200 spider mine kills achievement

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I’ve been using the tips to do the 200 spider mine achievement. It’s one of the most difficult ones out there imo. I’ve given it about 13 attempts now. Have gotten to 191 kills now at best. Has anyone else got more advice?

  • Set it to Brutal. Doing it on normal is “impossible” because there simply not enough enemies in the mission to do it all.

  • Have Nova use the Snipe ability and the AoE grenade. The grenade can soften up Roaches and Ravagers so they don’t soak up too many mines before dying. Use snipe to clear any too high health target away from the mines.

  • Have 2 barracks with reactors added to them. Gather all the gas pickups and after the first bonus objective build a CC next to your ally’s one and steal a gas geyser there. Keep spamming reapers,

  • Keep checking to see if their Queens aren’t sweeping your mines. Save after each wave, then load after you saw the pattern of the next wave. Place mines along a direct line. Place a cluster of them near the spawn point of the second bonus objective Nydus Worm.

  • Keep clearing the high ground above the paths, if possible use any spare mines on those platforms. Know where the Brutalisk spawns and avoid it soaking all your mines. You can use some marines or SCV’s to slow it down. It’s melee attack is 300+ dmg but it attacks so slowly that you can still it with cheap units while Nova snipes it down, preferably in the range of Horner’s Siege Tank.

  • lay mines closer to your base so queens and zerglings don’t clear them out. Clearing out high ground is a waste of APM.
  • get horners gases as fast as possible
  • lay mines as soon as the pathing shows up on the minimap.
  • use normal. It can be done you just have to clear every wave perfectly.
  • Taking at least one of your allie’s gases is mandatory, killing the refinery and making space for a cc takes a little bit of time though so start early

  • Soften up as many groups of roaches and ravagers as possible with Nova to reduce mine usage and/or snipe defilers as dark swarm negates mine damage for some damn reason

  • You can kill the units at the bonus objectives with mines

  • If you have time you can use Nova to tank for the units dropped on the hills to try and group them together so you can kill them with 1-2 mines

  • Lastly you can wall the areas directly in front of the initial bunkers with barracks to buy more time (especially during the last wave) to kill any remaining units or snipe any left over defilers as the choke points combined with the large size of ravagers slows waves to a crawl


  1. It can be done on Normal with a lot of save scumming. But the best in-between is doing it on hard for higher wave numbers while still being manageable.

  2. IIRC you can snipe roaches once and they’ll be weak enough to die to your mines.

  3. You’ll want to block each pathway with barracks. So you’re looking at potentially 6 barracks with 2 of them having reactors being optional. Have a couple SCVs at each barracks to repair them.

  4. The only way to prevent those queens from sweeping mines is to plant them in the lower half of the canyons. The queens’ AI will only sweep the upper half. The cluster of mines should be at the barracks that are blocking the canyon exits.

  5. Clearing high ground is optional, but recommended to lay some mines there to get some more kills. Don’t plant any mines before the brutalisk and take down the defilers, and ultralisks ASAP with sniper and your army of reapers.

  6. The only units you should be pumping out are SCVs and reapers.

  7. There are 6 gas tanks you can pick up at the beginning of the game. There are a couple more for the bonus objective events for Swann on the hidden higher ground.

  8. Taking Horner’s two refineries is mandatory. Do ASAP. You’ll want to have ~100 reapers or more with all of their mines planted by the 5:00 remaining mark.

I am just gonna say that one of the many great things about NCO is making Reapers viable.

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