How long do you think it took LilArrin to get new achievements?

My guess is one afternoon evening if we skip the bugges ones.

He also got the one that’s supposed to be broken and impossible.


Nothing is impossible.

Many have completed all.

Impossible. Even if he/she makes zero mistake get it all in one go and play it all on Brutal. One afternoon evening is simply to short a time to play every mission. I reckon about two days.

It’s a joke.



That’s one of the most useful and informative thing you ever told me! (Only half joke. Seriously, why can’t people be more explicit when they’re making a joke? Myself included.)

you can 100% get all the new achievements within 24hrs. I played ~12 hrs the first day and finished WoL (besides Moebius at that point, In Utter Darkness because I forgot that one in my last playthrough and Gates of Hell because I heard that it was bugged) and HotS, as well as a decent part of LotV. On the 2nd Day I finished LotV (besides Warp Incomplete and Big Spear Diplomacy) and replayed the WoL campaign to get to the In Utter Darkness mission. Late that day I found out about the compiled bug thread so I finished the Gates of Hell mission as well. Next day I learned about the fixes for the two LotV missions and another two days later the Moebius Factor one.
So yea if you know how to you can definitely get all new achievements in <24hrs