[H] <Antiquated> casual raiding guild looking for more!

Are you old? Decrepit even? Cant play like you used to? Or just stuck at home? Then come check us out. Just some casual people playing the game at our own pace. Still plan on doing as much content as we can. Goal to get AotC.
We are working on getting a solid group together for our raid group. We are running heroics and mythic dungeons just about every day. We just started raiding and need a few more to fill out the ranks. Currently 11/12 normal 3/12 heroic. Looking for DPS a well as a few hybrid classes willing to tank or heal as needed. Also a tank or healer to finish out our 2/3/9-10 raid spots.
Raid nights are Friday and Monday starting at 8:15pm/8:45pm CST, usually go about 2 hours.
I know it’s late into the current expansion, looking to get a good solid group to head into the next expansion strong.
New/old/returning players welcome.
Find us on the Guild Finder in game or hop on our discord and chat.
discord.gg/ntTktSD or Gameslave#4704
bnet: Morlanith#1757

Located on Gurubashi

connected realms welcome as well:
Aegwynn, Bonechewer, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, and Hakkar

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Looking for guild, starting fresh

I found my home here. Great group of people!

Is this for people leveling new or are you looking for already leveled players?

anyone looking to join is welcome.

Yup looking for more peeps

Came from EU to join this guild. It’s a great group of people, chill atmosphere and no drama.
If you want to run dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, warfronts, world quests, visions and just about anything else the game has to offer with a group of people that enjoy their time in a guild, you’ve found your place.

Looking for more, don’t be shy! Come try us out if you are looking for a good atmosphere.

After coming back into WoW from a several year long hiatus, I wanted to find a group of people that were looking to progress through content without sacrificing a relaxed atmosphere. Antiquated nails it and then some. Everybody has a great time together and there isn’t any pressure on guild members to meet wild expectations. We are progressing nicely through the newest content and building a solid group up for the Shadowlands release. I can’t say enough good words about this guild, very happy here.

still in need of a few more DPS! hit us up!

Could use 1-2 more DPS as we prepare for Heroic!

Hello, I sent a friend request. I’d like to talk to someone regarding the guild. Chroll#1566

Looking for 1 core healer as we move into heroic.

This is a bump 

Looking for a reliable healer! We have lock rocks! Bump!

Still looking for a few more as we head into heroic!

Lock rocks! Fort buffs! High voltage!


Giving us a bump.

Lots of talk about cheesecake!