9/9H 1/9M Guild LFM

Hey there!

I am an officer for < Safe Word > (H) on US Kilrogg (PST Server) and we’re looking to fill out our raid team(s) as well as gain others who are interested in semi-hardcore Mythic+ pushing.

Recruiting has been rough this expansion, so not only are we open to accepting exceptional individuals who are looking for a new guild to call family, but we’re also open to absorbing similarly progressed and like-minded groups/guilds. Our top priority is to knock out AOTC and see how far we can push ourselves through Mythic content. We would like to bring in enough people so that we can satisfy everyone’s desired level of play; whether that be normal difficulty raiding, getting AOTC, Mythic progression, M+ pushing, or PvP.

Some quick information about < Safe Word >

Progression raid - 7:00pm - 10:00pm PST on Tues/Thurs
Optional “Alt” raid - 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST on Sun
M+ runs daily, with raiders required to complete a +10 weekly
Cross-game events, such as D&D and Overwatch (open to more)
Yearly guild-trip event
LGBT+ friendly, minority friendly, women friendly

If you are interested in merging, please note:

  1. We will not be leaving < Safe Word > or Killrogg/Winterhoof
  2. Horde Only
  3. 21y/o+ only
  4. Everyone is evaluated on a personal basis

If you’re interested in joining or talking about a merger, please add both myself and our GM on discord and/or Bnet and read our long post for more information on our guild, here:

Bnet: Reevz#1181 Fried#11205
Discord: Reevez#0615 Fried#5654


Average attendance of 18 people per night. We’re looking to expand but not have people get lost in a huge guild. :slight_smile:

We are LGBTQ friendly and don’t discriminate against sex or gender :slight_smile:

Or apparently Faction @Killyn :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll be heading into a fresh lockout this week, first for an achievement run, and then for more Heroic farming. If you’re interested in trialing with us, feel free to reach out to the gentlemen above, or add me at:

Bnet: Atlas#11857
Discord: Atlasisfontaine#9940

Fresh off a successful achievement run through BfD (with pterodactyls in hand), we’re heading into H CoS early next week! If you’re interested in trialing with us, whether that be for raid or M+, feel free to reach out to any of the other officers above, or me at the below:

Bnet: Atlas#11857
Discord: Atlasisfontaine#9940

Heading into Heroic CoS tonight! If you’re interested in trialing, please reach out to any of us!

Bnet: Fried#11205
Discord: Fried#5654