Error in the mission "The Moebius factor" does not skip the achievement

Hello there is an error in the mission “The Moebius factor” does not skip the achievement:

Saviors by contract
Complete the mission “The Moebius Factor” training only VCE, Evameds and Mercenaries at the Normal level.

I have fulfilled it to the letter and even with only 4 mercenaries and 2 evameds and a VCE, and the achievement does not come out. It would be nice if they fixed it please.

Hey Renicito,

It’s a commonly reported issue that hopefully will get fixed up soon.

Here you go!

I’ve completed it even without touching the base and scvs, not building absolutely nothing and still didn’t go trough.
There’s apparently a way of doing it but it requires multiple tries like hundreds, mindless grind which I’m not willing to go trough and I’m not even sure if it’s real but someone did get it.