Returning Mythic Raider

I am a CST raider returning from an entire expansion break, I have a 120 shaman but I barley played it was gonna hit the expac with some friends it didn’t pan out. I have mythic raiding experience in all roles. I mained a Druid for over 10 years and was even in a top 100 us heroic 10 man back in ds. I have seen end mythic content on at least 8 or 9 tiers and completed 3 while they were current. I am open to playing any class and any role for the correct group. Guild I would be looking for would be a Non PC guild as I am Prior Service and from the South. My feelings don’t get hurt and I like to joke around. Looking for raids that start around 8 cst and also a guild that does make constant progress and adjustment, not one that throws their face at a road block waiting for the perfect pull. If you feel your guild would be a good fit for me please let me know.

Contact us!

[A] [US] [Proudmoore] LF raiders to push into mythic in 8.3 and Shadowlands!

Our idea for a guild is based on building a community of eager and hungry players who want to venture deep into mythic content regardless of past mythic experience. We are more than committed to help you catch up to mythic standards if you are just returning from a break, or help teach you if you are an AOTC raider looking to push into mythic!

We are open to any exceptional DPS, but we are actively recruiting these classes:



Demon Hunter

Shadow Priest

Elemental/Enhancement Shaman

Feral/Boomy Druid

What we are looking for: mythic experienced raiders that want to work towards CE in Shadowlands. Just returning to the game after a break? Let us help you! We are dedicated to helping you not only gear up, but learn how to adjust your playstyle to meet mythic expectations if you have little experience in mythic. Our GM loves going through logs and would love nothing more than to sit down with you and help you analyze your play to find things to improve on!

What we can offer you: a fun but serious and progression oriented raiding environment. We know when to be serious, but we do not want to sacrifice the fun atmosphere that is necessary with raiding. Discord will be filled with fight related comms and jokes in between pulls/on trash, and we do not tolerate any racism/sexism/etc. We are planning many community events within the guild to keep a strong tight knit community with no drama! However, performance WILL be tracked and used to determine the best possible team composition for the guild. There is a 2 week trial period for every member.

Raid time: Tues/Wed 10pm-12:30am EST/ 7pm-9:30pm PST (server)

Optional night: Sun 10pm-12:30am EST/ 7pm-9:30pm PST (server)

As part of our commitment to building a community, every member and officer will be screened via a discord interview to make sure they are a good fit for our team. Be sure to have a working mic, and no, we do not require push to talk! (unless you have a loud keyboard…)

Please fill out this form and let us know if you are interested and we will get back to you! We are committed to this guild but we definitely want to do this right and not waste anyone’s time.


**Remove the “X” within the “https:” to access the google doc or the link won’t work!

BTag: dankmedic#1607


We got a guild going of returning players, we are looking for new players to get us up and running so we can start raiding. A few of us have already been thru heroics and mythic+, but we would like to get some guild runs going.
We are not looking to be hardcore, as most of us have a life outside of wow and have kids. We play the game to have fun and meet people. Saying that we also are planning on doing mythic dungeons. We would like to start raiding (10 mans at the least) before Shadowlands hit. We are looking for melee DPS and 1-2 more healers (priest/pally/shaman) and a few players who wouldn’t mind offspecing healer or tank.
Since its kind of late into this expansion we want to do at much as we can in preparation for Shadowlands.
Not sure if you are looking to help a guild from the bottom up, or something that is already established. But if this sounds like something you would be interested in, hit me up on discord. I’m usually in most of the day.
We are located in MST. Raid times are 7:45pm and will go for about 2 hours. Day are Friday and Monday.
Realm is Gurubashi : [H] casual guild looking for more!
discord: or Morlanith#4704
bnet: Morlanith#1757