[H] LF M ready DPS for M EP (7p-10p T/T PST) raiding! (4/8M)

Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 7-10PM PST
Loot System: Personal Loot --> Loot Council

Uldir: 8/8 N, 8/8 H, 1/8 M (AOTC)
BoD: 9/9 N, 9/9 H, 5/9 M (AOTC)
CoS: 2/2 H (AOTC)
EP: 8/8N, 8/8 H, 4/8 M (AOTC)

Recruitment needs for Mythic Progression:
DPS: Fire Mage, Warlock, Rogue, BM/MM Hunter preferred
Heals: Disc, HPal, RDruid preferred, but any strong healer will be considered!

Application: tinyurl. com/y6t7xv6m

Hello! Thanks for checking us out.

<Safe Word> is a guild that was created by a group of friends who met the beginning of Legion and raided together for over 2 years. We are a social guild with 1 mythic progression oriented raid team.

We’re looking to really buckle down and dedicate more effort to pushing CE each tier. Historically, we’ve accepted almost anyone (provided they socially fit) and dealt with low DPS/attendance. Moving forward, we are really looking to recruit people who share our goals; get CE while having fun and being fully invested.

As a raider, we will expect the following from you:

  1. Advanced knowledge of your class(es) - Know what spells do what, and the specific utility you’re bringing to each fight.
  2. Advanced knowledge of the fights - Read the dungeon journals, watch videos from your favorite YouTuber. Just come prepared and familiar with mechanics.
  3. Donations to the guild bank (gold, profession mats, consumables, BOE greens/blues, etc) - It takes a lot of time and money for us to supply consumables, enchants, and gems for our raiders/mythic+ teams. We don’t have a minimum requirement, but every little bit helps our community thrive.
  4. The willingness to help your guildies - Not everyone may be as good as you, or familiar with fights, or have as much free time, and that’s okay. Be the person who asks, “How can I help?” rather than, “why isn’t Fried doing better damage?” Toxicity spreads, and we don’t tolerate it. That being said, we’re not afraid to ask under-performers to sit out while they work on improvements.
  5. One M+ per week (highest to your ability or whatever will reward the highest loot) - We expect our raiders to be putting effort in even on off-nights. Going this extra step will help you bond with your team, and show us that you’re serious about gearing outside of raid.

What you can expect from us:

  1. We provide consumables, including flasks, feasts, personal buff food, potions, enchants, and gems. Not just for raid, but any guild activity (including M+, BGs, etc).
  2. Fun, friendly, and safe environment. We don’t have the tolerance for hate speech, racism, sexism, or homophobia. Instant removal for those who cross that line, no questions asked.
  3. Prepared for the fights, knowing in advance which strat we’ll be using for the night. Our raid leaders dedicate a lot of time outside of the game to be as prepared as possible for the night.
  4. Open discussion environment. Things like loot rules, guild rules, and strats aren’t always set in stone, and we are open to change. If you’d like to see something different, we’re open to hearing you out.
  5. People to play with! We’re always up to something (raid, mythic+, pvp, mount runs, transmog runs, etc), and it takes little effort to rally the troops. However, you’ll want to be the type of person who’s okay initiating events. Note that we’re a guild with less than 100 individual players, so expecting people to be on all day is unrealistic. If you’re looking for a large guild, we’re not it.

Mythic+ Groups: If you’re looking to push your rating or see how high of a dungeon you can do, we can do that with you! We require our raiders to do high keys, but if you’re just here for the social aspect or only want to do dungeons, there’s no requirement. We have a lot of experienced M+'ers who are almost always down to run content. Scheduling this is near impossible, but we have groups running every evening.

We currently have a need for any role in a M+ setting, but a special emphasis on tanks.

We also host weekly events! Past events have been:

  • Hive Mind mount run
  • Herb & Herb - Let loose and farm materials for the guild bank as a group
  • BFA Dungeon Meta Achievement
  • Uldir & BFD Raid Meta Achievement
  • Cross-game events, such as Overwatch, DnD, and ESO.

As a guildie, we expect you to be positive, fun, and easy going. We joke around a lot with each other, as most families do, but we don’t need negativity or intentional rude behavior. Maintaining the positive atmosphere and experience is our top priority. We’re also looking for someone who’s helpful towards others, as we have some new or returning players.

<Safe Word> is LGBT friendly, and does not discriminate against race/sexual orientation/gender. 21 and older, please!

If you’re interested and have more questions, please feel free to add us on Discord!

