10th anniversary achivements' bugs

Right after 5.0 update I began campaigns walkthrough and what I wanna say - Bliz, you didn’t even test achivements you implemented. Seriously. You didn’t.
HotS is the only campaign where every achivement can be taken.
I am sorry for wrong mission names, I play ru version but I’ll try to name them clearly.

Still not fixed:
From the official post:
“The achievement, “Disintegration Doctrine”, for the “Into the Void” mission will no longer sometimes erroneously not be awarded.”
You know what? STILL does not! Even after 5.0.4. Seriously. You guys can’t repair 1 mission? Seriously? Is Blizzard really that incompetent?


  • 2nd mission (200 kills with mines) - there are no enough enemies for this, there are no enough reapers for this, there is no gas enough to make all this. 130 kills is the edge. Just reduce achivement from 200 to 100 or 120. We already had such situation when Zeratul had to devolve 500 enemies in 1 game (now 200). One who created this achivement just doesn’t play SC and doesn’t know the game.
  • Nova vs 6 zerg species in city (50 nuke kills at once) - there are no groups of zergs of that ammount. Even on hard. Change it to 50 total.

Now Fixed:

  • Moebius Factor (make only mercenaries and medivacs) - can not be taken.
    It’s just buged.
  • Mission with tanks and drill (don’t use drill kill) - can be taken but only if you refuse bonuses. Bonus can only be taken with drill. Is it right that achivement requeres not to take bonus and loose money in campaign?


  • 1st prologue mission (kill all zerg buildings) - though it is VERY hard and you will loose almost entire limit on it, now I see it is possible if you use mass immortals and kill 3rd base first. However I did it and you know what? It didn’t count anyway.
  • Artanis and Kerrigan in the temple (prevent calldowns from prisms) - this is VERY hard itself, but I did it. And you know what? Can not be taken anyway.
  • Race with Alarak’s laser (kill all enemy buildings) - needs all units to be killed too.
  • Karax air mission on platforms (win with no losses) - can not be taken with carriers because interceptor deaths count. Only doable with voids.
  • Final defense (don’t use top bar) - buged. Can only be taken if you also don’t use repair beam.
  • Epilogue mission 2 - somehow this achivement can be taken but counts silently, it doesn’t splash on the screen, though others do by the options.

All campaigns:

  • Though I have all hints disabled, they kept going on and on, spamming my screen.
  • WoL and LotV achivements are listed in absolutely random order. I understand some missions can be played randomly but when Karax mission is listed as one of the first - it’s clearly wrong. At least this occurs in ru version.
  • When you play campaign for 10th anniversary and wanna check achivements - they will always open in the category you don’t need, the classic campaign achivements. Damn, make it behave like in Diablo 3 - previously opened category opens.

Conclusion - after playing this I don’t feel joy of celebration, I feel deceived and betrayed. You just thrown away missions which doesn’t work. I wasted time for nothing. It was not celebration, it was beta-test with no award.


Hey! Just for the fact, I’m casual player and i’ve completed in LotV :

  • 1st prologue mission : Many attemps but when you have some colossus/stalkers/Immortal, it’s easy !
  • Artanis and Kerrigan in the temple : I’ve get that with game speed to normal and many saves :smiley:
  • I’ve got “Race with Alarak’s laser”.
  • Karax air mission without used carrier(I think interceptors count)
    But yes, Final defense is not possible currently.
    After that, I’ve not test the Epilogue ^^"
    Good day !

What about achivement list order? Is it correct in eng version?

Well, no one promised the achievements are going to be a walk in the park. I was glad that some of them were actually a challenge and required me to put my skills to the test. Also, with a patch of this size, you can always expect at least something not to work as intended.

Anyways, the only achievement that will never work is the one for Moebius Factor. A few have bugs that you can get around and most of them are working.

Here’s where you can find the list of problematic ones with tips:

It’s the same in ENG version.

You can post youtube / blizzard forum links normally btw. :slight_smile:

A simple search would show all the help you need for the achievements that are available. Though I’d agree that there are issues, but still that isn’t what gaming is about. Gaming is about using whatever tools, however incomplete they are, and figuring a way around it.

We live in a world where everyone wants to be spoon fed, so if the guide isn’t spoon feeding enough, then I have no idea what to say hahaha.

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I played Karax mission again and yes, this can be taken if you don’t use carriers at all because interceptor kills do count. Which is amazingly stupid. I did everything with voids. Anyway this must be fixed. What if someone playes this mission not from archive but the real campaign and doesn’t even have rays? Should he do it with stalkers? This is stupid.

