Some of the new Achievements are bugged

Hey guys, some of the new 10 Year Anniversary Achievements are sadly bugged and one is even impossible to get i think.
In the mission “The Moebius Factor” there is the new mission “Contract Saviors” which says <<Complete the mission by training only SCV’s Medivacs and Mercenarys on Normal Difficulty >>
I did this and was confused why i didnt get the achievement, and so i replayed it on normal and didnt made a single unit at all, since on that difficulty the mission is quickly possible with the units that you collect in the map alone…and still didnt get it. So i think this achievement is impossible to get no matter what you do.
Another minor bug i have found so far is a translation error in the mission “A sinister Turn” of the achievement called “The way of the nerazim”. To get this achievement you have to kill 30 units with dark templar. But on the german translation it only says “kill 30 units” so i was surprised why i didnt got the achievement and only when i changed the text-language to english i realised, that the translation is faulty, and i dont just have to kill 30 units, but i have to kill 30 Units with DT’s

Contract Saviors is indeed bugged so no one is currently able to get it. Bliz is no doubt aware with all the reports in the Bug Report forum.