Returning player LF new server and guild

Returning player looking for a small to medium size guild to join. Either faction would be okay.

Interested in casual normal/heroic raiding and mythic+ dungeons.

A little pvp (random bgs and wpvp) would be a plus but not necessary.

I plan to reroll so it would take me some time to get ready for endgame.

Hi there and welcome back. Here is a little sales pitch that may tickle your fancy.

< Shotglass Heroes > on Proudmoore is recruiting to fill our RNG DPS ranks! Our goal is to its to create a fun, relaxed, environment where our goal is to get AOTC achievements every raid tier.

We raid Fri-Sat 10:30pm - 130am . PST Heroic BoD. Have our Alt raids on Thursdays 9:45 pm - 12:30 am that we like to call “Drunk Nights”. RBG team forming, weekly mythic + runs almost nightly with higher keys from 7:30 pm till whenever we get tired. Currently looking for mage/lock/ele/SP healing os preferred but not needed, exceptions made for exceptional people.

We have Beer and cake!

We at Shotglass Heroes value a our group as a community. We are running M+ nearly every night and most of us consistently have high keys that we burn to help gear up guildies. That we call our thursday alt night “Drunk Nights” just in case one or more decides to get trashed and have fun. Our Discord is active almost all day. (as I like to be lazy at work sometimes.) We always strive to enjoy ourselves first and is mindful bout Real Life taking priority.

Reply here or msg Casin#1916 or Kosmosu#1196 for more info. You can often catch me online at about 9:30 pm PST if you want to chat in came or on discord.

Hi there! I am the GM of my guild, i think you would be a perfect fit :smiley:
A little information about the guild:
Name: Dracarys Productions :dragon:
Faction: Horde :fire:
Realm: Bleeding-Hollow :syringe:

Times: Tuesday and Thursday 8:30-11pm EST
What is needed
Tanks (With DPS experience as well- Tank spots will be filler spots)
DPS- Need both Melee and Ranged (Specifically Locks, Hunters, Shamans)
Healers- Any healing class

LF a RL when I am not around, so if you can lead a raid, that is a plus

More about us
On our off days we run/push M+s, level alts, run mog/mount runs, some pvp (W/BGS).
IF we have enough people, we will find days to run through the raid on ALTS

We are a very fun, social guild that is looking for people to PROGRESS through Heroic and Mythic BOD. We are a guild that strives to get AOTC, anything past that is just for fun :crazy_face:

Guild has been around since Middle-End of legion. Alot of players that played and were apart of the guild at that time have since left. Most of the players in the guild have been recruited from the start of BFA on.

We have a discord that we talk and BS in. Would like people to be active and social in the guild, but who want a more laid back place to play. We are a guild that puts friendship and having fun above everything else. Also REAL LIFE stuff is important. We Get it! But please, if you are signed up to raid and than have something come up that will stop you from being able to participate, just let me know :slight_smile:

I am always available whether it be through BNET or Discord!

If you want more information you can add me on either
Bnet: Glidergirl90#1793
Discord: Danielle#7366

Looking forward to speaking with you!:hugs:

Hey Drooc!

Welcome back!

I’m the GM for Safe Word on US Kilrogg/Winterhoof and I’m looking for more people for our M+ groups and raid team. We have around 30 people in the guild and it definitely has that small-group/family feel to it. Right now we could use more tanks or heals for M+, but we focus on having our group play what they enjoy.

For raids, we run heroic/mythic on Tues/Thurs 7pm-10pm PST, and offer optional Normal “alt raids” on Sundays 6pm-9pm PST.

I’ll leave my long post and contact info below to avoid a text wall.

Good luck on your search!

Bnet: Fried#11205
Discord: Fried#5654

Hey Drooc,
Quantum - Illidan (horde) is a newly formed guild whos goal is to get AotC each tier while having fun doing it. We raid tues/thurs 930-1230 est. Currently we are 9/9N 2/9H and progressing at a semicasual pace. Outside of raiding, we enjoy m+ and playing other games. We currently are in need of dps, if you are looking for a push towards any specific class to reroll i can fill you in on what we need. If you are interested, please feel free to dm me on bnet and we can discuss more! Val#12876

Casual-ish guild full of actual adults: Virtual Chaos / Horde/ Thrall

Normal/Heroic Friday and Saturday nights 7-10pm.

Mythic+ nightly.

Also, we’re hilarious and will give you no pressure at all to level or gear.

Add Raid Leader Papataco#1390 on Bnet to meet up with us.

on Illidan is always seeking more players who would wish to join us. We are on a highly populated server that is the top Horde server in the game. We raid Heroic M/W from 8-10PM CST ( We’re 4/9 H, 9/9N) and do alt nights for Normal on the weekend depending upon availability.

We run M+ and also are involved in PVP. Feel free to add me if you’d like to chat more.

BNet: Saiyaku#1609

Add my battletag BJensen28#1130 would love to talk to you about joining us

Hey buddy. We are an Alliance guild on Sargeras. Our raid times are 10 pm server time (cst) on Fridays/Saturday. We are currently 6/9 Heroic and are looking to fill our dps roles as we get closer to mythic progression. We are open to other classes as well, and would be very patient with you. I would love to talk. If any of this fits into what you are looking for, please reach out. Btag-Dev#1185