s you know what but when you come on here and try to dissuade others from honestly expressing their discontent you cross over into that territory. They aren’t attacking you, why do you feel the need to act like guard dog’s for blizzard and shout down anyone with a dissenting opinion. Blizzard is fully capable of speaking for themselves and maybe if you guys stopped defending them in this manner they would take the time to comment.

  2. Mount offs might be silly to you but not to players who have spent exuberant, extensive, enormous amounts of hours logged into expanding their collection. To them it’s a fun show of contest and competition with those of a like mind no different than comparing dps meters on a boss pull.


You’re right.

Unless they are competing :slight_smile:

Like for instance on dataforazeroth .com or All The Things collectors :slight_smile:

But just in general, to non collectors? No not better because they aren’t playing the same game.

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This highlights a very good point. People play wow for different reasons, some players only raid, some players only M+ others pvp some just like achievment grinding and others run the wow economy like wall street. Each player gets something different out of wow and we shouldn’t try to belittle others for having a different perspective on the game than we do.


I don’t know because every other vendor/gold sink mount wasn’t removed, nor were their vendors removed.

P.S we still have a 2 million dollar spider we can buy from last expansion.

Conclusion: These developers aren’t to bright.


No. No it’s not. They said nothing about it being confirmed in the official notes, only that the achievement was being added. Which is a fail on their part.

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This is again one of the reasons players are upset about this, blizzard refuses to take a clear stance on it and players still are under some confusion that the mount isn’t being removed from the game because blizzard will not make an official comment about it anyplace that matters. You think the 8.3 survival video might’ve mentioned get your long boy while you still can? no of course not.


WHAT!? I thought I had to shill mindlessly for every bad thing in this game or my blizzard account would be deleted!


I have the brutosaur, jackass. And I think it’s a sleazy decision on Blizzard’s part. There is absolutely no legitimate reason to remove this mount.


How did you get jackass through the word filter when i can’t get the word Arson without the son through.


Blizzard word filters at its finest I guess XD

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That is a very popular perception among a segment of the GD crowd, so even if you did, you would not be alone.

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I mean we’ve gotten a pretty clear statement from a Blizzard representative. Considering how rarely they ever say anything at all, I’d say it’s pretty safe to take that as a confirmation of their current plan. Doesn’t mean it’s impossible for it to be walked back, but highly unlikely.

*unless you meant that as a negative commentary on how they handled the communication on this matter, in which case I’m in complete agreement. To have something like this be datamined in an achievement and then confirmed on a blase forum post is absolutely ridiculous.

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I couldn’t afford the transmog Yak either in MoP cause all I did was casual BGs.

Come last patch of WoD I saved enough and got it.

So yes I couldn’t afford it until I saved some of the gold. Yes gold was from mission table as I played one character, and didn’t try to milk the system. Maybe I would have if I knew rare mounts would go up in price so drastically.

Yes, removing it is stupid because people like me get the mount later when we get more gold on the back end of expansions.


Oh boy my pixels will feel so prestigious. I’m so glad Blizzard is helping me feel superior to others because I played a video game during a certain time period and they didn’t! I love watching those new players feel bad for not playing the game earlier! It really helps validate my worth in life. I’m sure removing content won’t backfire and make new players feel like it’s already too late to get into WoW like a couple of my friends have already proclaimed!

(Removing content is idiotic)


We at Blizzard want you to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment at having the foresight to buy a mount that is being arbitrarily removed despite none of the other gold sink mounts being removed in the same way. We feel like this will really heighten the player toxicity between each other as we continue to give ways to measure one’s epeen over everyone else because we couldn’t be bothered to think for a few seconds.


And not to be mocking you or trying to over post, but this is what I mean. Some players genuinely play few characters and don’t have this gold making machine behind them.

Reasons such massive a gold sinks like BFA exist is because of these alt armies. Mount collectors like me (only do Horde and stopped in BFA, more casual collector) were severely punished this expansion with the 333K frogs, 90k vendor mounts, 500K albino direhorn (why tho), and then things like the 5 mil bruto.

I’m not jealous of others having these mounts, I’m upset the cost is so inflated. Those who play mass amounts of alts are fine, you take the time and get the rewards from it. It just sucks when those of us with more modest gold amounts suffer more because of it since Blizzard changed prices to remove alt army gold.


I buckled down and ground out over 3mil in carries when it got out that it was going away. Finally got my brutosaur this past weekend :smiley:

Dead broke now though :crazy_face:

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Yes. That’s precisely what I said. (It was a four year plan.)

Which part are you having trouble understanding?


Then I guess people are going to get mad, although I highly doubt they will. I’m telling you now, though (spoiler alert!) if you are after this mount because it is an auction mount, don’t cash out on WoW tokens to grab it because there will be another. Blizzard knows how well these silly mounts sold and they will do it again. This is 99.99~% likely.

If you want it because you like brutosaurs, be sure to get it if you can, because there probably won’t be another, auction or otherwise. The uniqueness will be that brutosaurfulness, not the auction house vendor.

It’s like arguing that people who bought the WotLK Vendor mount are going to be mad because they released the expedition yak in MoP, it just doesn’t work that way.

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No. The value of gold, and possibly the tokens themselves will go down. Vendor items like the auction mount have a static price, so gold is worth less and you need more WoW tokens to buy them. This doesn’t impact the player economy much, mainly just the vendor items.

Most likely though, inflation is inevitable. It will just slow or stop the process rather than deflate gold value.