Moebius Factor Achievement Bug (NOT Contract Saviors)

Moebius Factor has another bugged achievement. This one is “Hard Core” which is one of the original three achievements. It’s the one that requires finishing the mission before Kerrigan destroys 6 buildings on Hard difficulty.

Looking at the achievement trigger, it seems that the only criteria for receiving the achievement is to build anything besides a Merc, SCV and Medivac (and to win). That’s it! Build a single marine, for example, and the achievement is awarded. In other words, there’s nothing in the trigger about the number of buildings that Kerrigan destroyed:

I tested this. I built a big army of many unit types, I intentionally let Kerrigan destroy more than six buildings, then I finished the mission. As I suspected, I was awarded the Hard Core achievement despite Kerrigan destroying more than 6 buildings:

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So the achievement now is “Simp”: “Let kerrigan destroy more than 6 buildings” :slight_smile:

I took a look at pre-5.0 version of SC2 ( and indeed, the 5.0 version of the Hard Core achievement trigger has been overwritten: