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People enjoy revisiting and posting on prompts beyond just the week they were posted. I thought a single thread with links to all the prompts threads could be useful.

This can also be used as a thread to discuss prompts, give prompt suggestions, and general questions or comments about the prompt related threads, if you do not wish to post in a thread itself.

The Dragon Isles

[PROMPT] Dragon Isles

The dragons of Azeroth have called for the brave and adventurous to venture to the Dragon Isles. Weave us a tale on your character’s thoughts, feelings, reasons for heeding or refusing the call. If they refuse to go, what are they doing instead?


[Prompt] Lying

We all lie at some point in our lives. It could be a lie to ourselves to convince us it is okay, or perhaps you make a living from your lying. Some of us lie like it is a truth, and some struggle greatly with falsifying their words or thoughts.

Tell us about your biggest lie, or perhaps a time you got caught within your own web. How did you get caught, what mistake did you make? Or perhaps tell us the moment the lie you built for yourself shattered.

Moral Decisions

[Prompt] Moral Decisions

Whether you are a hero or a villain, or not on that spectrum at all, you’ve found yourself facing an interesting dilemma. A train of sorts is running full steam down its tracks, oblivious to the issues ahead. You are at a switch to determine which rail the train will take.

For some reason, there is a person trapped on one set of tracks and five people trapped on the other. Should you do nothing, the train will go through the five people. However, should you pull the switch, the train will shift and go through the single person. Those on the tracks can see you at the switch, and you can see them. You have only moments to decide your course of action. What do you do?

Does your decision shift, should you only be able to see the group of five, but be aware of the single person? Or vise versa? What if the five are the opposite faction of you, and the single shares your faction? Does the race change your decision? If you used abilities within the scenario, what would you do should you have been unable?

Regardless, how do the resulting consequences impact you?

Glory and the Fall

[Prompt] Glory and the Fall

You’ve been building up to a moment. Either yourself or someone you are invested in has reached a peak of momentum. Everything is great, going well, superb. Either you feel it personally or vicariously.


The higher we rise, the farther we fall. What happens? Is it a sudden revelation of catastrophic outcomes, or a slow drips of darkness? If the fall occurs not to you, do you suddenly pull back your support or do you hold out? Do you hang onto hope that things will get back to the light eventually? Does this fall occur due to karma? Was the rise to glory on the backs of others?

Warped Desire

[Prompt] Warped Desire

Desires and wants are what keep us going forward in life. They are a goal, a destination. Whether it is the simple desire for a bit of food, or the desire to become something more than you are now.


N’Zoth, demon of the minds, has seeped into many’s world and vision. Whether he haunts your dreams or fully clouds your vision, you find those desires of yours warped. Twisted into dark versions that you find yourself forced to face.

What is the dark world of your desires, twisted and manifested as simply a nightmare or full on delusion?

Cleared Head

[Prompt] Cleared Head

Enough! You’ve had enough! You have had demands made of you, large or small, that have pushed you to your limit. Where do you go, what do you do to clear your head and take a moment to yourself? Do you simply do a period of meditation, or perhaps relax in a pool of hot water? Do you go for a walk to clear your thoughts and organize your mind? Vent to yourself or an ally?

Craft Beginnings

[Prompt] Craft Beginnings

Learning our craft does not always come with ease. From finding one to teach you to trying to teach yourself, it can be a difficult journey. Some have to go far from their homes and families, others find mentorship within their families. And there are those that dabble in a craft their families do not approve of.

It is a journey, long over the course of our lives. As some live for hundreds, or thousands of years, often these humbler or bumpy beginnings can be forgotten. How did you start the journey of learning your craft?

Accomplished Celebration

[Prompt] Accomplished Celebration

It happened, and it was glorious! Successful! Accomplished! Whatever “It” was, how do you celebrate? Business as usual? A drink with your cohorts? Do you party until you cannot move or just feel accomplished but continue on? Do you treat yourself to something nice, like an indulgent cake or some equipment you’ve wanted, or go all out and splurge?


[Prompt] Anniversary

Today is an anniversary of something. What is an occurrence in your life so substantial that you remember its anniversary every year? A death, a graduation, a grand kill, a birth. Anything that you visit every year as a memory or location.

Well That's Gross

[Prompt] Well that's gross

Well, this is gross. You’ve managed to fall into a pit of muk. Rancid, odiferous, vile, and viscous goop, gunk, and sediment. It is only waist deep, but that is still your lower half submerged into this grotesque mess.

How do you react? When you fell in, did you do every dancing motion possible to avoid such a fate? Did you fall in face first? Are you nauseated by the scent, texture, situation, taste, sight? Do you climb out with dignity or just rapidly remove yourself from the pit without any care as to the means? Once out of the pit, what is next? A simple cleansing or something far more vigorous?

Or are you so familiar with such revolting occurrences that it hardly phases you? Just another day, the stench isn’t that bad. In fact, this pit is almost like a warm bath!

