Compiled 10th Anniversary Achievements Tips / Issues / Bugs

Damn, I got the Moebius one in 3:18 but didn’t get the achievement. I think I was a split second late on killing the egg because the save before I was too late on the three medivacs for objective 3 :smiley:
Thanks for figuring all this out though, it’s crazy!

I have just tried and confirmed, killing #1 will trigger the lings at #2. That might be the reason why I failed the first time around.

So #2 lings have 3 triggers:

  1. 600 HP
  2. Aggro units near to the 2 marauders 2 rines
  3. Destruction of #1 (+ after Raynor’s speech about getting to the next one)

[UPDATE] Cleared. I still have my games so I will be crafting out instructions on how to get them (with time stamps so that you can ensure you are on the right track). I will see if I have time for a video.


Actually, it has been confirmed to be destroy all structures + units via map editor. I forgot to update my bad.

Maybe you can give win save?)

There are more lings spawning at the #2 hatchery if you attack it after killing objective 2 btw. For some reason I still can’t get the achievement but that’s one thing I noticed, so send your units to walk in circles after killing #2 with shift click otherwise there’ll be more spawns

Er, I am unable to duplicate what you mentioned. There is a CD timer for the next egg to be spawned. So what happens is that if you don’t clear Data Core #2 in time, the next set will spawn. However, once the Data Core is down, no more eggs will spawn. It is likely that you may have lost too many units trying to get to the egg, or that the wave of broodlings took a large chunk of your army out.

Here are the time stamp breakdowns for almost every step required to obtain the achievement from my own run.

My only request is that you do not post this anywhere else and get everyone to come back to this document to refer to the top post first (which will link to this reply). This way, I can continue to update the main document if there are any new things to note.


Total Time ~3:23

Game Speed: Slower

Things to note:

  • You only need to defend your base against the first 2x Lings 1x Muta attack.
  • You don’t need to care about resources.
  • You don’t need to care about training new units.
  • You must ensure that the enemy doesn’t spawn any units.
  • You must complete the mission (as recorded in the system) before 3:30. This is the timing where 1x muta spawns in Kerrigan’s base.
  • You must time your attack on Data Core #2 roughly the same time as you destroying Data Core #1. Otherwise, the egg spawning at Data Core #2’s timing will be off.
  • You must not kill any units (except the corruptor at the drop off) around Data Core #3 before it is destroyed.

I completed this in 3:23 so based on the timings below you actually have quite abit of leeway in terms of timing. If you need a video guide, use one of the ones in the first post.


Train 2x Medivacs.
(Medivac A will go left to pick up 1x Goliath 1x Marine.)
(Medivac B will stay in base to pick up at least 5x SCVs.)

Narud gives you 2x Medivacs 4x Rines
Send Medivac C to follow Medivac A immediately.
(Medivac C must not aggro the muta hitting your base.)
Keep Medivac D with 4x Rines and defend with the new 4x Rines that arrive (against the 2x Lings 1x Muta attack).

Medivac A arrives to pick up 1x Goliath 1x Marine
Medivac C is coming behind.
Queue Medivac A and C to go clockwise around the spore to the left.
(They are both heading to the roof with hidden 6x Rines, and attempt to only aggro 1x Hydra.)

Medivac D picks up the 8x Rines in base and heads to Data Core #1 to unload.
Medivac B should be around 60% and queued to be in base to pick up 5x SCVs.

Medivac A arrives at pick up point for 6x Rines, but doesn’t unload, and picks up 2x Rines.
(Medivac A will move to next roof northwards for another 2x Rines 1x Goliath)
Medivac C will pick up 4x Rines then head back the same way but towards Data Core #1.

Medivac A will arrive on the roof with 2x Rines 1x Goliath and pick them up.
Then queue up to head back the same way, but towards the drop off for Data Core #2 with 2x Rines 2x Marau to unload.
(Henceforth called Team X.)
Medivac B will be done and will pick up 5x SCV, and be queued to head over to Data Core #1 (no need to unload).
(Henceforth all at Data Core #1 will be called Team Y)

Hold off your Data Core #1’s dps if necessary because you need to time the destruction with the assault on Data Core #2.

