Moebius Factor Achivement 10 years

i do the map in normal,
first time i juste make SCV medivac and mercenaries like it’s wanted and i dont get the achivement ,
second time i did the map without make anything , no units , no bulding , just the free units saved and still dont get the achivement …

pls fix it


Similar issue here, the exact same achievement, I also am having similar difficuiltes with 2 other achievements. these being (Warp Incomplete, and Big spear Diplomacy) Following the achievements on what they say and after about 7 tries for the same achievement with various methods I end up with no achievements.


Similar issue with Moebius Factor achivenent 10 year. I did the map in normal without making anything, no units, no buildings. Still don’t have the achievment. Please fix it.

Same issue here.

I build only SCV´s, Mercs, Medivacs and Depots. Didnt get the achievment.

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The same happens to me. I think the problem occurs since when starting the mission the game gives you units that are not mercenaries.

All achievements can be done.

There are tons of achievements bugged… I’m so fed up can’t they test their patch/game before releasing it?

Link to youtube video:

I never make videos, so if the quality sucks, blame it on my first time. Timestamp @ 10:00 proves the awarded achievement.

This took me several hours to figure out, and considering I can’t receive the achievement a second time, it’s not a “perfect” run in that sense. (Notice the amount of saves I went through). Regardless, following the main steps I discuss in the video is all that is required to successfully finish.

Ask any questions you may have.


The link by Kyrie has great explanations on how to accomplish everything. He wrote a very detailed explanation on how to get moebius factor. The video I made will also show you gameplay of what it looks like.