Routine Disruption

[Prompt] Routine Disruption

Routines are part of everyone’s day. Things and steps you take for a meal, shopping, training, research, bedtime, waking up, cleaning, etc. Today, your usual routines have been disrupted. Whatever routine you decide, whether it is your morning coffee being spilled and decimated by a stampede or your training routine being rained out, or anything else, how do you adapt to this? Do you start over, or move on? Do you dwell on it for the rest of your day, as you try to sleep, into the coming week? Does it bug you incessantly that your routine has been ruined to the point that it impacts your overall performance for the day? Or do you shrug it off and continue as if it was nothing?


[Prompt] Failure

Expectations are high upon your shoulders. Normally, you would not fail at this time. Yet, it has happened. You failed your task. How do you feel?

Should it be possible, you find yourself able to repeat your task. Surely you wouldn’t fail again. Before this, you had never failed at this task. Yet again, however, you have failed. Now how do you feel?

What do you do now?

Or do you reject your failure? Do you lie, run away? Do you lash out? After all, you never fail at this!


[Prompt] Strong

As you are out, whether for a walk or patrol, a child runs up to you. “You look strong!” The child exclaims as he sizes you up and down. “Do you know lots of strong people?” The child looked frail and young.

After you answer, the child responds. Should you “know lots of strong people” the child inquires further, “Can you tell me about them and you? Like how you met, how you all got so strong! What kind of battles do you guys fight?”

Should you not “know lots of strong people” the child responds “So being strong doesn’t get you friends? Or are you just alone? How do you get so strong alone? Is it tiring always doing it all yourself?”

Change and Adaptation

[Prompt] Change and Adaptation

It’s been a long period of time since you last visited where you are visiting today. You have many memories of the place, and find comfort in that familiarity. However, upon arrival, you find everything is different. Whether you are visiting a friend and find they have completely changed their home layout, or perhaps your troop barracks have moved and shifted. Routines you used to know are now in the dust and you have to adapt to new protocols, new routines, new almost everything. The people themselves are unchanged, only the environment.

How does your character react when the norm has been changed dramatically? Do they excel at adaptation on the fly or do they feel left behind? Do they care that the familiar is now unfamiliar, or do they just go with the flow? Do they find camaraderie in the changes with their fellows, or do they join the choir of antagonizing changes?

Shifting Seasons

[Prompt] Shifting Seasons

Spring time has arrived in the region that you reside. Warming airs and erratic weather makes every day interesting. Winter chills have faded, thaws have taken hold, and the last vestiges of ice and snow are melting away… or are they?

How do you change as seasons change? Do you live in a seasonless clime, one with perpetual winters or summers, or do you live in a region where the seasons change? Do they even change on Azeroth??? I dunno, but it is something to think about. We all handle shifting seasons in different ways, how do you? Allergies? Cabin fever? Spring cleaning? Winter blues? How do you shift as the seasons shift… if they do shift?

Forgotten Money

[Prompt] Forgotten Money

You are at the market. You need supplies, food, gear, materials, general stuff, whatever. You’ve planned the trip for the day and travelled a distance to get to the markets. Now you’ve gathered a large portion of your supplies and went to pay when you reach into your pack and find you’ve forgotten your coins. It is busy and the folks behind you are impatient. What do you do? What do you think?

If you travel to go get your coins, you won’t have time to do all your shopping today. Do you abandon today’s trip and try again tomorrow or do you find a way to borrow/earn/find coins to pay for today?

Hard Days

[Prompt] Hard Days

Some days are harder than others. We often try to mask our feelings of hardship to keep our close friends and love ones from being concerned with us. Some days it almost feels like too much, that you need to vent or do something to lighten your emotional load.

What do you do to cope? Do you continue to wear a mask of happiness? Or do you crack and break at times? How do these feelings bleed over into your normally portrayed persona?


[Prompt] Homestuck

Normally the world needs some level of saving. Cats stuck in trees, druids concerned with their identity, priests spreading a bit too much holy word. Many days there are tasks that must be done, issues that must be dealt with big or small.

Except today.

Today you find yourself with wholly nothing to do, yet there is no where to go either. You cannot leave your homestead. How do you spend your day? What fills your time? Did you find yourself stuck at home by chance, or by force? For how long? Just a day or months?

Disappointed Cravings

[Prompt] Disappointed Craving

You have a craving for something food or drink. The markets always have it, and after thinking about it all day, you have your heart set on it. Yet when you reach the normal place, it is out of stock! Your heart sinks, and you quickly adjust to a different shop. This one, though you rarely visit, usually has some as well. None!

What do you do? How does this impact you, emotionally? Just a minor inconvenience or do you lament not getting what you want? Do you find yourself missing what you cannot have, where nothing else will fill the void, or do you just get a different treat and call it a day?

Crisis Response

[Prompt] Crisis Response

“Somebody help! Please!”

A voice cracked out in the silence of your forest stroll. Should you respond and find the source, you find a woman knelt next to a man. The man is gasping for breath, and his color is fading. Should you feel for a pulse, you find it barely there, slow and thready, and not at all like you would expect. Do you jump in to help? Do you use field skills or magic to try and save this man? Or do you end his misery? Do you panic or do you remain calm? Have you been taught what to do, or do you just wing it? Can you calm his panicked partner? Do you keep her there or send her away?


[Prompt] Potion

“Hey! Hey you! I need some help testing a potion! I’ll pay you well!” A figure approached you as you went about your day. Do you respond? What price do you ask them to pay? Or do you just ignore them?

