"Thanks for the advice" achievement broken

The “Thanks for the advice” achievement on “The Dig” mission says to complete the mission without killing any Units with the laser drill.

The problem is that you can’t do this achievement if you want to complete the mission with bonus objectives because you have to use the laser to destroy the shrines.

Why I think this is a bug. Well, the shrines don’t have the “Unit” attribute and secondly, after you kill the shrines, the laser drill kills counter is still 0.

If this is how the achievement is designed, this is very bad design.
I started a new campaign trying to complete the new achievements along the way, with bonus objectives of course, but for now seems like this is not possible, at least of this mission.

Just as an explanation:

The achievement’s trigger isn’t counting by attribute; it’s counting flat out total kills, no matter what the target is. So that’s why the achievement fails.

A unit’s UI and an achievement don’t always sync up. Here’s an example from another achievement:

In case you run into other 10th Anniversary achievement issues (which you likely will), check out this thread:

Actually, if you have attempted all the previous 3 achievements in the mission (e.g. those for hard mode, etc) you will realise that it has been this way since 10 years ago. The game is not configured such that you can do both achievements and bonus in the same mission. I suspect that this is because it will make it a lot easier for anyone to just focus on one of the two, 2 times (running the mission twice).

I think it really comes down to preference, and I have come to respect some of the achievements because of the difficulty of it. If you would like to progress through the game but still earn the achievements, I’d highly recommend playing the missions at least twice:

  • First time to obtain the achievements that you want
  • Second time to obtain all bonus objectives before continuing to the next stage

This way, you not only earn the achievements, you also have all the bonus points to carry forward to your next mission.

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