Antiquated Community LFM for alt raid night/mythics

Antiquated Community will be hosting Wednesday night normal Ny’Alotha starting at 8:45 CST and running for 2 hours. This is a night were the alts from Antiquated Guild have a chance to get raid experience/loot and we can introduce new members to raid content that want to join our heroic core group. We are looking for all classes/specs to come and join us to fill in raid spots. There are no dedicated tanks/healers so everyone who joins will have a chance to do what they want, just not every week.

As a guild, we are currently 11/12 normal and 3/12 heroic. This group is a learning curve and no experience is needed. Fights will be explained. We just ask that you have at least a 430 ilvl and Discord set up. Push to talk is required for the mythic/raid channels.

We also run mythics and push keys. Depending on the night/time we are always looking for more to fill in spots. Tanks and healers are especially needed to accommodate the amount of dps. No one in the guild likes to pug, and we hope this will help with slower nights.

If you have any questions, please hop in our Discord and one of the GMs/Officers will be available to help you out. Make sure to read the msg in the Welcome channel if you plan to stay a while. Thanks! or Dae#1908

Any interest in the guild, please look us up: [H] <Antiquated> casual raiding guild looking for more!

Going to start this Wednesday. If you are interested in learning the fights, or just have an alt you want to get in a more coordinated pug on normal, then come sign up!

Starting tonight, come if you are interested!

Bump, its been pretty successful so far, looking for anyone who wants to join! might be looking to add a second raid night to finish up from the first.