Removal of Brutosaur mount

Wonder if they realize who started that term, way back in BfA beta.

silly you, expensive mounts are for the rich

hate to break it to you but we’re all entitled to get this mount if we so choose. not just greedy whales

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And you still are. Go earn the gold if you want it.


When is it being removed?

When Shadowlands launches (or possibly the pre-patch). Basically, when the Achievement for acquiring the mount becomes a feat of strength.

some work for it, some wish for it


I don’t know. My parents raised me in severe poverty and I turned out alright making mid 26 an hour in my mid 20s.

Similarly I was dirt poor in a lot of WoW until I decided to actually start applying myself at trying to not be poor in the game now gold is never an issue and never has been since Wrath.

Even if you discount boosting for gold sales which are extremely lucrative and finding a team to boost with discord communities isn’t that complex, if you play the AH right you can turn a ton of profit for next to no time or effort. Once you have a small amount (and I really mean small, like 100k small which if you find that as wealthy then you’re a peasant) you can start a minor AH operation that still profits well and all you have is more capital to expand your empire.

No, you are not entitled to getting the mount. You are entitled to the potential of getting one by sheer virtue of playing the game effectively to make gold. However you are definitely not entitled to the mount.

They also need to delete the spider mount

this is probably the most entitled thing i’ve read today.

hi. I was sitting in Stormwind and decided I need a long term goal, as a single box non guild leader player. In about 10 months i had a brand new mount and the journey was mostly enjoyable.

I am still hoping Blizzard still has a laps of good judgement and back peddles on this choice. Its a dumb decision on their part and I stand by that viewpoint, unwavering.


a friend of mine got his, there is no feat of strength for it

you don’t know me boy so i advise you to watch that tone

i’m not wishing boy, i’m actually working at it. now take that stuck up attitude of yours somewhere else

I can dig it up if need be, but I read a Blue post in one of these threads saying that wasn’t happening…hang on…here we go:

“We want to be perfectly clear on this – we do not intend to remove the AH vendor from this mount, especially when some players put in a great deal of effort to acquire this mount specifically for that functionality. Of course, we remember that we removed the Mystic Birdhat’s Reforging from the Grand Expedition Yak, but that was because we removed Reforging from the game.”

The feat of strength for it is not yet in the game.


Lmao. Right like I’ll ever take someone seriously who says something like that

“You don’t know me boy so I advise you to watch that tone.”

Yeah, whatever boomer.


people like you are why our community burns troll, so stick it -_-

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