Blizz reimbursed you 5 million gold

Buy the spidermount! Way cooler then AH mount!


Blizz is not giving out 5 million gold to everyone.

This is just a pipe dream.

That spider mount is pretty sweet looking. Although if I could afford the brontosaurus I would have bough the spider at some point already.

I still need the ghost horse TCG mount, so probably would buy that.

Look people wouldn’t be whining so much about this if they had the gold. When something is priced higher than you can afford it isn’t available to you to purchase.

Please read this forum post which includes a “blue post” that explains that the brontosaurus mount will be removed from its current vendor. However, it will be added into the rotating sell list on the black market.

They DO NOT say the mount will be removed - ergo, the people who already own the mount will keep it.

Considering I don’t have that mount in the first place. I’d probably be one of those weenies that send in a ticket to basically ask “Hey is this a mistake?”

I’m unsure if Blizz can remove gold from you but lets say they can. I’d probably just ask for something special in return for returning the gold if Blizz was all “Hey my bad. You weren’t meant to have this gold”

You can’t be reimbursed for something you don’t have though.

Camp outside the Black Market Auction House for when long boi comes back.

Assume Blizzard is trolling me, because I never bought the AH mount and thus a refund would be a mistake.

Dear Blizzard,

You appear to have sent me five million gold that I didn’t spend, as a form of reimbursement. I am informing you of this error as an act of common courtesy. You have about half an hour to reclaim it before it’s all gone because I am currently on every pet involved website calculating which ones I want. I apologize in advance.

Yours truly,


PS: Have a cookie! :cookie:

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I’m just saying “what if” for my case

Moonguard, goldshire, cheap elves and chalky mana powder.

The fact that you could save girls money in real life for wow time might help I suppose…

The finest Pandaren hunnies money could buy me.

Or a lot of gifting money, either one works.

I’ll use it to get that good anchorweed on multiple servers if you know what I mean. :wink:

(It is a good mat to stock up on right now)

Honestly, I’d wonder what I’d do with the gold. Sub is still good for a long time and I’m already up to 500k after dropping to 0 after getting the mount. Maybe just save for the next best thing that comes along.

I’d rebuy the mount. I love Brontosauruses. As a kid I love dinos and it was my favorite of the dinosaurs. Plus I got so much mileage out of having that portable AH that I made back the money with interest.

Buy WoW tokens and convert them into funds for my bnet account.

I’d build a money bin and swim around in the gold like Scrooge Mcduck.

exactly this. I would go ahead and max out my account. 2 full years of game time and $300 in bnet balance on top of that.

with the current exchange rate that would still leave me with ~850k gold.