[A] Reborn and [H] Calamitous Intent of Dalaran 11/11 H are recruiting M DPS and Flexers!

Hey there!

I am writing on behalf of Reborn(A) and Calamitous Intent(H) of Dalaran. We are a semi-hardcore guild that is part of a larger community of gamers and we are looking for more members to help us progress deeper into heroic Sepulcher.

About Reborn:
As previously stated we are semi-hardcore, or casually hard core, or AoTC focused. The guild is a community of players who have been together since Legion, who tend to be very accepting and open. As with any guild that has been around that long, there is inevitable turnover as life moves forward–especially after Blizzard’s tumultuous time last year. As a result we’ve found ourselves needing some new friends to field a fully formed heroic raid again.
We raid Tues/Thurs 7:30-10:00 Eastern.

Reborn’s Raiding History
Reborn has been raiding since Legion, we have always gotten AoTC (except for Sylvanas which damaged our raid due to massive turnover, and caused a lot of us to migrate to FF14 ), and made a modicum of progress in mythic in almost every tier. We typically get 3-6 bosses on mythic, on the tiers we field a mythic group. But mythic is not our focus, it is something we do if there is enough interest.

What can Reborn Offer You?
The crux of recruitment is letting you, prospective new recruit, know what we can offer you and what makes us different from other guilds. The crux of what we can offer is a fairly low stress raiding environment that kills bosses, and has fun doing it. But most guilds can offer that. So what makes us special?

Well, for starters, we have a strong community that spans several games–FF14, briefly New World, League of Legends, Diablo, and many others. You will find that in our Discord you are able to find someone willing to play most games-- even some people who can and will play TTRPGS!

In the same vein as community, we also handle BoEs a bit differently than most guilds. The guild takes a cut to keep the raid funded. However, we don’t let the rest rot in the guild bank. No, we return a portion of the proceeds from all boes to you, the raider at the end of the season. Think of this as a thank you for your hard work and continued attendance.

Reborn also offers Alt runs, key nights, and more!

Flasks, Feasts and Vantus runes are provided. During DPS checks we will also provide potions as well.

What We Expect From You:

We expect a level of competence in playing your class. We are not expecting you to be 99th percentile, we simply need you to provide competitive numbers to the content we are doing. If you are struggling, we are more than willing to help you improve.

We also expect attendance and a cooperative attitude, as raiding is about the team not the individual.

We would like you to have Weak Auras, A boss Mod, and RC Loot Council. We run a loot council style system-- as much as is possible with personal loot, to ensure we can gear our raid up as quickly as possible and waste as few drops as possible. RC Loot Council helps us facilitate this in a quick and efficient manner.

Current Class Needs


Melee: Any. ENHANCEMENT SHAMAN desperately wanted.
Tank: Any.
Healer: Any.
Ranged: Any.

Any applicants will be considered, of course. High value simply denotes what our raid would like for fleshing out.

Contacting Us
If you got through this and are interested in getting ahold of us, feel free to reach out to the following individuals:
Community Leader: callipso#1637
Guild Leader: denny#1703
Creepy Uncle: tigerlith#1593
Raid Lead/Me: nephilim#1432

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Hitting this up with the probably not quite daily bump.

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Pain. Agony. My hatred burns through officer chat. The raid heaves with my torment; it’s wretched healers quake beneath my rage. But at last, the whole of Discord will break, and all will burn beneath the shadow of my wildfire clusters.

so is this where i do the secret hand bump or just a reg bump :slight_smile: lol

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To ask why we recruit, is to ask why leaves fall. It is in their nature. Perhaps there is a better question. Why do we recruit? To collect purples, and achievements. To preserve dps ranks, and bring sick memes. For my kind, the true question is: Who is worth recruiting?

Ours is a community of hatred. Alliances forged, and broken. We have paid the price for sharing this guild, and we have forgotten what makes us strong!

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Calipso: Drink, Denny. Claim your Guild Master Role. You will all be conquerors.
Denny: And what, Calipso, must we give in return?

(Denny threatens to Gquit)

Val: You… Would reject this gift? Did you gather these… Guildmates… Just to watch you leave?

Guild chat explodes, as blizzard continues to crumble under the weight of its terrible behavior and guilt!

Calipso: This, was not our destiny.
Tabr: Times Change!

Denny removes the Tabard from Calipso’s corpse, and dons the sacred guild crest

Denny: We will never clear raids, but we will make progress!


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Denny, I now believe as you do that community is the highest aspiration. But to preserve it, you must be willing to RAID.


Wow, that WoD one had some turbo cringe. Sorry for that folks! This is what happens when you don’t keep your worgen on tight leashes.

Anyhow, Reborn’s still looking for people! Especially Shaman. And Mages. And Healers. Come kill bosses, and get purples.

I will not apologize for following the instructions as presented.

Y’all need to understand that we are a bunch of great folks who love inside jokes almost as much as we love bringing other people INTO our inside jokes. Their like Tequila shots, the more the merrier. And without the messy hangover the next day.


Upwards and onwards.

Bumpity bump!

Sent request

Looks like you have no raid dayts/times.

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Apparently they were lost in an edit I did, thanks for pointing that out. They are back up!

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Bump. Come join us!

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Only the best memes in here.

bump it up to pump it up…

They think it be like it do but it is.

We’d love to have you! Come check out Reborn! :heart: