"warp incomplete" achievement potentially bugged

this achievement is from the 10th anniversary achievements, on the LOTV campaign, mission “infinite cycle”
unless i’ve misinterpreted the achievement it seems to not be working. the goal of the achievment is to not allow any warp prisms to warp units, i’ve did it twice and didn’t get the achievement
i killed the warp prism before any units were fully warped in. some of them did start to get warped, but not completely and died as the warp prisms died.
i’ve tested and it seems impossible to kill all warp prisms before they start to warp units, so it can’t be that

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I just finished the map as well cant get the achievement either so seems bugged.

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same here, tried twice. didnt work.

I just tried 3 times, still dont get the achievement, yeah I think it’s bugged.

I find the bug with the editor. On the first temple room (1min defending) some zealot and colossus will warped (very fast) and that count but 0 warp prism because the test with trigger don’t test prism but only warped unit with SuperWarpGate. so you can attemp to kill these unit but it’s very hard. (I’ve completed the achievement with that. but i’ve set the game speed to normal and i’ve use save/load many times.)


Yep having issues as well.

Ah thanks for sharing. I actually cleared both the zealot and colossus but was wondering where did I go wrong. Seems like I may have missed one. Can I confirm that you only get the achievement after the end of the mission?

Thanks! I’ve managed to get it this way. Pretty damn difficult, but possible.

Yes, it is awarded at the stats screen.

Thanks for the method ! I followed your instruction and got the achievement.

Works, have to kill zealot and colossus. Here is how I did it: Warp Incomplete

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I have done this. This is difficult so put the difficulty to normal and set the game speed to normal. The first room you fight protoss some units warp without a warp prism but they still count, it’s the only place this happens.
There are 3 waves of warp in at the door you came in. As soon as the cutscene finishes move Kerrigan & Artanis to the middle of the room and fight everything there. Keep Kerrigan selected and spawn banelings in the door way as far back as you can so they don’t argrow on to the units you are fighting. Make sure you don’t lure any enemies to the back of the room or your banelings will go after them.
This may take a few save/load cycles to get right.

Thanks Gesus you help me. I want only Contract saviors now some tips ?

Contract Saviors is officially bugged. No one can get it until Bliz fixes it.

EDIT: Players have devised a speed run that if pulled off properly will award Contract Saviors.

Hi folks, as of today this achieve is still bugged but can be easily completed with the right strategy. When the fight starts in front of the first shrine have Kerrigan plant her banelings next to the entrance of the room where zealots and colossi will eventually warp-in, then continue fighting everything else in the center of the room to not set off the banes. As soon as the warp-ins begin the banes will clean them up effortlessly. If you plant your banes as soon as the fight starts, you can plant a second set before the colossi spawn to ensure they’re easily killed too.

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Banelings are the answer to the first few warp-ins that occur without a visible warp prism. I had to position the banelings exactly where the warp-ins occurred. Thanks for the workaround explained in this thread!

The achievement should be fixed to no longer require stopping the warp ins at the end of Phase 1.

Damn took me six attempts to make it work but finally i have it i have to give thanks to Gesus and Swatsman for the advice than you i love you guys.