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Looking for dedicated people who want to knock out AOTC and push as far as we can into current and future Mythic content and/or M+s.

Still looking for some DPS to bolster our Mythic team :slight_smile: Ranged and melee considered.
WoW Wishlist: Ele Sham, Warlock, Mage, Feral, Rogue, Monk, Demon Hunter

Bumpity bump bump.

Still looking for some DPS!

Also open to absorbing small guilds/groups.

I got a DM from someone in guild suggesting you since I like to run evenings on the west coast. Experienced, flexible raider going back to BC playing all three roles. Currently have a 9/9H 409 Druid (mostly balance) that has a 1235 raider IO and a 410 lock that is just as good. Also have a 405DK but haven’t played much since I stopped tanking on him. Looking for an active guild for at minimum higher M+ runs and would love to raid when I can. Married working professional these days so cant guarantee 100% on attendance but weekday evenings I am on a lot. Bnet is Mortalstruck#1714 if you want to hit me up.

Still looking for some awesome people to join! We’re 2/2 H CoS as of last night (AOTC)!

We still have openings for DPS who’d like to join in, either for raid content or even just weekly M+ keys! Bonus points if you have tank/healer offspec that you know the basics of.

Boop Bumps!

Still looking for DPS to round out the raid roster. Mage, DH, Monk, Warlock preferred, all others considered :slight_smile:

^^ 4/9 Mythic as of last night! Got that golden pile of poop down and already at 50% on Conclave. Looking for a tank (possibly, depends on your performance and experience) and some DPS for RoA raiding!

Making good progress on M Conclave before the new raid comes out! We’re interested in forming a 2nd team, so if you’re a healer or tank, please let me know if you’re interested. - Fried :slight_smile:

Wrapped up BFD with 5/9 Mythic! Taking this coming week off from raid but hitting Eternal Palace hard on release!

Eternal Palace progression is well under way!

Group 1 - 4/8 H, 6/8 N
Group 2 - 6/8 N

We’re looking for more raiders who are able to join the Heroic progression group (M/W 7-10pm PST)!

Also boasting top 3 guild for heroic kills on our server :slight_smile:

Still looking for some heals and a tank for our AOTC focused group! Come trial TONIGHT!

Have a heal and tank spot for Normal/Heroic tonight if you’re interested in trialing

Still looking for one tank and one healer for our heroic progression group. :slight_smile:

M/W group is now 3/8 H on the first night of Heroic progression! Heading back up to N Azshara on Monday

M/W group still lookin for some awesome people to join us!

Current progress =
M/W - 8/8 N, 4/8 H
T/TH - 6/8 N, 6/8 H

Still looking for a tank, healer, and some beefy DPS!