Brutosaur taken out with pre patch now?

Just saw a stream where now they are saying pre patch the mount will be removed, this goes against what was said in this post, Looks Like the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur might Be Unobtainable In 9.0.1

Why the change now? Is this an error?

I thought they had originally said it would be removed in 9.0?

The prepatch is 9.0.

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Blue post says and I quote, I can confirm that when Shadowlands goes live, the shady vendors Talutu and Tricky Nick will cease selling it.

If it was meant for pre patch I’m she they would of said when pre patch goes live not Shadow lands.

Is pre patch shadow lands? I don’t think so?

Yes, the 9.0 prepatch is Shadowlands. All of the system changes for a new expansion always come in the prepatch. The actual content is just locked for a few weeks.


Oh well even less time to farm for it now.

You got it. Don’t give up!

Viking Santa believes in you. :slight_smile:


Oh yea I will get it no doubt.

…heard they will be taking it out completely and giving Titan residuim to folks who bought it, instead of their gold back. :joy:

They have decided the Auctioneer is too OP so they are replacing it with a Banker.

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Yes, the pre-patch is Shadowlands. The pre-patch is 9.0 which is Shadowlands. It’s when all the systems get brought in, and all the information, and all the other changes. Just like every other expansion.

When they say “Shadowlands goes live” they mean the expansion itself, as in the moment we can start questing and leveling in Shadowlands content.

The pre-patch is not considered to be the expansion itself.

People who used their stim checks to purchase the AH mount are going to be so pissed if that happens lol

According to who? Because the pre-patch has always been when these changes happen. MoP and WoD CM’s gone with pre-patch. Mage tower gone with pre-patch. Artifact dead when pre-patch hit. Pre-patch has always been when expansion features go away that’re time sensitive.


Yeah, the major class/system changes go live, but it’s not the expansion itself. Stuff like AOTC/CE and Mythic raid mounts will still be available up until they turn on the new content.

You realize something being time limited is a system, right? MoP and WoD CM’s were systems. Mage tower was a system. The Brutosaur is being treated in the same manner - like a system. The pre-patch is when the expansion goes live, even for people who did not purchase it, just like the level cap being adjusted and everything else. This is working as intended.

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The brutosaur isn’t a “system”, it’s a mount. And stuff like raid mounts or the AOTC mount typically stick around until the expansion actually goes live. As in we start going into the Shadowlands and leveling up to 60 (again).

Blizzard always does system and major game changes for the next expansion with the pre-patch.

Effectively 9.0 is Shadowlands, but we’re doing a prologue to the main event for a few weeks until the expansion goes live.

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Yes, yes, yes, nobody is arguing that.

Here’s the thing though, the pre-expansion patch is not when they shut off everything that’s going away. Some stuff will go away with the pre-expansion patch, and some stuff will go away when the expansion actually launched.

Blizzard previously said that the Brutosaur would be going away when the expansion goes live, now there seems to be some confusion.

This is how things like this have always worked. As soon as the prepatch for an expansion comes out, you are no longer in that previous expansion. With the case of going into Shadowlands, when the 9.0 drops, BFA is over and you’re now in Shadowlands, just waiting for the content to be opened.

Same thing happened in Legion going into BFA with the mage tower. Once the prepatch came out, the challenges were disabled.

Just to clarify things, is there a link to this stream anywhere? I’d hate to get riled up over some streamer making guesses.