[A] [Silvermoon] <Extended Maintenance> Mythic & AoTC Raiding (Fri, Sat, Sun. 6-10pm PST)

Extended Maintenance - US Silvermoon recruiting for Mythic & AotC progression for Future Shadowland’s raid tiers.

Progress: 10/10 N CN 10/10 H CN AotC

About Us

We are a long established guild on Silvermoon, formed more than 10 years ago by a group of friends. During Legion we established a dedicated raid team and progressed into Mythic content and have achieved several CE since then. Moving into Shadowlands we decided to move more into AotC focused raiding for the beginning of the expansion and are now looking for friendly, dedicated players with passion for pushing content in a similarly friendly environment for our Mythic Team as well. We are both interested in player for raiding and for M+ progression.

Raid Times / Days:

Friday, Saturday
6:30pm - 10pm PST

Sunday Alt Raid
6:30pm - 10pm PST

Current Recruitment Needs:

Tanks: -filled currently-
Ranged DPS: Shadow priest, Elemental Shaman, MM Hunter, Fire Mage
Melee DPS: Frost/Unholy DK, Rogue, Arms/Furry Warrior
Healers DPS: Resto Shaman

Note, these are simply preferred rolls, we will be considering all experience players.

What You Can Expect from Us:

-Dedicated leadership looking to help our players improve and progress content.
-A friendly and non toxic raid environment.

All requirements for join our raid team can be found on our guild website HERE. Please read them before contacting.

Contact Info:

Scruffles#11132 (Battle Net) (Raid Leader)
scrufflesthewonderkin#0756 (Discord) (Raid Leader)

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Looking for dps and healers currently for future Mythic & AotC achievements.