[BUG] "Thanks for the Advice" Achievement

The achievement for “The Dig” mission states you shouldn’t kill any enemy unit with the drill. The Xel’Naga Shrines that hold the protoss artefacts count as units.

If you want to get the achievement, don’t attack the shrines. I’m pretty sure this is unintentional as you can’t get the bonus otherwise.

This is confirmed. If you kill the Shrines with the Drill, the kill tally on the drill itself will be 0, but it will be the number of Shrines you kill in the end mission summary report.

You want to tackle this through Archive if you are doing a fresh play-through so you don’t waste research points.

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I just did it twice - first for the research, then for the achievement. I also just massed up M&M and just rolled the protoss bases both times just to save a little time.

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I think it is in a way “intended” to be such that you cannot touch the drill for anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if structures count as units too because there is a mission where you needed to destroy all structures, but it actually includes units too.

Yep, you must do multiple runs unfortunately. I usually recommend that you tackle achievements in your first run. Then run the next one for all the research points. This way, when you continue your run, you are playing the game which has all the research points obtained.