Contract Saviors Achievement not working

Thank you, going to try

Yeah sorry didn’t saw it at first i used cheatcode TookTheRedPill to see all the map to do the run , i restarted the map many times to do it and finally i have done IT and they told me acheive desactiv because of cheat code usage plz launch a new campagn … So it is a nice jaket blizzard 10 years of pure fun please don’t try to remake sc2, like war3 !

Yeah, cheat codes will definitely throw you off. However, if you have been saving, load one of your saves BEFORE using the cheat, and it should fix the problem. If you finish a game with a cheat code on, then anything else you play will not work. The only solution is to load a save BEFORE you used the cheat. Can’t restart new game, have to load saved.

If you used cheat code from the very start, you may have to load a different campaign saved game (that you never cheated in), and finish that level to clear cheater status before re-attempting the Mobeius Mission.

arg i try many times but i cant i kill the egg but is imposible destroy the objetive 3 in 3.30 minutes xD

Gotta have 2 goliaths, 2 maruaders, and 4 marines on egg. Try saving before you go for egg, and test how much time you have.

Somebody mentioned that killing the first objective is what triggers the egg to start building. If so, you can slow down killing first objective while you get army prepared for egg. It definitely is close ><

Go to this link: Compiled 10th Anniversary Achievements Tips / Issues / Bugs

And read post #172 by Kyrie. He wrote a very clear, detailed, with time stamp, explanation on what you should do.

Sorry if this was posted already, got “Band of Brothers”, too. I just didn’t train any Medics.

I have the same problem. I think i know what is the problem. Maybe the 4 Marines that you get at the after the beginning cracks the archievment. I hope the developers will fix this fast as possible.

i cleared at 3:19 with your video and tipps. killed egg at 2nd hatch in time. had enough time for cutscene dialogues and all that stuff. really
however didnt get the achievement. it’s tedious AF and you never know if youve done everything properly to the core. maybe you had done something by accident or whatever on your successful attempt. problem being that you cannot replicate it since you can only get the achievement once. frustrating… just needs fix.

It definitely is ridiculous. If you have saves, check if an overlord is spawning around 3:15 in the same place the mutalisk does (bottom left hatch / have to use tooktheredpill cheat).

I assume a patch will come this Thursday (that’s when the 3rd warchest becomes active), however, this is a guess on my part. Also, the write up by Kyrie, which I linked above, is very detailed as well.

Sometimes something stupid will happen like a 2nd egg spawning @ 2nd objective towards the end, or an egg spawning @ 3rd objective if you accidentally attack nearby enemies.

I wish I had greater insight or answers… Several other people have found success with my directions. The good news is it’s a rather quick mission, just very tedious and precise.

well i had a pretty perfect save right before unloading the 3 medivas at the final building. just out of curiosity did 6-7 attempts (thought it could have something to do with the nydus worm spawns there). and then it happend when I didnt even expect it. main reason being that I even killed the corruptor while unloading my troops on that “successful” attempt.
I really did nothing else than on the other attempts otherwise. so really can there be a detailed explanation I wonder?
well I cannot complain anymore. did it by accident now.

YOU DID IT!!! Congrats :smiley:

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Could you share your save?

can’t share links here. stupid policy…

It’s an issue with the achievement trigger. It’s missing a condition that only counts units that you train. Therefore, as soon as the AI trains a unit, the achievement fails. That’s why you have to finish the mission before the AI makes any units.

Paste the URL and then us the “Preformatted text” markdown on it. That’s the </> symbol in the tool bar. For example:

holy cow did this Contract Saviors without stims…
and i took 6 rines instead 4 to #1 anyway crazy one…
crazy achivement but second egg @ #2 not always spawn it looks like depends what you do…
When you leave 1 rine at landing place where marauder was second egg wont hatch…

Thank you very much, got the achievement! took an hour of trial and error and some min maxing, to slightly improve on the guide.

BTW I think second objective egg gets triggered by two things - u attacking 2nd obj AND u getting 1st objective. So if u time it correctly u can kill some units on approach and still have time to kill the egg.

Also use Barracks and Factory at the beginning to get the units sliiiightly faster, and to divert attention of spores & hydras when flying with ur medivacs.

Also, load 4 scvs on your second created medivac to get max amount of units for third obj, and try to micro your second obj medivac to extract max value.

Or just wait for tomorrow :smiley: (although I secretly hope blizzard introduces an achievement for people who got Stone before the fix).

I got it too! This was tough. Killing that egg at 2nd base with enough units left alive to kill the 2nd building is crucial - and you need quite a bit of luck to get this through. But it’s doable.

still bug the Contract Saviors Achievement ? i try again today but damm i fail again xD

I haven’t been home to check if a patch has gone out, but if one hasn’t, it won’t be fixed.