Shadowlands 9.0 Mighty Caravan Brutosaur AH vendors gone + no longer obtainable via a vendor

So it has been confirmed that when shadowlands hit the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur no longer has AH vendor on it and also the npc that sells the mount will no longer sell it, u can only buy it in the BMAH now.


Link for proof.

Also daaang, 5mil gold? That’s a lot of NOPE from me.


bought mine day 1

no issues with it, sorry


I looked up a word called fraud and yeah kinda seams like it because there no reason to take out the mount and put it in the BMAH. FTC will be notified even contracts cant break the law…

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Its not fraud to remove a mount from your game the FTC will laugh when you complain about it.


Its called false scarcity and its very illegal last time i checked. There putting it on the Black market auction house for no reason.

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So I guess it was fraud when they put other things removed from the game up on the BMAH have fun reporting them it wont do anything.


Mybe I dont know, but this would be fraud. Seeing the mount was here the whole time and the expansion not going away… So yeah that would be fraud.

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No it isn’t fraud but keep saying it is if that helps you sleep at night.


I still don’t see where it “officially” says there will no longer be an ah on the mount


Fruad wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

You have sources on this one?


I don’t think the AH vendor is going away. At least this is the first I’ve heard of it.


Good luck with that. Let us know how that goes.

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To be honest everything in the black market should just be int he game to be honest. There 0 reasons to even have a BMAH. Btw im sure it will have the vender on it.

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As it was proven by the below thread

Many players are completely fine with removing content from the game so some bad players can feel special for having something new players cant get.

So they deserve the removal of this brutosaur that they wont ever get now because that is what they support, the removal of content so others cant get it, it goes both ways

btw the data is paid for, we paid for the whole expansion. By them taking the mount out means they should give everyone a refund and say there sorry for lying about the mount being the in game as it was meant to be.

Yeah but the law says other wise.

You really dont know much about law, you signed away almost all your rights by agreeing to their terms of service.


You cant sign away your fights that is illegal as well you should really learn how laws work.

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