((Originally, I was going to write out what the potion did, but I think it is more fun to leave it open. Considerations: What is the potion you are testing? How incessant is the figure if you refuse? Does the figure actually pay you? Or do they vanish?))


[Prompt] Pandemic

Illness and pandemic are not foreign concepts in the world of Azeroth, from the plague to blight, and magical illnesses in between. You heard, in passing, that a strange illness has cropped up, thought to be from the jungles of Nazmir. A week later, the illness had spread all over Azeroth. Does your character treat the infected, bunker down at home, contract the illness, or panick? How does your character handle a situation not unlike what is happening in reality? I’ve left the lethality up to you, the interpreter of the prompt. Do you go with a mild but rapid spreading virus, or a lethal contagion? The choice is yours, and how your character reacts is up to you.


[Prompt] Overburden - #2 by Demontune-area-52

Everything around you is on fire. Not literally, but figuratively. There are so many things that need doing, it would take multiples of you to get everything done in any sort of manner. How do you prioritize? Is this a common occurrence for you or once in a blue moon? Or are you always on top of everything so these events never happen? Or perhaps your servants/associates handle all this riff raffery on your behalf.


[Prompt] Doggy

As you wander through your travels, you hear what sounds like an animal cry out in pain. A wolf or canine of some kind based on the sound. You set off towards the sound. Just as you think you’ve lost the trail and you are better off returning to your wandering, you begin to hear a whimper in the distance. Low, pathetic whimpering, hard to hear. Should you choose to continue and follow it, you’ll find one of the dogs that frequent Boralus and Kul’Tiras with its paw stuck in a trap of sorts. Do you free it and tend to it, eventually making it your companion? Do you leave it, as it is not a trained canine or large enough to be more than an idle companion?

Desert Adventure

[Prompt] Desert Adventure

(Prompt idea from Morician, adapted to fit prompt style) (Story Prompt)

Whether you joined the fight in Uldum or just happen through, you find yourself amongst the dunes. A sparkle in the sand catches your eye. Upon investigation, you find the fragment of an amulet. Best guess estimated that four fragments of that size would make a whole trinket. On the back you see

“In wh
Your w”

As you stare at this piece, the ground rumbles. Someone is coming back.

Do you flew, or stay and fight? Do you take the fragment? Do you venture to find the other pieces?


[Prompt] Betrayal

For most, this is a season of love, companionship, and partnership. However, not all view this as a joyous occasion. Betrayal, lies, manipulation, sugared words with empty meanings, all these occur within life. What is a way that you have been betrayed or hurt by someone you thought you cared about? Or even by anyone you may not have any personal attachment to.

Showing Love

[Prompt] Showing Love

Every culture, every family, every person has different ways that they show love and appreciation. How do you show someone you love them? Do you make them a special meal? Take them somewhere? Make or buy them a gift?


[Prompt] Purpose

Fighting. It always seems to circle around Azeroth like a pestilence. Alliance fighting Horde, Legion fighting all, etc. Yet what are you fighting for? Who are you fighting for? Do you just follow orders, or do you have a purpose behind every strike you place, every wound you heal, every delivery you make?

Horrific Vision

[Prompt] Horrific Vision

Something is off. As you exit your quarters, there is a chill in the air and an unnatural feeling pressing down on you. The sky is dark, perhaps even violet hued. Screams resound in the distance, and as you investigate, you are met with a twisted and horrid vision. What do you see? How do you feel? Are you a hero that fights against the vision and dispels it, or do you play a part in the vision?

((This is heavily inspired by the horrific visions content. What would be your character’s scenario in the vision? Are you a piece playing out like Alleria or Thrall, or are you the one against the illusion?))


[Prompt] Whispers

Be free of your burdens

Join my power, release your mind

Power beyond imagining, the ability to solve it all

The world is mine, failure is imminent, join me

The whispers have become more frequent since Nazjatar was conquered. Word spreads of the old god’s new freedom, that his armies and influence invades Azeroth. As sleep takes you, the whispers become worse, plying at your dreams and innermost thoughts. What do the whispers show you? How do they try to entice your slumbering mind? What dreams, or nightmares, do you see?


[Prompt] Mentor

“Hello?” A stranger approaches you. Do you respond?

If you do:

“Sorry to bother you, but you’re [NAME], right? I heard about you and I was kinda hoping you could mentor me! Will you take me under your wing? You don’t have to provide for me or anything, just teach me what you know!”

Do you do it?

Children's Story Time

[Prompt] Children's Story Time


Our local children need guidance. They know nothing of the world of Azeroth and how large it is. We are looking for adventurers or travelers to come and share tales to the children. Please take a tab if you are interested and come find me. I’ll give you more details of date and time then.

Another Year

[Prompt] Another year

As always, another year has passed and you find yourself facing the oncoming year. Here, in the moment, you have a few minutes to reflect. What have you done? Have you continued on life long projects and goals? Accomplished something small? Or was this year just a day by day with little grand accomplishments? Where do you go from here? What are you planning, going forward into this new year?