Discord: Fried#5654
Discord of Recruitment officer, Esaora: Esaora#3578

412 dh looking
Delete pls <3
Two 4/8M Raiders Lookin for guild!
444Rdruid and 437 Hpally 3/8M LFG! [H]
Looking for a Mythic raiding guild
3/8M EXP LF casual new home
[H] 4/8 M lock
MM Hunter LF mythic raiding guild
BM Hunter LF Raid Team. 443 M+ Gear. 436 Raid gear
3/8 Mythic Rogue LF guild
438 spriest LF guild
[H] 434 Boomy 3/8M LF guild
437 Fire LF Guild
424 blood/uh dk & 421 outlaw rogue LF guild
433 MW or 432 Disc/Shadow LFG
440 Fury Warrior 4/8 M LFG
437 IL boomy LF raiding Guild
435 Fury Warrior lf raid team
Fire Mage possibly looking for new guild
BM Hunter LF Mythic Raid Group
441 ELE sham LF 4/8 or more guild
[H] 437 Mage LF Raiding/M+ Guild!
441 Mage 5/8 M Exp LF Late night raiding guild
430 Fury LFG M 2 days a week raiding H/A
Frost/fire mage looking for late Night mythic raiding guild
438 Resto Shaman LF M Guild
435 fury warrior LF new home
430 spriest LF Mythic guild
Returning player LF Heroic Raiding Guild
435 Fury War OR 435 Resto Druid LF Guild
436 Boomy/Resto LF new raiding guild
LF a guild
429 8/8H DPS monk LF Mythic guild H
425 Hpriest and 427 Hunter LF Guild
422 Balance Druid/423 SPriest LF Raid Team
422 Windwalker/Brewmaster 3/8M Monk LF Mythic Raiding Guild
427 Fury Warrior LF Raiding/M+ Guild
428 holy priest looking for a guild to transfer to
Multiple AOTC 410+ ilvl on multiple toons looking for heroic/mythic raiding guild!
435 Ele/Resto Shaman LF M+ / Raid guild
Boomie and DH LFG
422 Ele Shaman 6/8 exp LFGuild
431 Havoc DH looking for raid
435 Ele/Resto Shaman LF M+ / Raid guild
424 Hunter LF chill raiding
Holy Priest & Hunter
434 Protection Pally
420 horde rogue illidan lf heroic/mythic guild
436 BM Hunter LF Active raiding guild
430ilvl Warrior LF chill Raiding Guild
Lock & HPal LF Mythic Guild
[H] 425 Holy priest LF raiding team! AOTC
[H] 422 Ele Shaman (Resto Off-Spec) and 428 Feral Druid LF Late Night / Morning H/M PST Guild, Willing to Transfer
Tank & Healer LFG
415 druid LF raiding guild
8/8N 417 Disc Priest LF H/M EP, M+ Guild
420 Lock LF Mythic Guild
421 DH LF Raiding Guild
Hpriest lf mature raiding guild
424 DH LF New Home! Semi-Hardcore or Casual :)
420 Prot Paly LF Raiding Guild
422ilv Holy priest
Delete post
424 BrM Looking for Raiding team
LF Late Night Guild
448 Brewmaster 7/8 M Looking for Queen Azshara and 8.3 Ny'alotha
Returning veteran looking for LGBTQ+ guild on any server
Healer Looking for a home
[H] 420 Disc Priest 9/9M BOD 7/8H EP LF Guild
Mistweaver heals looking for Heroic/mythic raiding guild (A)pref
Returning ele shaman
[H] AOTC Focused group LF Tank&Heal - Mon/Wed PST evenings
Looking for raiding guild. Preferably night raiding
415 Ele/Resto Shaman LF Casual/Semi-Hardcore Guild
416 resto shaman looking for guild
399 Disc Priest LF Raiding Guild
(H) <Safe Word> is recruiting!
Tank paladin 415 looking for raiding guild
Lf H guild 414 enh shaman
The boys need a homeeee
(H) Looking For Raid Guild
Disc Priest Reroll LFG
[H] LF a mythic raiding guild
403 Retribution paladin
AOTC 1/9M guild looking for merge
407 Ele Shaman Looking for Guild! The Scryers - Argent Dawn - Willing to realm change :)
402 Holy Paladin/403 Mage looking for raid team - willing to transfer
[H] ~400 Lock LF 2 weeknight PST raid team
[A] Group of Players LF Guild
395 demo warlock lfg
[H] 404 Frost Mage LFG
Returning player LF new server and guild
397 Blood DK looking for really active guild
Mage,lock,or dh looking for t/w/th raiding guild 9pm est+
LFM for N/H Sunday night raid (Horde)
Returning Vet LF Friendly Guild <3
373 Resto/Boomy LF Guild
Former HC Raider LF Progression Guild (Can play multiple classes)
380 BM Hunter LF Raiding Guild
2/8M 380 Ele Sham LF 1-2 day guild!
372 Holy Priest and a 380 BM hunter looking for guild
[H] 374 MW/370 Rdruid LF Guild/Guild community
9/9H 1/9M Guild LFM
4.8M hunter LF guild
440 Resto Druid

We’re fresh off our Uldir achievement run and still looking for new member! Is Safe Word right for you? Only one way to find out.

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Come open your presents in Orgrimmar with us! We’ll also be running keys and hanging out all throughout the holiday!

Message me on Discord: Fawnie#5946


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Most fun guild ever!

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Doing M+ this weekend, Hive Mind mount event tomorrow, and transmog runs for NYE! Come hang out with us :slight_smile:

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Doing a guild hivemind event tomorrow!

Guild event tonight - Come stop by and hang out!

We’re hosting a H Uldir run for interested people who want to meet the group on Thurs, Jan 3 at 7:00 PM PST. Come join us!

Still looking for ranged dps for Heroic/Mythic raids! Send me a friend request and we can chat a bit :slight_smile:

Running Heroic Uldir tonight for wowprogress, but would love to get some new faces in the mix!

Having a get-together tonight to farm materials for the guild bank. Come stop by and get to know us!

Still looking for ranged DPS :slight_smile:

Bump! Come hang out with us this week for some easy key affixes!

Got 3 bosses down on Heroic last night, went back to Normal and cleared up to Conclave of the Chosen! Still looking for some core DPS for our Heroic/Mythic team and anyone for M+.

bumpin - Goal for tonight is to down Blockade and then go after Jaina

Bumping! Blockade down and got Jaina to 9%. Come join us!

Alt raid tonight at 6pm PST - Any role welcome, 370+ for Normal

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7/9 heroic for main raid, 7/9 normal for alt raid! still looking to fill both teams!

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Still looking for exceptional dps to round out our raid team. Always looking for more people to round out our M+ teams, as well!