Initiate attack with with Team X, while finishing up Data Core #1 with Team Y.
Team X is should kill 6x Lings 2x Hydras 4x Roaches (or all enemy attackers, except that 1 ling that will unburrow from above the hatch).

Data Core #1 destroyed.
Raynor’s speech commence.

Team Y will start packing up into the 3x Medivacs (B, C & D) before heading left towards Kerrigan.
Team X will then focus on the egg that is morphing and take it down.

Team X would’ve killed the egg, finish up the 1x Ling disturbing you, then get into position to focus on Data Core #2.
Team Y will be nearing Kerrigan.

Team Y would have passed Kerrigan before heading diagonally up-left towards drop off point for Data Core #3.

Broodlings will reach Team X, take at least half of them out before returning focus onto Data Core #2.

Team Y will begin unloading at drop off point.
Killing the corruptor is not an issue, but can be ignored.
DO NOT kill anything else in this area, hitting the spores will aggro the lings nearby.

Data Core #2 destroyed.
(If you did it too slowly, an egg would’ve appeared again at the hatchery. Target it down.)
Kerrigan’s speech commence.

Stim and move out towards Data Core #3.
Ignore all other units and focus on Data Core #3.
Try to bring your Rines and Goliath below the SCVs (let them stay on top to soak damage).

Engaged Data Core #3.
You may need to stutter step your marines into the choke to the left of Data Core #3 to reduce surface area.

Data Core #3 destroyed.
Narud’s speech commence.

Game recorded as completed.



The only places that have eggs should be:

  1. Hatch @ Data Core #2 - Egg will be triggered due to Data Core #1 being destroyed; or aggro near the hatch.
  2. Hatch @ Kerrigan’s Base - Egg will spawn a muta by 3:30 (which is why the achievement needs to be obtained before that timing).
  3. Hatch @ Data Core #3 - Egg will start up only when a unit nearby (e.g. ling / roach) is killed (the corruptor is the exception).

If you are having a 2nd egg problem at Data Core #2, and would like more details, please check out this post:


if you write a bunch of letters between <> it counts them but doesn’t show them in the message.

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Oh that’s interesting. That might’ve been the case then that it’s just a timer. I did manage to finish the though with killing the 2nd objective at 3 minutes so idk

You can wait ~half a second to move in and drop, that way the corruptor moves back again. But ig if killing the corruptor doesn’t break the achievement there’s no need to do this

I just looked at that area the entire time. The 2nd egg spawns for me at 2:49. How the hell would I kill the datacore before then?

You are supposed to kill the egg first.

I do kill the egg when I arrive at #2. But there’s a 2nd egg that spawns around the same time as the broodlings arrive for me

That is impossible. You must’ve done something wrong. It’s best if you restart.

Yea I can’t tell why it would be happening either. It’s not in Valas’ video but I don’t think I did anything differently. I’ll try to restart the mission again, maybe loading from saves messed something up

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I restarted and now the egg spawns at ~2:51? This game is weird

aaaand I managed to kill core #2 at 2:50 and the egg spawned at 2:49 again jfc. I might just have to wait for the patch :frowning:
(I can’t include links for some reason but I have the images on the server that valas posted)

Can you give the Mobius factor and the dig achievements to my account… I completed them but it’s bugged! (EU account)

try try try again, I got it!

For The Dig achievement, go into the archives and replay it once more without killing the three artifact buildings.

Lol, I’m glad you got it! I think another cause for a 2nd egg spawning @ objective #2 is killing objective #3 (Far Left building) second in order. Not sure if this is what you did though.

Sometimes the game seems to have a mind of it’s own and do unusual things. In my earliest attempts, I was even seeing an overlord spawn 35% of the time at the same hatchery that spawns the muta (around the 3:15 mark)… Doesn’t seem to be a reoccurring issue though.