[Prompt] Wishes

What is this? You come upon a strange tea pot, tucked away in the back of some ruined place, or deep within the trunk of an ancient tree. Though the scenery around the tea pot is all ruins and dirt, the tea pot itself is pristine with almost a glittering shine. A magical aura wafts from the tea pot, but investigation reveals no traps. As you touch the pot, a spark of power alights and a spirit of some kind shimmers out of the spout. It takes form before you, same race as you, yet where its legs would be, a wispy tail of smoke formed and tethered it to the tea pot.

“A wish giver I be, and for you I have three. To grant them for ye, the laws you must see.” The spirit waved a hand and a large scroll appeared. On it, in bold lettering, were rules .

*I cannot bring back the dead

*I cannot give more wishes

*I cannot destroy or kill

“Follow to a tee, and your wishes fly free. If laws failed to hede, my place yours will be.” With that, the spirit bowed and awaited to hear the wishes. What do you wish for? How careful are you with your wishes? Or do you abandon the tea pot or destroy the spirit and tea pot? Know this, the spirit hold immense magical power to grant wishes, and can fiercely defend the tea pot and itself.

Bitter World

[Prompt] Bitter World

The seasons shift and the weather bitters, frost and snow dance amongst the clouds and ground. Your breath is misted with each exhale and the sting of the cold settles onto your exposed skin. Errands in the cold are never fun, and ought to be done with haste. As you briskly move from one errand to the next, your eyes glance into an ally. Along the wall you spy a shivering body bound up in scraps that could barely be called a blanket. On closer inspection, the body appears small, young, a child freezing in the cold. Do you stop to offer some semblance of aide within your power? Or do you pay the child no mind, as this world is cruel and you have little interest in the whims of its cruelty?


[Prompt] Outsider

Today, you are an outsider. You’ve arrived at a small hamlet, of a race or culture vastly unlike your own. How do you adapt and react to what seems to be their strange customs? Their beliefs and views? Do you join in their ways while you are a guest? Or do you stick strictly to your own? Do you feel the need to teach and educate them in your systems? Do you research the ways they do things?

Anniversary of Loss

[Prompt] Anniversary of Loss

Today is the anniversary of a loss. Whether it was a parent, a friend, a loved one, child, pet, home, or strong belief. Has it been a long time? Or is it a fresher wound on your spirit? Do you share in this loss with others, or were you the only one to lose? Is there a memorial you venture to? Do you always go, or is this time special? What do you do on this day, this anniversary of when you lost someone, or something, dear?


[Prompt] Guests

Guests. They come to your abode invited or not. Sometimes planned, sometimes random. How do you receive guests? Whether at your home or at your camp, what do you do when you have visitors of a friendly nature? Planned versus unplanned? Do you treat them to tea and biscuits and chat with them? Do you spar or train? Do you never entertain others at all?

Food Harvest

[Prompt] Food Harvest

Food comes from somewhere. Are you an omnivore, carnivore, or herbivore? Do you stalk and hunt your prey? Maintain and harvest your own food? Do you pay others or have others to do it for you? Do you simply shop for food? Are you the chef? Do you provide for others? These are questions to the day to day life of a person within Azeroth, a basic necessity to remain alive for the living. Or perhaps you are undead, and only eat due to other reasons.

I might be hungry at the moment. I have done a food prompt before but it has been a while and was more about the who you eat with and not the how do you get it.

That Moment

[Prompt] That Moment

Many people experience something life changing. Whether it is the decision to become a druid instead of a priestess, to fall in love with someone across faction lines, to ally oneself with dark forces, or simply the loss of loved ones or home. Many events make us who we are, many decisions great or small.

What is the largest life changing event that has happened to you? That helped lay the foundation for who you are or helped in molding you on that foundation.

Remembered Beyond

[Prompt] Remembered Beyond

“Death comes for us all.” Words spoken by a woman thought to be driven mad, perhaps a puppet on a string. Her actions changed the surface of Azeroth forever. In the spirit of the reveals today, I had an idea for a prompt. Not horribly related to the new expansion, as we’ve yet to deal with N’Zoth in the current one. But inspired by it.

When we die, what becomes of our deeds, our accolades? Are you someone to publish a memoir or book of your life? Perhaps bards will weave songs of your deeds? How will you be remembered when you cross to the other side of life’s coin?

Troupe of the Dead

[Prompt] Troupe of the Dead

As you walk towards what is supposed to be a run down village, a faint sound echoes on the breeze. Almost eerily, yet playful the sound. You see red smoke up ahead and can faintly make out tent like buildings where the town is set to be. As you approach, you see the tents are actually one large tent, with a triangular red and black pattern. The music grows louder as you approach, its source within the tent.

On each side of the tent sits two large creatures. A cross between a horse and a giraffe, with red fur and black manes. Each beast has an elegant mask upon its face. They watch you with only their eyes as you pass by to enter.

Upon entering the tent, you see the jovial accordion player, the source of the music you heard, in an entry room of sorts. He is as wide as he is tall, and beneath his jester like attire, you are unable to clearly tell his race. His face is covered in a mask that hides much of his features. All you can see is a toothy grin and cat like eyes.

“Ah, you have arrived! Our master’s joy will not be deprived! For you must go and join the dance! With you must the master prance.” As he spoke, the accordion player never once stopped playing. Behind him, a curtain rose, opening the way to a far larger room.

