Compiled 10th Anniversary Achievements Tips / Issues / Bugs

Just compiling all the “controversial” achievements so everyone can just look at 1 place for tips. I have included related links just to link back to the original source but if possible, let’s keep the discussions here too in order to make it consistent in consolidating the tips and strategies.

The only special request I make is that if you find out anything; tested anything; or have any hypotheses, please share it over here so that we can group think and theory craft further for everyone.


[UPDATE 24 AUG 20]

A new patch has been released addressing pretty much the rest of the bugged achievements.

[UPDATE 06 AUG 20]

A patch has just been released for most of the bugged achievements.

Thread will continue but the main post will not be updated regularly since it is no longer as relevant as before. Details in this post here.


< Liberty Achievements >

The Great Purge
Destroy all Zerg structures in “The Evacuation” mission on Normal difficulty.

  • Achievement awarded only at the end of mission.
  • No changes to when the achievement is given despite Patch 5.0.3 claiming to have made changes.

Contract Saviors (Fixed)
Complete “The Moebius Factor” mission by training only SCVs, Medivacs and Mercenaries on Normal difficulty.

  • Confirmed to be bugged via map editor because the mission fail criteria is triggered by the enemy as well (e.g. the units they build).

If you don’t mind doing at really difficult level, people have theory crafted this method to finish within 3:30 min (because that is when a muta in Kerrigan’s base spawns and this cannot be stopped). Take note that this is likely not the intended way for it to be played, but it is just how people passionate about gaming have figured a workaround for it.

Rough Gameplay by Valas -
Second Gameplay by Spirit TV (Korean) -

Worded instructions + time stamps can be found here.

The Quick and the Dead
Activate 2 Tendrils in the “Echoes of the Future” mission within 4 minutes on Normal difficulty.

  • Confirmed via map editor that you need to tag 2 Tendrils within 4 mins of the mission starting. This shouldn’t be a problem because you can actually do the entire mission within 5-6 mins or less with Zeratul alone.
  • No changes to the description despite Patch 5.0.3 claiming to have made changes.

Band of Brothers (Fixed)
Rescue Warfield in the “Gates of Hell” mission while only training SCVs, Medics, Medivacs, Hercules, Ravens, Science Vessels, and Mercenaries on Normal difficulty.

  • Confirmed to be bugged via map editor (medics will trigger a mission fail criteria).
  • Confirmed that all other units (incl. spider mines / mules) are safe.

Thanks for the Advice (Fixed)
Complete “The Dig” mission without killing an enemy unit or structure with the Laser Drill on Normal difficulty.

  • Confirmed to be bugged via map editor because killing anything with the Laser Drill will trigger the mission fail criteria. This includes enemy units, enemy structures, or bonus objective structures. And yes, even your own units.


< Swarm Achievements >

Full Coverage
Cover 40% of the map in the “Fire in the Sky” mission with Creep on Normal difficulty.

  • Achievement awarded only at the end of mission.
  • No changes to when the achievement is given despite Patch 5.0.3 claiming to have made changes.

Bad Blood
Kill 15 enemy units with Parasitic Dominated Terran units in the “Conviction” mission on Normal difficulty.

  • If you did not receive Infestors during the mission (4th reinforcement wave), then it is likely that you did not choose to obtain that evolution strain before coming to this mission (likely you chose this story arc over the other arc).
  • You can choose to complete the campaign first, then access from the main menu using Master Archives (not to be confused with Mission Archives button that you see in the Leviathan) to replay this mission which will spawn Infestors properly.

Eat, Love, Then Pray (Fixed)
Destroy all Protoss structures before activating a 4th Temple in the “Phantom of the Void” mission on Normal difficulty.

  • The correct interpretation would be to destroy all structures before activating the 4th Temple (rather than needing to destroy all before activating 4 in a row).


< Void Achievements >

Raszagal’s Retribution
Destroy all Zerg structures before freeing all captive Protoss on the “Dark Whispers” mission on Normal difficulty.

  • It’s almost impossible to attack the main base from the start. Let Kerrigan expand a bit while you mass up before starting to clear the bases. There will be sufficient time since your ally’s final base is rather defended. Move out only when Kerrigan is busy attacking.
  • Clearing the most forward zerg base will result in the push stopping entirely. This gives you all the time you want to mass up before assaulting the base.
  • Immortals and stalkers will be your best friends in clearing. Try to stutter step forward if you have the APM so that you don’t block the rest of your dps at the back from getting in range. A few Colossus will do wonders as well (since they stand above your army).

