The Contract Saviors achievement does not work correctly

The Contract Saviors achievement does not work correctly. I went through it without producing a single unit, producing one specified unit each, not saving the mercenaries on the roof and using only the mongers and 2 medevcs. In short, I did everything that was enough for my imagination. Nothing works. If I didn’t express myself clearly, excuse me, this is Google translator.

(Ачивка “Спасители по контракту” не работает корректно. я прошел ее не производя ни одного юнита, произведя по одному указанному юниту, не спасая наемников на крыше и используя тольк онаемников и 2 мэдевека. Короче говоря я сделал все на что хватило моей фантазии. НИЧЕГО не работает.)

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Hey feraks7,

Contract Saviors is currently bugged. No one is able to get it. We just have to wait until Blizzard fixes it.

I have completed all the achievements of the company “wings of liberty” except “saviors for hire”. I guarantee that all other achievements work correctly.

я выполнил все достижения компании “крылья свободы” кроме “спасителей по найму” я гарантирую что все другие ачивки работают корректно

Same here, i try many thing like killing the 4 Marines at start to save no one… I restart the campaign and buy only mercenary’s maybe it is a bad joke from blizzard. Or they didn’t even test before release the patch… Sad sad 10 years!

I completed Contract Saviors and got achievement. If you’re available join this discord, going to show replays of how to do it @ 8 P.M. EASTERN STANDARD TIME on 08/01 (easier than typing).


nice work, how did u do it for getting the achievement. did u train only scv, medic and merc?

Check out post #172 on this forum for a detailed description with timestamps, also, this video I made shows how to do it (read the video description for further insight!)!

Basically you have to prevent the enemy from building any units, and finish by 3:30