Raszagal's Retribution

Anyone done this successfully? I’m only doing this on normal and it feels harder than most Brutal missions. Jumping Banelings, Charing Ultras, cleaving Abominations, etc makes army fights very cost ineffective. I tried baiting with Stalkers but the respawn almost feels instanteous. Tried sniping Spores and Overseers and sending in DTs but also losing a lot.

You can’t clear a base slowly with kiting / DTs. You need a strong force to wipe them out before they make more units. But don’t rush to take out the bases as well, let Kerrigan expand upwards, while you mass up.

Check this post out:

I struggled with this at first too. I thought I needed to complete this before Kerrigan expands up, as she then blocks the path.

I first tried with stalkers and DTs but that ended badly.
What worked easily for me was mass Immortals. I got to about 150 supply of Immortals, some Stalker for AA and a bunch of mineral-dump zealots.

That force was enough to kill the main base, and then move through and kill the other 2 she builds further up.
I kept re-stocking Immortals / Stalkers using 2x Robotics / 4x gate.
I also got 1/1/1 upgrades out the door before attacking

Was actually fun in the end.

Immortals are always good, get a few of those as well as 3-4 colossi, that’s the base of your death ball, i would recommend getting a few sentries too and disable the shield regen on a couple of those so you always have energy for guardian shield, and then the most important/fun part, get a few high templars.

When i did this mission, on my first glance of Kerrigan’s army i went damn that’s a strong army but then on second look, that army is clumped up pretty good, to be honest it couldn’t get clumped more which calls for some storms. Also, once you have the base immortals and colossi you can transition into zealot+archon combo, 8 warp gates and a forward pylon will keep you always at 200/200 supply and 0/0 mineral/gas. Once the initial storms kill off the majority of Kerrigan’s army you can merge those HTs into archon and let your onslaught begin.

There is no rush to push into Kerrigan’s starting base, you can take your time and wait till she settled her last forward base and attack into there. Once her forward base is gone she won’t be able to push forward anymore meanwhile you can just face roll her remaining bases with no pressure at all.

Hope this helps, GL hunting :slight_smile:

This ^^^

Once that forward base is gone, it halts all further Zerg attacks, leaving you with all the time in the world to max out and wipe her two remaining bases. Pressure free, like TeAna said!

Fun to do i tried many many strats the one how work well :
-You make 1 fast DT you hide him in the top of the second base zerg no detection ther hold position until the door open. Make mass immortal with 1/1/1 upgrades. When the door open you can use the DT to open the bridge by destroying the control then you kill the first hacth with immortal after the first wave. Than u clean the other hatch when u have enougth units. After that u take the secondary base beware of not freing presoner there by accident. Last you clean the first zerg base and enjoy. ;). Save when you open the bridge.

This one was certainly interesting. Patience is definitely the name of the game. Remember you don’t have to get the achievement immediately, and it’s before the third cell, so definitely take out the first two to give yourself time to build up. Remember that it takes two waves to take out the first two bases, and then three for the final one. Should be able to max out, or at least get close to it, before attacking the bases. And you should be able to do them in any order; you’ll have enough time.

DTs are a waste of resources IMO on this one. Immortals, colossi, and then some stalkers to pick off the corruptors are the way to go. Obviously get some zealots if you need to use up minerals, but they’ll die quick. And don’t forget the multiplayer-style chrono boost on those robotics facilities.

Yeah, Immortal Stalker death ball with a few Colossus is much better for this than anything else. Thanks all

this achievement is my opinion bugged because you can destroy 2 prisons but if you need have that’s achievement can’t destroy last prison without destroy zergs

i’m complete this achievement, you can destroy 2 prisons but last prison wait zergs will be last base destroy then you must have mass immortals, stalkers and zealots.

destroy last base zerg then zergs don’t destroy this mission and you have more time, if you destroy last base then go to first and take mineral (destroy).

if you have zergs mineral create more zealots, immortal and try destroy mid base zergs

if you need view - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y28sI0rrrvQ

What I did is pushed forward and took the first expansion, massed up with 200 supply of mostly immortals and some high templar, and then killed the first base.

Then I started mining from it too (it had heaps of resources), and killed the third base, which stopped any more Zerg attacks from happening. Then I killed the second base.

In Kerrigan’s main there are a few creep tumors that make building a nexus annoying. They can be detected (barely) with a canon which has just enough detection range.