You Must Defend Additional Pylons (Fixed)
Complete the “Spear of Adun” mission without losing a structure on Normal difficulty.

  • Watching the end of mission cinematic will register a lost structure (unable to prevent) resulting in a mission fail. Highly recommended to skip the cinematic.

Annihilation Now (Fixed)
Destroy all enemy structures in the “Forbidden Weapon” missing on Normal difficulty.

  • Confirmed to be bugged via map editor where the requirement of ‘structures only’ is missing, In other words, you need to destroy all enemy structures + units.

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Shoot Up
Complete the “Unsealing the Past” mission by constructing only Probes and Colossus on Normal difficulty.

  • Confirmed that warping in units is not considered as ‘constructing’ and therefore will not affect the mission. Only units that are trained will be checked for unit type. (e.g. Warping in Stalkers is fine.)

Expert Phase-Smith, Perfect Templar (Fixed)
Complete the “Templar’s Charge” mission without losing a unit on Normal difficulty.

  • Confirmed to be bugged via map editor where interceptors dying will trigger the mission fail criteria (if you are using the carriers). Try to keep your carriers at home (and preferably not use them for defence even).
  • Cancelling a warping building counts as losing a structure and will fail the achievement.
  • Confirmed that the use of the Spear of Adun’s Solar Lance, Purifier Beam and Deploy Fenix will fail the achievement. They are classified as units, so when the ability ends, it counts as a lost unit.

Warp Incomplete (Fixed)
Do not allow enemy Warp Prisms to warp in any units in “The Infinite Cycle” mission on Normal difficulty.

  • Confirmed via map editor that you also need to prevent the zealots and colossus which are warping in at the entrance during Phase 1’s defence segment. This is on top of all the other warp prism warp ins.
  • Recommended to do on Normal speed (or slower) to allow micro-management.
  • For Phase 1’s defence segment, I’d suggest parking Kerrigan with banes at the entrance while Artanis hold off the rest of the mobs away from the entrance. You only need to at least keep him alive with his healing. The banes (and Kerrigan) will make quick work of any warp ins (especially the 2 colossi).
  • For Phase 2’s 4x warp prisms segment, I’d recommend that you: Kinetic Blast the Prism #1, Attack together Prism #2, Bane + Lightning Dash the warp-ins for Prism #3, and Kinetic Blast Prism #4. (Just one of the many ways you can consider.)

Big Spear Diplomacy (Fixed)
Complete the “Salvation” mission without using the Spear of Adun on Normal difficulty.

  • Confirmed that the only passive that is causing a fail is Reconstruction Beam.

Disintegration Doctrine (Semi-Fixed)
Destroy all enemy structures and complete the primary objective in the “Into the Void” mission in less than 28 minutes on Normal difficulty.

  • Confirmed that Raven’s turrets will count as a structure as well. You can find the extra Ravens at 11 & 1 o’clock areas.
  • You may wish to save the game then run a clear fog of war cheat in order to find out where are the missing buildings (e.g. the 2 areas at 1 & 11 o’clock).
  • Remember to load back your save game (prior to the cheat) because cheats disable achievements. You may need to restart your SC2 as well if the game still registers you as under cheat (which may happen despite loading your save).
  • This is confirmed that the trigger for achievement needs to be checked again at the end of the game. So you need to kill another unit in the moments after Narud is at low HP and the end of the mission.


< Nova Achivements >

Curiosity Killed the Zergling
Destroy 200 enemy forces with Spider Mines in the “Sudden Strike” mission on Normal difficulty.

  • Take your ally’s gas (at least 1) for more reapers (makes your life easier).
  • Lay some mines on the hills for extra kill counts when the overlord drop them off.

One Shot, One Opportunity
Destroy 50 enemy Zerg units with a single nuclear strike in the “Flashpoint” mission on Normal difficulty.

  • You can nuke 50 of your own units to get the achievement. (Fixed)
  • Nuke the banelings camp while timed with a mid-game wave (3rd / 4th beacons).
  • You can consider clearing ultralisks / brood lords as the chosen initial 2 beacons so that they will not spawn as part of a wave coming for your base (to increase the wave’s no. of units).
  • Others have suggested pulling 2 camps together before nuking.
  • Another method would be to up your difficulty level and then aim to nuke the last base.