As for laser mission - played some more. To take achivement you must kill all buildings AND units. Phoenixes make it hard as they fly whereever they want.

Amen to that, brother!

The 1st LOTV prologue mission achievement is very doable at least on normal and hard difficulties, as I did it on hard. The thing is, do not attack the 1st and/or 2nd zerg bases first. Just leave them be. Clear your normal way through terran forces up until you’re where the final zerg base is attacking final terran base. Only then start attacking that final zerg base. When you destroy that one base, zerg will never again attack the terrans, and you have all the time in the world to destroy the rest of the zerg.

Personally I found ranged death ball (immortals, stalkers and colossi) to do the trick. When attacking the final zerg base (that is, the 1st base you would attack), make sure the zerg attack force has just left and went against the terrans, that way you have least amount of zerg to greet your own force.

Are you talking about playing on Brutal difficulty? If so, the news article that introduced the 10th Anniversary achievements overtly stated they would be quite difficult on Brutal.

So looking at these on Normal difficulty:

It is officially bugged but the community has found ways to get the achievement by doing a speed run.

Indeed the Laser Drill can’t kill the Xel’Naga Shrines. However, you can play it once for the research, then play it again in the Archives for the achievement. That way, you won’t loose anything in the campaign.

Killing the 3rd base (top base) first will stop all Zerg attacks on the Terrans. Once it’s destroyed it’s no longer a timed mission.

Kill all buildings and units.

It is the Interceptors that are causing it to fail.

Many people have gotten this one. The issue is that the criteria aren’t very clear. Try saving one enemy unit to kill after you kill Narud.

Understand that these are bugs. They are not going to be broken forever. And with all the reporting that’s been going on (Kyrie’s post, my post), Bliz definitely knows about them.

I don’t feel the same way about the order of the achievements. For fun, I’ve been going through them from top to bottom as best as they can be. It’s making me do things in an order I’ve never done before which is a fun experience.

As for which category opens, I don’t think it’s a big deal myself. Having the Liberty category open when playing WoL makes sense. Should people playing for the first time always have the Anniversary category open for them? In other words, how can the game know what you’re doing?

All of this I know for now. You telling me how to abuse game and play not vs enemy but vs bugs. I will not. Just fix the achivements, that’s all.


There’s no abuse here. It’s just workarounds while we wait for fixes.
It’s fine if you want to wait until they are fixed. That’s what I’m doing too.

I just attempted the Moebius mission 3 times with the help of the post listed and with a final completion time of 3:15 mins the achievement is still not rewarded. Unfortunately the post is pre-patch and must not completely translate to live.

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ive got every achievement except for the moebius factor achievement. its it possible but a lot of them are bugged or have weird interactions that are probably not intended

the mission with tosh says that you need to kill 50 units with nukes but you dont have to kill them all with 1 nuke. that makes it pretty easy.

Sigh, I gave up on this debate long ago. Gamers today just want things to be given to them. Gone are the days when patching on the CD doesn’t exist. You work with what you have. So if it doesn’t work how they want, they just complain (take a look at half the forums talking about buff / nerf).

Sorry, I will only discuss this on the main thread, because there are too many threads to follow.

I know. Still there are no 50 units if you play on normal. So I took it on hard.

there are. i did the achievement on normal

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What I had on normal is almost empty enemy base with like 20 units.

i think i nuked the 2 sidecamps (where Raynor sets up a base afterwards) and then everything with a lot of units.

Nova campaign has no issues with achievements, so you should do that one if you are frustrated by bugs in other campaigns.

The only missions I couldn’t get were Mobius Factor (WoL) and Infinite Cycle (LotV – I think that’s the cave mission with kerrigan artanis where you can’t let any units come in from warp prism).
Interesting that you got the achievement for that one, since I definitely didn’t let any warp prism warp anything in, and didn’t get it.

1st Prologue mission Zerg builds more hives if you let them push forward (which you probably will have to). In fact, they built even MORE hives after I got the achievement.
Karax air mission you don’t have to cheese with voids, but that might be easiest.
Final defense mission worked for me: Don’t use any top bar, and my passive abilities were nexus overcharge and guardian shell, both which triggered multiple times.
Epilogue 1 does work, but I think you have to destroy every crystal that is scripted to spawn, so don’t kill narud too fast, let him spawn his extra crystals – at least that’s how i got it.
epilogue 2 – I also experienced this, my game kind of froze after I left the mission, but I saw it triggered in the achievement menu itself after I got it while still playing.