Found bugs for new update

today we got the new update. Awesome stuff! i really like the new achievements for the campaign but 2 are a little bugged. the first one is “thanks for the advice” for the mission “the dig”. i didnt get the achievement. my theory is that is counts the buildings that you destroy for the research as enemies. the other bug was “contract saviors” for the mission “the moebius Factor”. i didnt get it and i also have a theory for this one. i have used the hive mind emulator to get control of some zerg units, which may count as “building units”. im sorry if this is not the right place to post this, but i couldnt find a better place.

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Correct! Don’t use the drill for anything and you’ll get it. Hopefully they can alter the trigger to not count the three artifact buildings. It’s kind of a bummer to not be able to do the bonus objective because of the achievement.

That one is truly bugged. No one can get it currently. There’s a theory as to why, but it’s nothing a player can do about it.

You’re in the right the spot!

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cool! thx for the info. can you inform me when the bug is fixed or tell me, where i can get updates on that?

So far there’s no updates. It still pretty early, but hopefully there’s some hotfixes that pop out in this first week. I suspect that first we’ll hear is in the patch notes of the next few patches.

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Same issue here, had to replay the mission partly due to it.

The lousy thing is the only two auto-saves in the mission are 1) when you first get your base and 2) right after you get the first bonus objective. So you have to start the mission almost completely over and can only skip the part where you pound those stalkers with your tanks.

Well, I’d be surprised if anyone doesn’t save often when doing achievements haha. :slight_smile: I do that myself.

For more details on 10th Anniversary Achievements:

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