Subconscientious Objector
Kill fewer than 20 units in the “In the Enemy’s Shadow” mission on Normal difficulty.

  • Detonating bots will count as 1 kill.
  • You need to really play stealth style (Metal Gear Solid) most of the way through.
  • You can mind-control a scientist to get the beacon (not just use Nova only), especially good for the rightmost objective.
  • Use Monomolecular Blade for quick dash away from enemies (careful not to kill anyone while dashing).
  • Remember to put Nova on hold fire to avoid accidentally killing someone.


If you come across any other threads, or tips on how to do some of the more difficult achievements, please comment below. Hopefully we can keep all the discussions to this thread so that we can consolidate all the info into the same place for theory crafting.

I have completed all of the achievements available.


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You are doing Mengsk’s work.

Seems I am not playing these until the hotfix.


Seems like me too.
Or just FIX THE MAPS IN EDITOR :slight_smile:

There’s another possibility for this one. The achievement’s text states that Medics can be trained. However, the achievement’s trigger doesn’t allow for them.


May be not on purpose, but blizzard did a sneak peak on some achievements.

Nuke the banelings camp while timed with a mid-game wave (3rd / 4th beacons).

You can also pull two camps together with your army and then throw a nuke in, at least on Brutal this works. There are probably easier ways to do this though

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i was able to get all the nova missions achievements. the one to kill 200 with spider mines, i didn’t need to get matt’s gas to obtain it, but it was tight, got it by the last wave.
in the 50 enemy zerg units with one nuke, play it on brutal difficulty. at the last zerg base, you can destroy a spore and sneak in with nova. i got exactly 68 kills with the nuke there. i left mutas/nydus/banelings alive, not sure if that makes a difference on how many units are there at the end of the mission
the mission to kill less than 20 with nova is pretty easy, i completed it with 0 kills (unless the last boss counts as a kill). use stealth and stun granades, then just go for it


has anyone done the terran achievement on the outbreak mission? to win the mission in less than 4 nights. i did it in 2 nights and didn’t get credit

edit: i figured out what happened, using cheats locks you from getting achievements for the rest of the campaign. i wanted to skip a few missions to unlock master archives fast. oh well, redoing it all

Maybe just an error. I did it and got it first try. Consider restarting your SC2 and trying again.

Done it on brutal. 30 seconds before fourth night.

This thread is immensely helpful, thank you.


Dev in Campaign Discussion, now that’s a novelty.


Hope for the quick fixes for bugged achievements.

Hey Kyrie (and Hooves),

Here’s another. It’s not one of the Anniversary chieves, but one of the originals.
Wings>Moebius Factor>Hard Core.

Just some opinions on some of the working achievements that have elusive criteria:

  1. Thanks for the Advice - Complete “The Dig” mission without killing an enemy unit with the Laser Drill on Normal difficulty. An achievement shouldn’t prevent an objective, even a bonus one. Perhaps modify it to allow destroying the artifact structures for the bonus objective. Plus, the achievement says enemy “units”, not “units or structures”.
  2. Templar’s Charge - Complete the “Templar’s Charge” mission without losing a unit on Normal difficulty. An achievement shouldn’t directly prevent the use of the intended, newly introduced campaign unit. Since Carriers are the newly introduced unit for the mission, modify the trigger to allow only interceptors to die.

hiii i got the salvation achievement by having those abilities : diply pylon/ orbital strike/ orbital asimilator/mass recall/guardian sheell/time stop …
may i ask how you got “disintegration doctrine” in “into the void” mission which you have to kill all structures in less than 28 minutes? i destroyed everything but still cant get it


Likely you missed a couple of structures. The best way to go about is to load your last save before the end and then run a cheat to remove fog of war. Then you will see where are the remaining structures that you have left. Remember you need to load back the same game again because using a cheat will disable achievements for that game.

I think the common areas that might be overlooked would be the 2 at the mid sides (left and right) and also the 2 areas just beside Narud’s area.

thx i was about to loosing my mind, did the mission like 6 times… :stuck_out_tongue: i wait a few days then got band of brothers next

I went into Gates of Hell and added a text message to the trigger that’d mark the achievement as failed, then went into the mission and tried making MULEs, didn’t pop up. So I’m pretty certain MULEs are fine. Not sure if you already got this info or not.

i just need the moebius now. just got all lotv

I can confirm that this works. As long as you don’t use your top bar, these abilities work just fine for getting Big Spear Diplomacy.