Mixing in more Immortals and Stalkers and completely forego Zealots basically solved all the issues for me and I did it in one go.

I’m just still kind of used to ladder where more Zealots is fine since there aren’t that much splash to deal with so I basically threw away a lot of army for nothing.

here is how i did it, first you build up, sat your main base, then build lots of stuff to produce, free the first set of prisoners make more stuff, free second prisoners make more and more stuff and at kerrigans third base you should have atleast 150-160 supply of zealots/stalkers/immortals and collosus then destroy the zerg base, kerrigan will stop with attacking period :stuck_out_tongue: she wont send anymore units towards the terrans final base from there take your time even take that second base for more income, once you have rebuild destroy the other bases of kerrigan and kaching archievo archieved


3/4 Immortals, 1/4 Stalkers and 4-6 Colossus. You can sit in base and just get a 200/200 army. Then you go free all the protoss except one and start clearing bases from top to bottom. Make sure to clear every single unit in the 3 zerg areas. The first time I cleared the 2 bases in the top I must have left over a drone and when I came back they had a full base again -_- Still based on other achievements and how easy they are I was surprised that they added this one. It’s not hard once you know what to do though.

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Follow these guys advice and get yourself a lot of immortals. I love immortals now. Just make sure that whenever you get rid of a base kill all remaining drones that may be hiding about, they will rebuild the hatcheries and repopulate real fast.


If anyone is looking for tips on completing this on brutal difficulty, this one put up quite the fight. Killing the first zerg expansion before the third comes up was key for me. This allows the game to stop forward progress giving you time to take the second mining back and remax before taking zerg’s first base. Otherwise generally exploit dts to wear down the attack waves to give you time. Similarly if you can push in to snipe overseers and spores, you’ll have a free base will with dts (zerg won’t rebuild spores or overseers).

But how do you destroy the first expansion, then? you have to go around and free the first prisoners. Plus, you dont have time to build enough army to go around and destroy the first expansion. Even if you consider dts to delay their waves, you are also spending resources delaying your armies build up…

I did it by destroying the 2nd Zerg expo (3rd base). That allowed me to take my expo and much more time to build up. You can also use the Zerg waves against the enemy bases. That stalls them from expanding which gives even more time.

I didnt understand what you meant…

Alas, even if you go to the 3th base, you have to pass through all those terran forces in which it will cost you quite a few forces…

The forces you are referring to (the eastern bases), those are the ones that you can use the Zerg to kill.

  1. Play normally, but not too slowly, right up to moving into the east enemy bases. By this time, the Zerg should have their 2nd base.
  2. Use a few Zealots to kite one of the Zerg attack waves into the first Terran base (bridge control base). The Zerg will completely clear it out. If you want, use DTs to kill the stragglers to stall them from taking their 3rd base, just watch out for Banelings.
  3. Use a few Zealots again to kite the next wave into the second Terran base (expansion base). They’ll completely clear it out and free the 2nd set of prisioners (and kill them unfortunately). DTs can be used again on the stragglers to stall their 3rd base.
  4. Then all you have left is one more base. Which if you snipe the Raven, DTs can clear it with minimal loses.
  5. Meanwhile, the Zerg will take their 3rd base. You’ll have tons of time to build up.
  6. Wait until a wave moves into the final Terran base (where the reactor is), then move your army in to kill the Zerg base.

On Brutal, you’ll need to micro a bit to keep things alive. Keep a Pylon close for reinforcements. Once that 3rd base is dead, all Zerg attacks stop which gives you unlimited time to max out and destroy their 2nd base and then their main.

I won already, thank you, though. I thought of that strategy as well, of pulling the zerg forces to the side, but with a stalker instead. I managed to pull zerg waves all the way until the other pylon, lol. This way I had enough time to have max supply with immortals to raid the 2nd base before they even clear the planetary fortress in the 3th base location.

Pulling the zerg forces to wipe the terran forces on the east is really the trick here.

So to anyone who wants to do this achieve in brutal:
1- Mass immortal;
2- Use a couple of stalkers to pull the zerg waves for the 3th base to the east terran bases, and keep doing that strategy until you are at max supply.
3- Strike their 2nd base after they launch a wave and dont let that wave go to the 3th base location;

PS: Use DT’s to increase the number of waves they need to secure a base.