The room was dark, with no light nor sound nor sign of life. As you enter the center, a loud clang resounds and a bright light spots right on you. Before you, in a burst of red pink flame, a figure appears. He has the stature of a tall and lithe elf, of which you can see long ears from the side of his head. Like the accordion player prior, the rest of his body is covered. He wears an ornate face mask, almost as a skin. His body is covered with a cloak, though underneath he wears an elegant red top and black slacks.

The mystery man bows before you, and you can catch a glimpse of his jagged teeth within his smile. “Welcome! Welcome!” His voice is raspy as he stands back up. “I am master of this troupe! Thank you for joining our show!” He snaps his fingers and the full room lights up. The stands and bleachers that surround you are full of spectral looking people. The spirits of the dead. They cheer and applaud.

“The folks have gathered here at my request.” The man waves an arm around as he indicates the crowd. “The departed unable to fully depart! They must be inspired, and for that… I need you!” The troupe master extends a hand out towards you. “Join me in a visceral dance. In brilliant choreographed battle! The spark of combative flame between us shall ignite their souls! Our ritual will be complete!” He places a hand to his chin. “Of course, if you wish to refuse… I am afraid you’ll have to join the ones in the crowd.”

The man vanishes in the red pink fire and reappears a respectable distance away from you. He bows. “Let our dance commence.”

Dark Whispers

[Prompt] Dark Whisper

”Come to me.” A pleasant but wispy voice flows to your ears. With it comes a pleasant aroma, something you love. You can feel a force beckoning you, gently like a lover.

Do you follow? Or resist?

If you follow, the calm voice will beckon again, ”Join me, visit me.” Following this call will take you off normal passways and towards what appears to be an abandoned gravesite surrounded by bushes. ”Stay with me.” An attractive spirit appears, standing on the abandoned site. It motions for you to step forward. As it distracts you, the bushes move, and spiked vines lash forth. These vines seek not to kill, but to drain the very soul from your body.

Should you resist, the voice on the wind will screech. ”You WILL be mine!” The earth trembles around you and vines spring forth to drain your soul and any bystanders.


[Prompt] Hunted

The sun is setting. Or rather you assume it is setting as the temperature drops and the light dims. You find yourself on an old path in a sense forest. No shelter in sight.

Do you stop and make camp now?

Regardless, as the night fully embraces the forest, you find it uncharacteristically dark. The lights of the moon and stars blocked by clouds and trees. A stick breaks, but nothing else. The sounds of the forest go silent. Something is hunting you.

Haunted Rumors

[Prompt] Haunted Rumors

“Didja hear?” Children gossiping as you walk through the streets cause you to pause. Idle curiosity for whatever it could be that a child would gossip about.

“Hear what?”

“That old house down the way is haunted.”

“So what? All sorts of places are haunted.”

“My mum told me to stay away, might die if I go in.”

“Well I heard the old man that lived there had all sorts of neat things.”

“What kind of neat things?”

“I dunno, neat things alright? We should go check it out.”

“I’m not going in there.”

“You afraid?”


“Just a big baby! ‘Fraid of a few spooks and dead things! Well my daddy’s been teaching me magic stuff! I can handle myself.”

“Awright fine. I’ll go.”

“Morrow night, let’s meet.”

What a peculiar exchange. Do you investigate this house? For its treasures? To protect the children? Do you eliminate the various spirits still inhabiting the building, unable to move on?

The Cave

[Prompt] The Cave

As seasons shift, the beating heat of the sun gives way to crisp mornings and cool breezes. While out enjoying the weather, on patrol, or simply exploring, you come upon this peculiar path up the mountain side. Following it, you come a cavern with blaspheme symbols. There are utensils used to extract blood from victims, candles burning with pale blue flames, and runes painted with a substance you have no desire to know what it is made from. At the back is an altar to something.

Perturbed or not, regardless, you decide to leave to investigate later or forget forever. However, as you step backwards to back out of the cavern mouth, you bump into something… or someone.

Poker Face

[Prompt] Poker Face

A game of minds, or a card game. You must be the master of your emotions and expressions. You cannot give away what is on your mind or in your hand. Can you do it? How do you struggle? Do you fail?

Challenged Beliefs

[Prompt] Challenged Beliefs

Ever since you were a child, you’ve always held firm to some belief and it has shaped who you have become as an adult. But today, something has unraveled that belief. Walk us through what happens and how your character adapts… or doesn’t. Or simply walk through the belief itself and why it has shaped who you are. Is it a hatred of orcs, perhaps challenged when an orc saves your life? Faith in the light now shaken by the light’s aggressive crusade? Is it a strong belief that would take a drastic change to challenge? What would it take?


[Prompt] Memory

Your most cherished memory. Write and weave us this tale twofold. From now and from then. Write out your most cherished moment as if you were currently living through it, then again as you look back upon it. What changes? Do you recall it perfectly or muddy up the details? Did the memory not age well? Or is it still a bright source from your past?

This is meant as both an exercise in retrospective for the characters, but also an exercise in tensing for the writers.


