LF Social/Wholesome Guild


I’m looking to take a break from bending over backwards and grinding content and I was looking for a guild that was more about being social or hanging out while doing content. None of that “just logging in for raid” stuff. I like to level, dungeon, PvP, mog hunt, or just hanging out in voice on discord (or typing a ton in the chat when I’m at work).

I’m not picky about server or faction, but I want a guild with that type of environment. I know it might sound dumb to want something like in the title, but if I don’t ask I’m never gonna figure out if there actually is one for me. I’m all about building bonds and being a part of a community. I’m a team player and I strive to make the goals of a guild into a reality for the members. So if I sound like I could fit, don’t hesitate to get back to me on this post. Thank you for your time. No matter what type of feedback I get, it’ll be appreciated.


Hello there,

Pyreanor is a smallish semi-hardcore guild on Wyrmrest Accord that is looking to build our community. We’re compromised of mostly returning players who are gearing up together as a team.

Our main goal is AotC in Shadowlands content or before without that one guy who yells in voice chat.

Our raid times are Tues Thurs at 6pm Pacific.

Aside from the raiding aspirations we have a small active core that runs mythics and quests together. We help others gear up and catch up, we teach new players. While we do have some raid loggers, we value comradery so we do have a core that hangs out in voice chat.

We’re wholesome in the no hate speech/politics way but not in the adult humor way.

We hope you will consider joining our crew of misfits in our journey to killing bosses and looting epics and make our core a little bigger.

Please let me know if you are interested via btag or Discord.

Zandrae#1418 / D: Rialius#0301

Following, i am looking for a laid back social chill kick back leveling guild as well with out the raiding and grinding, willing on creating a hordie or going to any other servers as well, let me know if you find something :slight_smile:

Hi Thethas!

My guild is on Dalaran-Alliance and we are a casual guild. We schedule Normal and Heroic raids, Achievement runs, and also do plenty of Mythic+ through out the week. Every 2 weeks we hold a guild lottery event also. There are about 30-60 people on at any given time, all who each have different priorities and interests within the game. There is also a small group of pvpers in the guild, we are still working on getting something official on the calendar for those people.

We wish you the best in your search and feel free to add my btag if you have any questions Moon#17223

GM of Ashes of Renewal-Dalaran

I think you would enjoy our company!!

Cupcakes and BDSM is now recruiting to fill our raid slots on Thrall (Horde)

(Tanks, heals and ranged dps preferred but all are welcome)

Raid Times/Days: Wednesday/Thursday 10pm - 1am (EST) and an alt raid on Sunday/Monday - 10pm - 1am (EST)

Recruitment Contacts: Discord -




About us - We are a newly formed mature guild looking for anyone who wants to play the current content in a chill environment. We want to have fun getting to know each other, grow our community, make friends, while pushing the current content casually. Our goal is to build a community of tight knit guildies to then push Mythic content in Shadowlands.

We run keys, old content, WQ together, we pretty much do everything the game offers and have fun. We also hold guild events for awards.

New and verteran players are welcome as well. We level, dungeon, help gear and just have fun. Any questions, feel free to send a PM.

Hey there, Thethas!

Come chat with WanderingHippy#0153 on Discord, I think we are just what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Hey boss man. You explained us perfectly Haha we will help younlvl with doing mythics and normal raids until we can get you up geared enough for heroic and then progress onto mythic! Shoot me a message if you want some more information we’re on the bleeding hollow server. Hell even if you just want into the discord to check it out let me know and we’ll make things happen.

Hey everyone :slight_smile: I really appreciate the responses, they really lift my spirits! I’m at work right now but I’ll try to chat with you asap. If you don’t mind text I can find the time to talk in between my busy times.

Hi! You sound like you would resonate with myself and hopefully my guild. First to tell you about myself, I’m essentially the same kinda player. Content and gameplay are irrelevant to me as long as the company is fun to experience with and that’s what I hopefully like to extend to the guild I’ve created. So I support all of my guild members with whatever goals they have, whether it’s sporting their alt addictions or trying to pushing keys as best they can. I really want to strive to build a sociable community. But there’s only so much I can do, I hope to fill the guild with more people like yourself to incite people to band together.

Our guild has connections with a more social discord, as we were splintered off from a previous guild and so has members from this social discord as that could be more your thing as well. They don’t game exclusively but they are definitely more talkative than I could say for my own guild.

Then to address the content drought and attempt to extend the longevity of this guild I’ve created connections with a separate discord where they focus on more broader games and streams.

The whole point of all this is to connect people especially in these difficult times. If you’re interested at all, even just to join and check out our discord please feel free to reach out to me:
discord: difahrint#2509
bnet: difahrint#11120

Cheers and stay safe out there!

I think there is a guild for you out there. I know we are recruiting for a ranged dps for our last 10 man slot but, you sound like someone who would fit in with what we are trying to build. I’ll attach our recruitment thread below. Give it a read see if you think we might be a fit. If you do, fantastic! If not, best of luck — our prime time is 630-930p EST

[Horde][Area 52][US][EST] Guild:

Guild looking for a few members - REQUIREMENT [mature personality]. HEX is a start up guild and looking to stay relatively small. We are looking to grow to a total of approximately 30 regular players (all your alts welcome). Currently, we have a solid group having a good time with mythic dungeons and PvP. We are looking to fill out our roster a little further for the up coming shadowlands expansion. We will be looking to continue with mythic dungeons but, would like to get a solid 10 man raid group together and move into raiding as a primary function with mythic+ dungeons becoming secondary (tentatively thinking two days a week / maybe 3 around 630p - 930p EST on weekdays - with other variable pick up times depending on RL). We are looking for players that are helpful and looking to contribute. When running dungeons or raids we want to play hard and do the best we can to tackle as much content as possible. While keeping the atmosphere easy going and fun seeing as we know everyone is doing their best. Currently, our raid roster has 9 confirmed players. We are looking for one ranged dps.

What to expect in HEX - it’s all what you make of it. We are small and want to stay that way. We would like all our members to get to know each other. Everyone here is easy going, friendly, and helpful. Definitely jump into our discord, listen to some music and just hang out and get to know everyone. We do not want members lost in the numbers or feeling like they do not have a voice. By staying relatively small allows members to get to know the leadership and allows the guild to adjust its activities as best we can for the members.

Currently we have some members that play and run mythic dungeons for a couple hours after work/dinner (630ish - 830ish EST on weekdays) and we have (from my perspective) younger (20’s) members that will play later. If players are free on weekends we group up and may run later. Again, HEX is what you make of it. We are just looking to enjoy the game and help each other along the way the best we can as well as do much content as possible. (At this time we have 9 Confirmed players on our 10 man raid roster. We are looking for one ranged dps to fill the last slot.)

If mythic dungeons and raids are not your thing that’s fine. If you just enjoy questing you are welcome. If you would like to just hang out and help via crafting or harvesting you are welcome or if you would like to recruite your own 10 man raid team under our banner that is an option, if your looking to get more involved. The idea is to have a non toxic decent place to hang out, enjoy the game, and make the most of the time you have. Pre Shadowlands we plan to raid 2 days (weekdays). As our roster fills we plan to schedule other events that will hopefully help our greater guild base beyond the raiders. We are decent people trying to get away from the PUG life. If you don’t mind the growing phase and see it as an opportunity and not an inconvenience we are happy to have you. We are open to suggestions during our growth. As a guild we are willing to shift as best we can to the needs of the members.

What you will NOT find in HEX - miserable, crude, racesit, sexist, or rude people. If your found to be that way or any variation of the above don’t bother applying, you will be kicked. We do not have time for that. You will not find elitist attitudes. You will not find us saying we are the best. Nor will we tell you what class you have to play. (all we ask of you is to be decent people and be patient will other members when necessary)

If your easy going, would like to contribute and would like to make the most of the time you have in a non toxic environment. If you think you would would be a good fit, hit us up in game via PM or in game mail. Reach out to Xyuu or Woar (been playing Xyuu a bit more lately) or you can see if Vertoos is on to help you.

If you are considering H E X let me know if your inquiring for the ranged raid dps slot, back up fill in raid sot for when a member cannot make it, one of the social slots, or would be interested in forming your own raid team. Once we hit between approximately 30 regular players we will be closing our recruitment doors.

Guild of returning players here, we are looking for new players to build our player base for raiding. We are currently 11/12 on normal and will be heading into heroic very shortly. We also run mythic dungeons and push keys to get people geared.
We are not looking to be hardcore, as most of us have a life outside of wow and have kids. We play the game to have fun and meet people.
In need of a few more DPS and/or a few players who wouldn’t mind offspecing healer or tank.
Since its kind of late into this expansion we want to do at much as we can in preparation for Shadowlands.
We are a newer guild, but we have a solid group of players and a good foundation. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, hit me up on discord. I’m usually in most of the day.
We are located in MST. Raid times are 7:45pm and will go for about 2 hours. Day are Friday and Monday.
Realm is Gurubashi : [H] casual guild looking for more!
discord: discord.gg/ntTktSD or Morlanith#4704
bnet: Morlanith#1757

Hey Thethas, if you’re still looking Dark New Day may be a great fit for you! We’re a newly formed Alliance guild on Fizzcrank/Aggramar. We’ve gotten AoTC but reclear weekly to try and help new guildies get it, as well as gear up some newer players.
Most of us hangout in Discord, and do other content together aswell. We have players that enjoy all aspects of the game, and we’ve even started a guild hide and seek game night (sounds a little silly but is SO much fun).
Most of us have young families or time demanding jobs, so we all just enjoy having a space to kick back and have fun-though we do adhere to a loose set of rules just to make sure we’re still progressing when necessary.
If you’re interested you’re more than welcome to just hang in our discord for a bit first and get to know us to see if we’d be a good fit for you.

Send me a msg if you want any more info!
Locks# 6127 (Discord) or Locks#11134 (Bnet)


This is US! You have completely described our community to the T. We are all about community here. We have been for over 8 years! We are dedicated to bringing the best experience we can to all of our members who enjoy a variety of activity in our guild.

Let’s talk! Btag me at Rehna#1428. We use discord also and you can find me there at Rehna#2470.

We are Just Wiped, Horde, US, Blackhand.
We offer Heroic Progression Raiding, Normal Progression Raiding, All levels of Mythic Plus, Transmog Events. A Summer Fun Event Series, lots of camaraderie and banter too and so much more!

Talk to you soon!
Kyndarra, GM Just Wiped
For the Horde!