Nova - Sudden Strike - 200 Mine kills

I have managed to complete all the new Nova 10th Anniversary achievements bar 1, and I could use some help as I am not even close.

The one I am struggling with is on the 2nd Mission, Sudden Strike.

You need to get 200 kills using mines.

I pretty much go straight for 2x rax with reactor and pump nothing but Reapers all game long.
I lay long ‘mine lines’ down the paths, and then a cluster at the end to finnish up.
I also tried mining some of the high ground which overlords drop lings onto.

The highest kills I have managed is like 147. So just shy of 75%.
I tried on hard too, to see if perhaps more enemies spawn, but didnt get any higher.

Where I am not even close, wondering if anybody has any pointers?


Try attacking the zerg base as well.
And of course destroy refinery in Horner’s base (and build new one + CC) so you can take the gas for yourself :wink:

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I thought about doing that, but wasnt sure if it was worth the ‘mines’ to attack the base? (IE that each mine would be better used on an attack wave)

Did you manage to get the achievement by attacking the base?

That worked! With the 1 extra gas I was able to build enough extra reapers to get it. I didnt need to attack the bases for anybody else. Just the extra gas.
Still only just made it, and took a few tries of ending up at 192-193 kills.
Hardest one of the Nova ones. And not really in a fun way.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I did pass mine when I took over blue base’s both gas. So that you can boost gas to a lot. The last wave of zerg was huge so you can get some kill at that time. I end up got 230+ kill.

i was successful by stacking the spider mines, 9-15 each wave. on the first few waves can put the mines next to the zerg base. you need to know from where the waves are coming from, at least on the start
it was very tight though, only got it at the last wave. you also need to get all the gas chests on the mission

I managed to get this (on normal) with taking Horners gasses on the 2nd try. The reason I failed the first try was that I was spamming mines infront of the base, but the Brutalisk soaks up like 100 of them. So I ended up having always a couple of reapers on the right side and only place their mines down when I see that there is a regular wave. You can kill the brutalisk with your main army and nova and you can also get the kill on the brutalisk with a spider mine if you’re careful.

I the end I didn’t need to attack the base either :slight_smile: just 1 extra gas and 3 reactor barracks. I did it on hard (212 kills total), so I am not sure about the unit counts on other difficulties :slight_smile:

Probably would have been a lot easier if you were to do it on Brutal, as is often the case with “kill x enemies with ___” achievements. There often are barely enough units to get the achievement without brutal.

Hm you were right :smiley: on brutal I did 247 “easily” (although it seemed like I was going to lose the mission)

do you need to build a CC around your ally’s gas? Or does their CC work?

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You need to build your own.
Doesn’t matter if its a bit further back.

I completed this and it was the hardest 10th anniversary achievements.

It can be done in normal, but I don’t recommend it because of save scumming and luck. Here’s what I did:

  1. Equip Nova with the sniper rifle via Master Archives.

  2. Grab all the gas pickups at the start.

  3. Max out production.

  4. Lift your barracks and block one of the entrances. Block each of the four paths with a barracks or two, preferably with a reactor. Rally all of them to central ramp.

  5. When you have enough minerals, steal Horner’s two refineries and build a CC next to his.

  6. One gas pickup for each of Rory’s bonus objectives, so worth doing.

  7. When wave comes as warning, plant 6 mines near the Barracks wall and 9 single file, but not in the upper half of the paths because game’s AI will use a Queen to mow down your mines.

  8. Have Nova in position to snipe and kill Ravagers, Defilers, Ultralisks, and the Brutalisk. Snipe Roaches to weaken them for mines.

  9. Keep on producing reapers to increase spider mine supply. By the end of the map, I had about 90-100 reapers.

  10. Later in the game, plant mines on the terraneous platforms to get some kills.

  11. Rinse and repeat 7-10, save scum, and keep on producing Reapers.

Good luck! Blizzard should really patch this achievement to make it easier to obtain in normal mode.


I just stole the two gasses pretty much right at the start of the game and simply kept on producing reapers. The only thing I didn’t use mines for was the brutalisk, so that was the only thing I had to pay attention to. Also on normal difficulty.

I just kited the Brutalisk with reapers, keeping them out of the Brutalisk’s attack range.
But I think stealing Horner’s gases is a must.

I did manage to get this without a gas steal. I believe Larvae kills count towards this. Near the end of the mission (on Hard), I ended up sending my reapers up to the enemy base en masse to get the last 20 or so kills needed by mining the larvae zones. Obviously, heavy losses in the process, so it needed some luck. Was surprised that I actually got my missing ~20 out of it though, those hatcheries are jam packed.