[Prompt] Witness

This is not how today was supposed to go. You were minding your own business, attending to chores or what not around whatever city you frequent. And then you witnessed it. A figure attacked a seemingly innocent person and ran off with their belongings. Now, as a key witness, you are being hounded to describe the person, and or help identify them. Do you cooperate? How well did you notice the details? Can you give a picture perfect description, or did you only see generalizations? Do you make up the blanks, or are you honest? Do you take the time to do this all to the best of your ability, or do you want to rush through and get on with your life? Or perhaps you flat out refuse.

Public Argument

Arguments are as they are, arguments. You and a friend, a loved one, a companion, are out for a meal at your favorite restaurant on Azeroth. Perhaps you are inebriated, or they are, but something strikes a chord. An off comment, drudged up pasts, something sparks the fire. Do you argue boisterously in the public eye of the restaurant, or are you trying to be hushed and quenching the fire? Are you embarrassed or do you care not? Do you wait to settle in a private setting?

What Grinds Your Gears

Something always gets to everyone. We all have buttons that can be pushed, twisted, and irritated. What grinds your gears? What really makes you tick? What specific thing would be what it takes to spur you into action, retaliation, or anger?

Body Jump

(Suggestion by Morician) When you went to bed, all was well. As well as to be expected in the warring world of Azeroth. Yet when you wake up, you are not right. You have woken up in the body of another, with your mind still intact. Your race, your class has changed, and though you have the memories of your prior self, you can no longer access the skills you once had. What are you? How do you adapt and react?

Surprise Whelps

(Suggestion by Darak and Raiku) Mountains as far as you can see, a beautiful scenery. Perfectly sculpted in ages past. The bitter chill of the mountain peaks alert you to the setting sun. Time to find a place to camp. After scanning the ridges, you see a cave not far off. It doesn’t look inhabited… though there are certainly some odd rocks piled in the back. Red hued, with jutted spikes. Before you can realize they are red dragon eggs, they start to crack and hatch. Within seconds, you find yourself surrounded by playful, newly hatched red whelps.


(Suggestion by Morician) Today is the day! You have been planning this trip for months. It is road trip time! Where do you go? Is it about the destination or the travel? Do you take family? Friends? Is it more of a traditional trip or a fun trip? Business or pleasure?

Thieving Conundrum

“Thief! THIEF!” The cries of a shrill noblewoman echo through the streets. You see a man darting away into the shadows with the clang of coin. You follow him. Out of curiosity, out of justice, for whatever reason, you stalk the man through the back allies of the city. Finally, he appears to slow, still oblivious to you. He knocks on a dishevelled looking door and a ragged woman surrounded in orphans answers. She hugs the man and takes the coin pouch.

“Oh thank you! This will feed us for months!”

What do you do? Let it slide? Turn the thief in?

Hated Flaw

Some of us are keenly aware of some flaw in ourselves that we hate with a passion. Though these traits are not always a failing or a true flaw, we hate ourselves every time we notice them. Whether it is an odd way we say something, a peculiar habit, a grudge or biase, what is something you hate about yourself?

Perfect Happiness

As you fall asleep tonight, your dream is a land in which you have achieved fulfillment and perfect happiness. The perfect life you strive for, where every day is a joy. Though this reality may never be in your grasp, what does it look like? What does your perfect future, perfect happy life look like?

Burning Home

Whether it is the burning of Teldrassil or a freak fire accident, you awaken in nothing but your underclothes to the smell of smoke and fire. After ensuring your family and pets are safe, you have enough time to save 1 item from your home before it is lost to fire forever. What item do you save? Why do you save it?

Jade Chess

While flying in the Jade Forest, you found a peculiar set up. What is your reaction? Do you have your own theories to the tale behind it?

Childhood Memories

Take us to a childhood memory you’ll never forget. Is it good? Bad? Did it alter the course of your life? Help make you who you are today?

Fiery Bindings

Today you open your eyes like any other day. Except… something is wrong. This is not where you fell asleep. Whether through magic or poison, you slept through being captured. Now you awaken to find yourself in a small cell. Your armor and weapons are gone, you are only in your under armor clothes. Around your right ankle in a bangle that appears to be nullifying magic.

The scent of sulfur fills you as you start to take in the surroundings. The stone of your cell is warm. A molten flicker of light can be seen outside the cell bars. If you look outside the bars of the cell, you can see a red scaled naga male standing guard at the end of the cell block. Several cells lie between you and him, and you cannot quite tell if there are others in those cells.

If you manage to glance beyond where the naga guards, you would see lava and stone. You are in the Firelands. How do you escape?

Descriptive Visitation

A challenge tied into a prompt. Your character is walking through the streets of one of their capital cities (Boralus, Dazar’alor, Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Ironforge, Thunderbluff, Silvermoon, Exodar, Shattrath, Dalaran). What do they see, hear, experience? How do they perceive it? What has changed in their views of the place they are in? Do they still enjoy being there, or do they despise it?

Challenge mode: Accomplish this prompt using 0 dialogue. Convey your character through body language and expression, paint the scene through description.


Everyone fails eventually. Failure isn’t a topic we like to discuss. Tell us about a time your character failed something. It could be small, like picking up apples instead of oranges, or it could be something major, some accident or failure that killed someone.

Vocal Disagreement

Another challenge prompt. He said, she said, whomever said. You find yourself in a heated argument with someone.

Challenge mode: Write this prompt inverse of my last challenge. Only dialogue and identifiers. Use word choice and emphasis to convey emotion and paint the scene. Nothing but dialogue. Even for appearance.

You can use X spoke, Y yelled, X whispered. But no: X shouted angrily with her fists clenched.

Weakness and Flaws

Everyone has a weakness. Someone out there knows yours. How do they exploit you? What is your weakness? Is it a kid? A secret for blackmail? Debt? How can someone twist your wrist to make you do something you would never do normally?


Everyone has a flaw or two. What is yours? What is an example of you falling back into flaws in your personality? How do you focus on improving yourself? How have your flaws caused failure?

The Black Empire

We lost. So focused on our factions and surface level grievances, we missed the signs. The old gods have returned en force, and the Black Empire has overtaken Azeroth. However, a surprise to everyone, the world doesn’t seem too bad. The old gods just jeer and complain about the ways of the mortal races but they leave them be for the most part, faction conflict is abolished or risks angering the old gods who wish only for fighting on their terms. For the most part, Azeroth is the same except for the old god’s citadels that they maintain in Silithus, Stormpeaks, Dread Wastes, and in the ocean between Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

The leaders of the world submitted to the old gods, but are allowed to rule as they used to. As long as no one tries to go to war with anyone, mortal or old god, and as long as they put up with hosting the old gods and their armies, the world is at peace. The most peace it has ever seen.

How does your character react or feel about such a scenario. Would they join a resistance? Join the Black Empire? Just continue to live as they have? What are their thoughts?

Suspicious Jade

You find yourself in the Jade Forest during the events of Mists of Pandaria. You come across a peculiar house with a yard full of intricate and detailed statues.

How would your character react to such a scene?

Note: This can be completely unrelated to the quest in game. Could be in present time with a new Jade lady. Have fun.

Musical Inspiration

A fun little prompt this time. You, writer, what is the last song you have listened to? Write a short story about your character tied to that song, whether it is tied to the deeper meaning or emotions of the song. If it has lyrics, utilize them if you see fit to do so.

Egg Holiday

Noble Garden is at hand. Feasts and eggs galore. What are ways you celebrate, traditions you have? Are you out in the wilds finding rabbit eggs and not knowing why, or feverishly competing in egg finding contests? Feasting or just relaxing? Or are you so preoccupied the holiday passes without a second thought?

Dreary Weather

Possibly inspired by Polar Vortex-chan.One prompt that is an exercise in description, the other is more for character building. You can mix them together if you want as well.

Today is a dreary day. Cold wind blows and there is snow if you are in a region that gets it. It is a lazy day. You are sitting inside this day, leaned against your hand as you sit propped up at a window. Your gaze drifts out the window. What do you see?


It is so cold. Too cold. And the cold is not going to let up. With the blizzard like weather and the asinine chill, you find yourself inclined to just stay inside for a few days. How do you entertain yourself? Do you have company?

If you are a creature that does not feel or care about cold, what do you do in this dreary weather? While businesses and shops are closed, and the living are bound up indoors, do you still go about your normal routine? Do you have friends that are stuck indoors that you join?

Dimensional Hop

What is this? You’ve woken up in a different world? Is it Earth or another game’s world? As you look around, you realize you are way out of your element. You still have access to all your Azerothian abilities, and still look like yourself, which may make you an exotic creature in this new world. How do you cope with the situation?

Sudden Death

Whether it was on the field of battle, in a forest jungle, or on the streets, you witnessed a horrific and sudden death. The mode was somewhat brutal, and you were close enough that it could have easily been you who died. Was the person a stranger or a friend? Your call. Do you freeze in fear, act on impulse, or grieve the fallen? How does your character react to this sudden and potentially traumatic event?


Short prompt that is a semi challenge to actually express. Even the darkest of hearts are thankful for something. What is it that you are thankful for, how do you express your thanks?

Reflecting Pool

You find yourself deep in the jungles of Stranglethorn. Alone or with a band, you wander off the trail. There is a beautifully verdant tree atop a rock. The tree branches curve as if unable to bear the weight of their vast and robust leaves. The leaves reach the earth, suspended by long vines that attach to the tree.

Curious, you approach the tree. A breeze picks up and you see one of the sheets of leaves shake. Oddly enough, it shakes as if it goes into the large rock the tree is on. You decide to investigate further and find the leaves conceal a passageway. If you were with a band, they’ve since started to move on, deeper into the jungle. Entranced by the curiosity of the tunnel, you forget the band and step within. You use a torch or magelight to light your way, or nothing at all.

After descending through the tunnel about 100 feet, you find yourself with a spacious room. Filling the center of the room is a large, crystal clear pool of water, glowing a faint blue. You peer into the water and your reflection peers back. Did it just smile? Did you smile? You feel a draw to touch the water, and lose your balance; or were you pulled in? You gasp and flop back onto land, panting from the sudden exposure to the cold water. You shiver and look at the pool again. A figure is climbing out on the opposite side. They smile and wave at you.

You stare back, shocked as a perfect replica of you moves to leave the cavern.


Azeroth is full of various plants, alcohols, and other ways to produce addiction. Vices are abundant. What are some of your character’s vices? Could be serious or humorous. Describe a way your character has been in hot water over vice or addiction. How far will your character go for your item of choice, if they have one? If your character don’t have anything like this, what are your character’s views on those that do?

Learning the Trade

Everyone comes from somewhere. They learn their trade or craft from someone or are self taught. Describe or weave a tale about your character’s learning process, instructors, or how they came into their skill set. Did they learn from a teacher, read and teach themselves? Did they inherit their prowess from their family, trained by them? Did they go to school or just learned as they go? Did they find themselves adept and or gifted, or have they had to struggle to get to where they are?


Mealtime is a nice break to refill ones body. Food, drink, merriment and company often times accompany mealtime. What do you eat and or drink? Who do you spend this time with? Do you eat out at a tavern more often than cooking for yourself? Are you a chef or a Nomi? Do you grow or hunt your own food or do you buy it?


For some reason, you find yourself pining for your family. Is it your siblings? Your parents? Children or spouse? Perhaps others of your clan? You venture back home and step through familiar grounds. You are met with tones of greeting. Are they happy? Angry? Sad? Do you find yourself bombarded with a million questions, or quietly accepted and cared for? Is there a feast welcoming you home or a small dinner? Or nothing at all? Are you rejected? Turned away and warned to never return again? Have you only left for a short while? Or have you been gone for years, decades, thousands of passings of seasons? How much have you grown? Or have you not changed at all?


Once a year, everyone becomes a year older. Some are pushing thousands of years, some only tens. Years come and go without a care for what has happened or what is happening. If you are the sort to care about such things, how do you celebrate this day marking your aging? Or if you no longer keep track, is there anything special you do for yourself as you age? Was there a coming of age day you remember fondly? Have you participated in a coming of age ceremony or trial?


Today as you stand in front of a mirror, you find yourself coaching yourself in your motivations and goals. Or perhaps you are chatting with a friend about what motivates you, what your goals are in life. Do you fight for yourself, for another, or an ideology? What is your end goal? What gets you out of bed everyday?

That Special Thing/Place

This week was a request from a friend: Morician

A friend, an ally, someone known to you wishes to see a part of your life, something you find special, somewhere important to you. Guide them through someplace or something that is special to you. Why is it so special to you? What makes it unique to your heart? What sort of memories do you have with it or at it?

The Egg

Hmm, what is that? Curious, you pull away some brush and discover an egg. Do you take it or leave it? What hatches from within? Do you release the newborn, raise it as your own pet, kill it, use the egg for breakfast, sell it?

New Year Reflections

A new year is coming and you find yourself time to reflect. You reflect on who you have become, and who you are compared to before. Whether reflecting on just a year or your life span, what are your thoughts going into this new year?

Friendly Confessions

Something is locked in your heart. A close friend visits you and you decide to confess this secret. Is it a dark and hidden bit of your past or something only you feel is a big deal? A crime you got away with or a secret crush you could never confess to? Is this friend going to truly keep your secret?

Winter's Feast

A woman comes up to you with ragged clothing. She begs you for coin to buy her children a feast worthy of this special season. Winter’s Veil is always so sad and depressing for her children and she just wants this one to be special. How do you react? Do you pull away and ignore her plea or give her coin?


It has been a long day doing whatever it is that you do. Starting tomorrow, you have a few days with nothing planned. What do you do to spend your time? What hobbies do you partake in? Do you go on a sort of trip? Do you relax at home and read? Do you camp outside? Spend the time with family and/or friends? Visit a loved one? What do you do on this downtime? Or is no time down time to you?

Shadowed Heart

Through some crazy magic, or mad experiment, you find yourself face to face with the dark thoughts of your heart. Those dark desires you keep locked away from public eye. Those feelings you stuff away as you present yourself to others. How do they manifest? Small voidlings or a shadowed version of yourself? How do you confront your dark heart?


You fall asleep thinking you are about to get a good night’s rest. Little did you know, you were about to experience a crazy nightmare. What would you have as a nightmare? How fast would you wake up? When you awoke, would you be able to calm down and get back to sleep? Or would you seek comfort in a friend or lover?


You are walking through the streets of your faction’s town (Boralus or Dazar’alor). There is a small gathering. Upon investigation, you see someone standing on a crate. They are preaching something your character is absolutely against. What is it and how do you respond? Do you engage in debate or just keep your thoughts to yourself?

Bully Candy

There is a candy vendor in Dalaran. A small boy sits nearby, sad. If you approach him, he has no money for candy because someone stole it from him. He asks you about your favorite sweets, and what you would do about a bully. He never asks you for candy, but he keeps looking at the vendor.

Hallows End

Hallow’s End is almost upon us. How does your character view this holiday? Are they going around to collect candy? Do they volunteer at an orphanage? Do they host or go to a party, wear costumes, or put up decorations? Do they leave out a bowl of candy? What do they do with the candy/treats afterwards?


Are they pranksters of the night? Do they participate in the annual stink bombing of the opposite faction? Do they play tricks on friends and/or strangers?


Is this a melancholic holiday for them? Did they use to celebrate with a now dead/disowned/lost child/sibling/family member/friend? Are they out fighting their opposite faction with no ability to enjoy the season? Do they not care about the holiday for whatever their reasons are?


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